You can save up to $20,000 every year: These are the money-saving tips of 2021. A financial advisor shares one saving tip that will help you get started in 2022

  • Savings between $1,000-$20,000 per year can be achieved by using a free money sheet
  • Four printable sheets are available from the Finance Podcast and Program ‘She’s on the Money’ 
  • 52 containers are filled with money that can be put aside each week in different amounts. 
  • The costs vary depending on your end goal. They can range from $3-$600. 
  • Many people online used these sheets to reduce their debts and get a loan for home. 

It is possible to save $1,000-$20,000 per year by downloading a spreadsheet, which contains 52 sections that contain different money amounts.

Four spreadsheets are available online that can be used to save money. These free worksheets were made by the finance platform ‘She’s on the Money. Many people have found the strategies extremely useful throughout 2021. 

It is easy to follow the strategy: every week, cross out a check box and then transfer that amount into savings.

The amount of each box varies depending on its purpose. 

Many women in the She’s on the Money group were happy to share their financial tips with one another.    

Hundreds of women are saving more money every year by tracking their expenses and using a free money sheet by finance program 'She's on the Money' (stock image)

Many women save more every year by keeping track of their spending and using the free money sheet provided by the finance program “She’s On the Money” (stock photo). 

The strategy is simple - every week cross out a box and transfer the amount into your savings after getting paid and before spending any money ($1,000 money sheet pictured). The amounts in each box vary from $3 up to $600 depending on the end goal

This strategy is very simple: each week you cross out a different box, then transfer it into savings. You can find amounts ranging from $3 to $600 in each box, depending on your end goal.

Many women have used money sheets to repay personal debts and pay down home and car mortgage loans.  

“I completed the $1000 one in January! The timing was great, I even used it for Christmas. It makes it so much easier, especially during this season,” one person wrote to ask how other people used the money hacks.

A woman called the $10,000 cash sheet ‘a blessing’ as it allowed her to save enough money to purchase a car.

The woman stated that she would do the same thing next year, but with the $20,000 loan to save money for buying a home.

“I completed the $5,000 savings plan, and I used the money to pay $5000 more on a personal loan. I had the greatest feeling of joy and it was a challenging task to stay focused. Another comment.

Hundreds online used the money sheets to pay off personal debt and save for car and home mortgage loans ($20,000 money sheet pictured)

Hundreds online used the money sheets to pay off personal debt and save for car and home mortgage loans ($20,000 money sheet pictured) 

Victoria Devine (pictured) is the founder and host of the 'She's on the Money' podcast

Victoria Devine, (pictured), is the host and founder of the podcast ‘She’s on the Money’

To keep track of your weeks, it’s a good idea to print the money sheet and place it on your refrigerator.

Some others suggested it was better to pay the money in the first month of the month after your paycheck arrives, than wait until the last month before getting paid. 

A financial advisor posted a key tip to help you save money in the comments.  

Jasmine (Melbourne) suggested that you create a budget for the whole year, and also include any hidden expenses.  

“Once i saw my outgoings and incoming, I decided to review all expenses to see if I could reduce them,” she wrote.

“During Black Friday sales I managed a cheaper car and phone plan. Also, I cancelled some subscriptions.

Victoria Devine is the founder and host of the podcast ‘She’s on the Money’. She’s on a mission help millennials to change how they view money. She shares smart ways to save, invest, and budget. 

You can download the printable Money Saving Sheets from She’s on The Money Website here.