After a prolonged battle against Covid, she was put in an induction coma and left in intensive care for two months. A mother of ten died from pneumonia.

Sharon Winsper (54), from Stechford in Birmingham initially believed she had a severe cold. However, her breathing became difficult and she was taken to the hospital. 

After being intubated for over a month, doctors attempted to save her. 

Sharon’s family hoped she would be able to recover. But Sharon tragically contracted another form of the disease earlier this month. Sharon was declared dead Thursday, December 9. 

Sharon was a medium of psychics and had lived in the United States for many years. She moved to Liverpool 10 years ago to be near the coast.

Kerry Read from Bromsgrove is now raising money to help her mom’s body be returned to the Midlands so that she can be buried with her family.

Kerry paid tribute her mother and said, “Mum is too young to be dead.” She was a kind-hearted, loving mother and couldn’t do enough for anyone.’

Sharon Winsper, 54, from Stechford, Birmingham died of pneumonia after a two-month battle with Covid saw her placed in an induced coma

Sharon Winsper (54), from Stechford in Birmingham, died after suffering pneumonia. She was placed in an induced state of coma for two months following a battle against Covid.

The mother-of-ten initially thought she had contracted a bad cold, but developed breathing problems and was rushed to hospital

At first, the mother-of-10 thought that she had caught a nasty cold. But then she developed breathing difficulties and was quickly taken to the hospital.

Sharon, who was medium in the family, also had 11 grandchildren. Sharon moved to Liverpool to be more near to the coast ten years back to live with her children.

Last month she was hospitalized for her 54th birthday. She is now in a much better condition and the family believes they will have many more years of happiness together. 

Sharon contracted pneumonia after contracting the disease just weeks after being tested positive for Covid. Sharon couldn’t fight it off. 

Kerry said that she initially thought it was a cold and spent the next week in bed. But then, it became so severe that it made it difficult to breathe.

“She was immediately taken to intensive care with covid in October and placed into a coma over five weeks. Her recovery was slow and she had to have a tracheotomy to assist with breathing.

‘Day by Day, she was growing stronger. She even began smiling and communicating well with us. 

“She had physio since she was a child and it seemed that things were improving. For the next weeks and months, we were optimistic.

“But, then, on December 6, she developed another infection called pneumonia. However, the covid made her body unable to fight it.

“It happened so quickly and very severely. This infection had left her with no options and she was unable to breathe by herself.

“The family was invited to her final farewell, with all of us at her bedside and holding her hand.

After catching pneumonia just weeks removed from testing positive from Covid Sharon's body was too weak to fight off the fresh infection

Two weeks ago, Covid Sharon had tested positive for pneumonia. The body of Covid Sharon was still too weak to treat the infection.

Kerry explained that Sharon wanted Sharon’s final resting spot to be in the Midlands with her daughter Grace and her six other daughters.

They have launched a £4,500 fundraising appeal on Gofundme to help towards funeral costs and return Sharon’s body.

Kerry stated that although Mum was a psychic medium and made many new friends, her family knew she would want to be buried in the same graveyard as Grace.

She was more than just our mother, she was also our best friend. She was always available to us by phone.

“All that planning and preparation we do for the funeral, I think my mum is the only person I’d call to get her opinions on such things. 

“Then, I must remember that this is for my mom and that’s very heartbreaking.

Just last month, Sharon celebrated her 54th birthday in hospital, with her condition improving so much that family were confident they would have more years together

Sharon, 54, celebrated her birthday last month in hospital. Her condition had improved so quickly that her family was confident she would live for many more years.

In memory of Sharon, balloons will be released at Hall Road Beach in Crosby on Sunday December 19. 

Amid fears Omicron was engulfing the nation, a record 78,610 people tested positive in the past 24 hours, eclipsing the previous highest count by more than 10,000 — when 68,053 were recorded on January 8 at the peak of the second wave.

Omicron was only responsible for a third today’s cases. But, according to government modeling, 400,000 people could be at risk of contracting the Omicron virus each day. This is despite the fact that testing cannot keep pace with it. 

Senior SAGE scientists and public health officers, as well as leaders of the NHS, warned that January could see hospitals overwhelmed if current projections hold true. This puts pressure on No10, urging it to panic on more difficult Covid curbs.