A fall outfit can be completed with a great accessory: a hat.

Just about any style can showcase your personality, turn an ensemble from basic to bada** And Cover up bad hair days. Win. Win. Win.

This season, Founder and President of hat brand Gigi Pip, Ginger Parrish, says sharp defined lines, subtle pops of color and accessorizing with hardware (gold details, pins, etc.) are trending in the category. Ginger reveals everything you need to know about hats, including how to store and reshape them.

Hats are unisex and trending with celebs like Eric Benét

Hats are unisex and trending with celebs like Eric Benét 

Street style star steps out in a hat

Nieves Alvarez pulls together her ensemble with a hat

Ginger Parrish is the founder and president of hat brand Gigi Pip. She says this season that sharp lines are important. She also suggests subtle pops in color and accessorizing using hardware (pins and gold details, for example). Trending in the category

Hats are universally flattering and can be worn by anyone.

Uber stylish celebs like Eric Benét, Ne-Yo and pro-basketball player Serge Ibaka have used short brim fedoras to complement their sleek suits recently.

While street style stars and TV presenters like Nieves Álvarez and Rachel Lindsay Abasolo have opted for statement making toppers to complete their daytime ensembles.

Many people feel intimidated by the idea of wearing a cap. Are you afraid that you won’t be able to pull it off? Try again!

Contrary to popular belief, it’s actually very easy to incorporate any type of hat into a super cute look.

You need to consider the outfit (keep accessories and clothing minimal), the length of your hair (style your locks accordingly) as well as the season (no straw hats during winter).. 

To get it right, consider the outfit (keep clothing and accessories minimal), your hair length (style locks accordingly) and the season (no straw hats in winter!)

It is important to think about the outfit (keep accessories minimal), the hair length (style your locks accordingly), and the season (no straw-hats in winter).

Ne-Yo coordinated his hat to his suit

Serge Ibaka used a hat to elevate the feel of his pinstripe suit

Serge Ibaka, a pro-basketball player, and Ne-Yo stepped out looking stylish in short brim fedoras

Fit is the most important style principle in all areas of fashion - hats included

Fashion is all about fitting. Hats are included.

Hats can easily lose their shape, if they are not stored correctly.

Ginger recommends that you always wear your headgear while traveling, unless it’s absolutely necessary. 

These are her top tips for packing a hat.

· Roll or fold a sturdy clothing item (underwear, socks, tank tops) and stuff them into the crown of the hat for support.

· Lay the hat flat on the bottom of your suitcase right side up.

· Start packing around it so nothing sits on top of the crown.

· If that doesn’t work, carry your hat onto the plane and place it flat on top of your suitcase in the overhead compartment.

To determine the right size for you, 'use a textile measuring tape (or string),' advises Ginger

Ginger suggests that you use a tape or string of textile measuring tape to determine the right size.

Gigi Pip Triangle Crown Hat

Gigi Pip Band

Dakota Triangle Crown Hat, Gigi Pip $112; gigipip.com. Right: The Cara Loren Wrap Hat Band by Gigi Pip, $24; gigipip.com

You can use steam to mold your topper if it gets damaged in transit. 

Ginger shares, “There are multiple ways to steam out a mishapen hat,”

The milliner recommends that you use whatever you have, whether it’s an industrial steamer, handheld steamer, or boiling water pot.

She suggested that you steam the area of your hat in need of reshaping and that you can feel the material softening.

Then, use your hands to straighten the brim or push out any dents. Let the hat cool down and you’re ready to go!

Rachel Lindsay Abasolo accessorized her denim mini dress with a statement making topper

Rachel Lindsay Abasolo accessorized Rachel Lindsay Abasolo’s denim mini dress by adding a statement-making topper

Fashion is all about fitting. The first step in finding the right hat for you is to determine the size.

Ginger advises that you use a string or a textile measuring tape to do this.

Measure the distance from your head to the forehead, measuring the distance between your eyebrows and the back of your head. The tape should be parallel to the ground.

The measurement of a hat is in cm. If you are between sizes, we recommend sizing up and then adjusting your cap accordingly.

Gigi Pip has four sizes available and offers adjustable styles.  

Yesterday, Eugenia KIM, luxury milliner and Southern Charm star/jeweler Reagan Charleston launched a limited-edition capsule. 

The Eugenia Kim x Reagan Charleston collection offers five styles including fedoras and wide brim hats adorned with Reagan Charleston’s bold ornate lapel pins (which are removable for multiple looks). 

Eugenia and I are thrilled to collaborate. I love the parallels between our stories – two women eschewing their traditional career paths, one in medicine and the other in law, to pursue entrepreneurship and success in creative fashion endeavors,’ said Reagan. 

She adds: ‘Eugenia’s hats and my jewelry play the same role in styling, they both elevate and put the finishing touches on a look, giving that special quality, the cherry on top of an ensemble. 

Eugenia agrees. She says, “Our aesthetic works well together because we share a mutual appreciation of adornments and sleek style.” 

“We are both businesswomen who offer timeless pieces that can transcend a style or evoke the feeling empowering.”


 Yesterday, luxury milliner Eugenia Kim and Southern Charm star/jeweler Reagan Charleston released a limited-edition capsule.  Blaine in Winter White $395; eugeniakim.com

Eugenia Kim x Reagan Charleston

Eugenia Kim x Reagan Charleston

The Eugenia Kim x Reagan Charleston collection offers five styles including fedoras and wide brim hats adorned with Reagan Charleston’s bold ornate lapel pins (which are removable for multiple looks). Left: Blaine in Blue, $395.Right: Emmanuelle in Black, $395

Reagan Charleston x Eugenia Kim

Eugenia Kim x Reagan Charleston

Left: Honey in Camel by Reagan Charleston x Eugenia Kim, $395; eugeniakim.com

If your hat gets crushed in transit, have no fear, you can mold it back to shape with a little steam. 'There are multiple ways you can steam out a misshapen hat,' shares Ginger

You can steam your hat if it gets damaged in transit. Ginger shares her experience with steaming a hat that has become distorted.