Howard Stern, a popular radio host has pledged to run for President if Donald Trump attempts again in 2024. He insists that he will beat his old friend.

During his radio show Tuesday morning, Stern claimed he has accepted that he may have to serve his ‘civic duty’ and run against Trump saying he knows he’ll ‘beat his a**.’ Stern asserts that he’s as well-known in America as Trump and any presidential campaign will quickly get traction. 

The claims came as Stern noted the attention that his statements about Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers vaccine scandal the day before drew in. 

Stern called Rodgers a “scumbag” and criticized him for lying about having been vaccinated. Stern suggested that Rodgers be fired from the NFL. 

The shock jock on Tuesday suggested that Rodgers’ comments were “big news” and that Rodgers is enough popular to run for president. 

Howard Stern (left) and his co-host Robin Quivers discussed Stern's potential 2024 presidential campaign against Donald Trump

Howard Stern (left) with Robin Quivers, Robin’s co-host, discussed Stern’s 2024 campaign against Donald Trump

Stern and Trump were friends before the Trump presidency during which Stern grew increasingly critical of the administration

Stern and Trump had been friends prior to Trump’s presidency, during which Stern became increasingly critical of Trump’s administration.  

He stated, “I think that I will run for president,” 

When his co-host Robin Quivers notes Stern’s media attention he jokingly asks: ‘Who the f**k am I?’

Quivers said, ‘If Trump decides not to run again. You have to run against his. This is my plan.

To which Stern boldly declares: ‘I know, I’ll beat his a**.’ 

Quivers stated, “That’s the only way it’s going be,” We can’t let it go to the Democrats. 

The host went on to assert his seriousness saying he already told his wife that he may have to serve His ‘civic duty’ to run for President if Trump does another bid. Trump has indicated that he could. 

‘I would just sit there at debate and play that f**king clip of him trying to fix the election, over and over again. Stern claimed that there is no way I would lose. Stern was speaking about a call Trump made to Brad Raffensperger in Georgia, the secretary of state. In this phone conversation, Trump said there had been fraud in the election and asked the election official to find more votes after Joe Biden won. 

Stern maintained that ‘There is no way I would lose. 

Stern (left) said he informed his wife, Beth Ostrosky Stern (right), that he may have to serve his 'civic duty' and campaign against Trump in the next presidential election

Stern (left), said that he had informed Beth Ostrosky Stern, his wife (right), about his potential ‘civic duty’ to campaign against Trump during the next presidential election 

Stern is a longtime popular radio and television personality, comedian, and author best known for expressing his deliberately proactive opinions

Stern is a longtime popular radio and television personality, comedian, and author best known for expressing his deliberately proactive opinions  

Trump had been a regular guest on Stern before his presidency. Stern called Trump, a former real-estate mogul and reality TV star, a friend. 

But as Trump became more popular in politics, the radio host began to be critical. Stern supported Trump’s enemies, Hillary Clinton 2016 and Joe Biden 2020. 

Stern became particularly harsh about Trump in his handling the Covid pandemic. 

‘I’m absolutely out of my f***ing mind about how this country is being run and what is going on,’ Stern said last year during the height of the pandemic. 

Stern may have said his comments in shock jock fashion to some, but he wouldn’t be his first attempt at politics. 

In 1994, the radio host entered New York’s gubernatorial election as a Libertarian. He resigned from the race just before Election Day when he discovered he had to reveal his financial records. 

Trump’s associates and he have been teasing about a Trump 2024 ticket since losing the 2020 election. However, they did not make any concrete statements. Trump, twice impeached, said Monday that he would ‘probably’ make a decision following next year’s midterm election.  

Trump continues to tease a potential 2024 White House bid, with his latest interview on Monday indicating he may have a decision as early as late 2022

Trump teases a possible 2024 White House bid. His latest interview Monday suggested that he could have made a decision by late 2022.

In an interview with Fox, the bombastic Republican leader gave his latest hint just a week after Democrats failed to perform in Off-Year Elections across the nation.

Trump claimed he was ‘certainly contemplating’ running for 2024 White House, but it is clear that Trump will wait to see if Democrats continue their poor performances in 2022.

He said, “I believe a lot people will be happy, honestly, with the decision. And probably will announce it after the midterms.” 

However, he tried to obscure his intentions regarding his future ambitions by saying that his repeated hinting that he would run for president in 2024 was not a sign of his true intent. [he]Will.

‘It’s probably appropriate, but a lot of people are waiting for that decision to be made,’ Trump said. 

Recent Harvard CAPS Harris Polls show that former President Barack Obama is the favourite for Republican votes in 2024.

This survey was first conducted by The Hill. It found that 47 percent of Republican and Independent voters support him running again.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis came in second, with only 10 percent of the support.