Human remains are found in search for woman, 58, who was reported missing from her rented £850,000 farmhouse last month as partner, 56, is charged with murdering her in 2018

  • Stuart Williamson, 56 is accused of killing Diane Douglas, 58
  • After Ms. Douglas was reported missing in October 21, an inquiry was initiated
  • Williamson was initially arrested for suspicion of her murder, and later charged.
  • Remains of a female victim were found Tuesday and recovered Wednesday
  • Although police believe they are Ms. Douglas’ remains, formal identification has not been done.

Stuart Williamson, from Colton, near Norwich, was charged with murder after Diane Douglas (pictured), 58, was reported missing

Stuart Williamson, a Colton resident near Norwich, was arrested for murdering Diane Douglas (pictured), who was reported missing at 58. 

Human remains were found during the search for a missing woman from her rented farmhouse three-years ago. 

Stuart Williamson, 56, is accused of murdering his partner Diane Douglas, 58, between December 1 and December 31, 2018.   

An inquiry was launched after Ms Douglas, who lived with Williamson at the isolated £850,000 Meadow Farm in Colton, near Norwich, was reported missing on October 21 by relatives who had not seen her for several years.  

The remains of a woman were found buried next to the garden shed on Tuesday and recovered on Wednesday by officers carrying out excavation work in the grounds of Meadow Farm.

The remains of Ms. Douglas are believed to be those of the Norfolk Police, though formal identification has not been made.

Williamson was taken into custody in Abergavenny (Wales) on Saturday under suspicion of her murder. She was then brought back to Norfolk for questioning, before being charged Monday evening. 

Officers have confirmed that a Home Office postmortem examination will be performed in due course to determine cause of death.

The remains were located approximately 50 yards from the three-bedroom farmhouse.

The remains were found roughly 50 yards from the rented three-bedroom farmhouse

The remains were found approximately 50 yards away from the three-bedroom farmhouse.

Forensic officers erected a tent at the edge of a wood where remains of a woman were dug up

An officer from the Forensic Department built a tent near the edge of a forest where remains of an elderly woman were discovered.

Williamson had appeared by video link before Norwich magistrates and was remanded into custody after he provided his address as Meadow Farm.

On Wednesday, he then appeared at Norwich Crown Court. He spoke only to confirm his details.

He did not plead guilty and was remanded to custody until his next hearing, December 22.

Judge Alice Robinson arranged for a plea and direction hearing on January 14th and a potential trial on April 19th next.

The Norfolk Police had previously confirmed that they believed it was ‘highly probable’ that Ms Douglas had been hurt and said they were treating this case as a homicide investigation.

Police and forensics at Meadow Farm near Colton which is the centre of a murder investigation

Meadow Farm, near Colton is the center of a murder investigation.

Forensics searched a thicket behind the house for clues into Ms Douglas' disappearance

Forensics searched a thicket in the backyard of the house looking for clues to Ms. Douglas’ disappearance.

A statement stated that inquiries had’revealed Diane hadn’t been seen for a significant amount of time’.

On Saturday, teams of white-suited forensic investigators began a thorough search of the rented property and its grounds. They have been there ever since.

The property is located approximately 400 yards from a road in Colton.

Villagers claimed Meadow Farm overlooking woodland and a field with redpoll cattle was rented for about ten years.

It is unknown how long Ms. Douglas had lived at this address or when she was last seen.