Hundreds of child refugees crossing the Channel into Britain as young children as nine are missing from the care systems – some are feared to be kidnapped, forced into labour or kidnapped.

  • Children who were born in Britain as child migrants are being taken from their homes. 
  • As young as nine refugees have been reported missing from the system 744 more times this year
  • It’s feared some may have been forced into labour or are at risk of sexual abuse  

Last night, it was reported that almost all of the authorities responsible for caring for child refugees who crossed into Britain from the Channel have disappeared.

As young as nine-year-old migrants have been taken into care 744 times this past year. At least 37 of them are under 13 years old.

Some people are at risk of being kidnapped, forced to work or subject to sexual abuse by traffickers.

A woman carrying a child after group of people thought to be migrants were brought into Dungeness, Kent. Local authorities have been overwhelmed with people crossing the Channel desperate for housing and care

After a group of people believed to be migrants arrived in Dungeness, Kent, a woman was able to bring her child. The Channel has been flooded with people desperate for housing and care.

Local authorities are overwhelmed by the influx of migrants seeking housing and care, which has led to the unexpected resettlement of thousands Afghan refugees. 

According to The Times, one child refugee has been reported missing 159 times in the past 12 months.

A 15-year-old Vietnamese boy named Tuan vanished from the hotel he was assigned to by the Home Office. The newspaper reported that Tuan had been spotted in London with another stranger and was forced into slavery.

An immigration officer takes a child thought to be a migrant brought into Kent. Migrants as young as nine have disappeared from care 744 times this year, with at least 37 aged 13 or under

An immigration officer takes a child believed to be a migrant from abroad. Children as young as nine years old have disappeared from Kent’s care 744 times, with at least 37 children under 13.

At least 5,000 child refugees were in care last year in the UK – a figure that has doubled in just nine years.

Freedom of Information requests showed that almost 10,000 missing children were reported in the last decade.

A government spokesman said it took ‘any child going missing extremely seriously’.