Many braved the rain and windy conditions to gather to pay respect to a schoolgirl who was tragically killed by a car accident.

Lily Rose Morris (10 years old) was out in Sholver (Oldham), Saturday night when she and her best friend were struck by a Land Rover. It happened at 5 p.m.

Even with all the best medical efforts, Lily died that evening.

Greater Manchester Police has confirmed that an older man, aged 42 years old was taken into custody on suspicion of dangerous driving and driving under the influences.

On Wednesday night, people assembled outside Northgate Pub to watch as balloons floated in the breeze and candles flickered.

People could leave messages in a condolences booklet.

10-year-old schoolgirl Lily Rose Morris (pictured) died in a tragic hit-and-run in Oldham, Manchester on Saturday

Lily Rose Morris (10 years old) was killed Saturday in Oldham.

Hundreds of people turned out despite wet and windy weather for a vigil for 10-year-old Lily Rose in Oldham

Many people came out in spite of the windy and wet weather to support Lily Rose, a 10-year-old girl from Oldham.

Two girls were injured in a collision that occurred Saturday afternoon at Oldham, Greater Manchester. Residents heard a bang, and they rushed to help them. 

Witnesses stated that the Land Rover’s driver left the scene at first, before returning to it a few moments later. A resident then approached him and ‘knocked’ him out before turning him over the police.

The girls are believed to have been on their way towards a chip shop nearby when they were struck.

Witness one said, “I heard a loud bang outside.”

“One little girl was on her back, on the other side, and was receiving CPR from a neighbor.

‘I could tell she was in a bad way because when I went over I couldn’t feel any pulse and a police officer later arrived and took over the CPR.

“The girl that was also hit lay a little further up the road near the bus stop. I noticed that a lamp post had been broken as well.

“The red Land Rover involved in the accident drove off with parts of the lamp post under the bonnet. Then, it went around the block before stopping.

‘The neighbour who’d been doing the CPR chased after the driver and grabbed him when he got out of the car and knocked him out. He was then taken away by police.

Candles were lit and balloons bobbed in the wind on Wednesday evening as hundreds huddled together remember Lily Rose Morris who was killed in a car accident

A 42-year-old man was later arrested on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving and driving under the influence following the fatal crash

A 42-year-old man was later arrested on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving and driving under the influence following the fatal crash

Tributes were left close to the scene in Oldham where a 10-year-old girl lost her life on Saturday

Oldham scene where 10-year old girl died on Saturday was the subject of tributes.

Neil Cavanagh was Lily’s school’s headteacher and spoke out to say that everyone had been gathered together to process their grief.

He stated, “It’s so incredible to see so many family, friends, and schoolchildren here to remember Lily,”

“It shows the impact of her death on so many.

“It is a testament to the light that she has brought into our lives during her short existence.”

Rachel Harper, a Sholver resident, organized the vigil that took place four days following Lily’s passing. 

Mel first met Lily in a Facebook group. Her comment was on a post regarding the tragic crash.

She had written, “Sadly my little girl lost her life,”

Rachel said that Mel commented on Tuesday and she knew it was time to do something to help our devasted community.

“I’m a mother and I couldn’t understand what my family was going through.

This was organized to aid Mel and Lily, who were obviously heartbroken.

“This is an amazing turnout and just goes to show how wonderful this community is.

“It’s raining, absolutely freezing and all these people are out there to mourn in their own way.

“Everyone is shocked by the terrible tragedy.

The vigil, which took place just four days after Lily's death, was organised by Sholver resident Rachel Harper

Rachel Harper of Sholver organized the vigil which was held just four days after Lily died.

One tribute to Lily Rose Morris read: 'Sleep tight little angel. Taken far too soon. May you rest in peace, you and your family are in our prayers'

Lily Rose Morris received a tribute that read, “Sleep tight little Angel.” Taken far too soon. Your family and I send our condolences.

It is evident that Lily loved so many people. Mel and her family can remember this evening and read the condolences booklet.

Mel, Mel’s mother described Mel as her “beautiful little girl” in a touching tribute to her one and only child.

She stated, “Words are not enough to describe the pain and hurt we feel now that our little princess is gone,”

“Lily cannot continue growing into the bubbly, amazing young woman she is becoming. She can’t be the big sister she used to be.

People will stand at their doors and ring the bells Christmas Eve to keep Lily’s memory alive.

Ring for Lily is an event that Lily’s aunt organizes. It allows people to make a virtual bell together.

Her auntie said, “This is amazing and much more than anything we could ever imagine.”

Our family will never forget the support and assistance they received from this community.

“I want everyone to remember Lily and be able hear her adored by the rest of the family.