Bar staff are forced to turn the tables against drunken men by trying to set fire to them with petrol.

  • A man in Moscow had the tables turned after trying to start a fire outside a bar
  • The man poured a flammable fluid over the people standing outside.
  • Before the liquid ignited, he was punched to death.
  • As the liquid was ignited, the man lying on the ground caught on fire. 
  • After being arrested, the suspect is currently under police custody 

After a row with his friends, a Russian man tried to light a fire in a bar. He was punched to ground but accidentally set himself ablaze.

He had been pouring liquid on the floor, and was aiming at others outside. The substance was then set on fire and the man was inadvertently burned. 

After the suspect, aged 49 years old was expelled for his aggressive behavior, the incident took place outside a Moscow bar.

The suspect fled the scene after the row and was not identified. He returned to the house a few minutes later with a container containing a flammable fluid.

A 49-year-old man was left accidentally singed outside a bar in Moscow, Russia, yesterday after he had attempted to pour a flammable liquid on people stood outside, before the tables were turned on him

After trying to inflict a flammable substance on others outside, a 49 year-old man was accidentally left outside Moscow’s bar.

The flammable liquid, which had been poured on the floor outside the bar, was ignited and accidentally set the back of the man's trousers on fire

It had been spilled on the ground in front of the bar. The liquid was ignited accidentally and set fire to the pants.

Before the fire started, he tried to put the fuel on at most one person.

The footage shows the suspect arriving at the bar to try and fuel a man or woman standing nearby who were smoking cigarettes.

He attempts to continue to feed the man who is heavyset, but he keeps trying.

An additional man kicked the suspect, before any fuel was ignited. This caused a fireball to start and set the clothes on fire.

Security footage captured the moment the 49-year-old man returned to the bar, after having been thrown out, with a canister of flammable liquid

After being thrown out with a canister filled with flammable liquid, the man, 49, was captured returning to the bar. Security cameras capture the scene.

He tried dousing one man in the liquid, who moved in close to try and stop him

The liquid was sprayed on one person, and the other man moved to get it out of his hands.

Defending himself, the other man punched the suspect in the head and knocked him to the ground

The other man punched him in the head, knocking him to the floor.

End of security footage, the victim is seen standing with his trousers lit on fire.

The attack did not result in any injuries, but police responded and took the suspect into custody as he tried to flee.

As the investigation proceeds, police are keeping the suspect in custody for suspicion of hooliganism.