On Friday, hundreds took sick leave from New York City firefighters to avoid complying with Mayor Bill de Blasio’s deadline that all city workers must be vaccinated. Some firehouses were forced to close due to staff shortages. 

FDNY Commissioner Daniel Nigro said that excessive sick leave… due to their anger at the mandate for all city employees was unacceptable. Nigro oversees a department in which more than a quarter have not received a COVID shot.

Nigro said their decision to take sick leave could ‘endanger the lives’ of city residents called, adding it’s  ‘contrary to their oaths to serve’.

All municipal workers were required to show proof of at minimum one dose of the vaccine before Friday, 5pm. Otherwise, they could be placed on unpaid leave Monday.

Although the FDNY has not yet closed any firehouses, it was not immediately clear which stations were closed.

Nigro stated, “Despite these actions by some”, that the department will continue respond to all calls of help that come its way. 

Hundreds of New York City's firefighters have protested Mayor Bill de Blasio's vaccine mandate, which officially took effect on Friday, with a sneaky loophole - paid sick leave

New York City’s firefighters protest Mayor Bill de Blasio’s vaccination mandate. It went into effect Friday. There was a loophole – paid sick leaves.

Even after a surge in vaccines before the mandate's deadline on Friday 10,951 firefighters; about 36,000 cops; and 10,000 emergency responders - around 4,300 of whom are employed by the fire department - have yet to get jabbed

Even with a surge of vaccines prior to Friday’s deadline, 10,951 firefighters; 36,000 cops; 10,000 emergency responders – approximately 4,300 of whom are employed in the fire department – have yet to be jabbed

De Blasio's mandate, which was announced on October 20, said that by 5pm on Friday all municipal workers were ordered to show proof of at least one dose of the vaccine or risk being placed on unpaid leave come Monday

De Blasio’s mandate was announced on October 20. It stated that all municipal workers must show proof of at minimum one dose of the vaccine by Friday. Otherwise, they risk being placed on unpaid leaves on Monday.

He stated that FDNY workers will be allowed to get the shot Saturday and Sunday. Workers won’t be on unpaid leaves if they show up to work with proof that they have been inoculated on Monday. 

On Friday, a group Ladder 113 Brooklyn fix firefighters were on duty and drove a firetruck to State Senator Zellnor’s office to warn his staffers that they would bleed if they continued pushing the mandate. According to the New York Post

Nigro spoke out about the events at the senator’s office, saying that they should be focusing on responding to New Yorkers’ emergencies and not harassing elected officials and their staff.

Despite the incident, Manhattan’s public employees saw a spike in vaccination rates on Friday as a last-ditch effort for their employment.

According to Post, firefighters’ vaccination rates rose from 67 per cent Friday morning to 72 per cent by the end of day at the FDNY.

The Emergency Medical Service (EMS) – which is part of the FDNY  – saw a spike to 84 percent – up from 77 percent

The NYPD’s 55,000-strong Police Force saw an increase in vaccination rates from 80 to 84%. 

According to the Post, there was also a jump in vaccination rates at the Department of Sanitation, which went from 67 percent up to 76.

These numbers mean that 10,951 firefighters, about 36,000 cops, and 10,000 emergency responders – around 4,300 of which are employed by fire department – are still at risk.

Close to a quarter of the city’s 7,200 uniformed sanitation workers also remain unvaccinated. 

Firefighters rallied outside Mayor Bill de Blasio's residence Gracie Mansion on Thursday to protest his Covid-19 vaccine mandate for all city workers

Firefighters protested the Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Covid-19 vaccination mandate for all city workers, and rallied outside Gracie Mansion.

NYPD and FDNY union members were seen holding placards that read: 'FDNY against tyranny (and) if we lose medical choice we lose all freedom'

NYPD and FDNY union officers were seen holding placards reading: ‘FDNY against tyranny’ (and) ‘If we lose medical choice, we lose all freedom’

In anti-vaccine protests earlier this week off-duty cops held the Thin Blue Line flag representative of police officers and the Blue Lives Matter movement

Earlier this week, protestors against vaccines took place in the off-duty police station. They held the Thin Blue Line Flag which represents officers and the Blue Lives Matter movement.

As an incentive, 500 dollars were offered to unvaccinated city employees who received their first and second doses of vaccines following the announcement on October 20. 

De Blasio still fears a huge staff shortage that could threaten public safety. He took the opportunity to appeal to unvaccinated cops during the NYPD’s annual Medal Day Ceremony to get their long-awaited vaccines.

The mayor stated that he honored those who make the city safer. By getting vaccinated we’re making the city safer.’

He told reporters outside the Police Academy in Queens that he had just completed the ceremony. According to the Daily News, ‘My message for all city employees who have not been vaccinated yet is: We care. We care about your health and your families’ health. 

“We care about the health and well-being of those we serve and are in constant contact with.”

De Blasio’s edict did not inspire people to get their jabs. Instead, it has triggered furious protests.

The two-month cycle theory has also been seen in the US during every surge including the summer 2020 wave and the winter 2020-21 wave

The two-month cycle theory is also used in the US during every surge, including both the summer 2020 wave (and the winter 2020-21 waves).

Nigro stated that earlier in this week, Nigro stated that the department must manage the fact a portion our workforce refused to comply the city’s mandate for vaccines.

“We will use every means possible, including mandatory overtime, mutual assistance from other EMS providers and significant changes in the schedules of our members. We will ensure that all those we have sworn oaths for serve are safe and continue to operate. 

Mike Salsedo, 44 was one of the hundreds of firefighters protesting De Blasio’s official residence, Gracie Mansion. After contracting the disease last year, Salsedo claimed that he believes he has natural immunity and doesn’t need vaccination. This is contrary to consensus among public health professionals.

Salsedo stated that he is a man of faith and doesn’t believe in the benefits of putting man-made chemicals into his body.

Jackie-Michelle Martinez, another firefighter, stated that the freedom to choose was ‘our God given right’ and challenged the city’s decision not to follow its previous policy which allowed workers to remain on the job even if they failed a Covid-19 test.

Mayor de Blasio, why are you eliminating weekly testing if it is working? She asked. 

National Covid-related fatalities and infections in the US have fallen to their lowest level since April 2021.

Nearly 58 percent of Americans have been fully immunized, which is 191million Americans 

On September 1, America had an average of 49.9 cases for every 100,000 people. However, as of Wednesday, it has fallen to 21.2 cases for every 100,000 people. 

According to David Leonhardt, The New York Times, these declines follow a two-month cycle. Since the pandemic started in early 2020, cases and deaths have increased for approximately two months before falling.

Early explanations, such as the virus being seasonal or social distancing increasing or decreasing or mask wearing becoming more common, have not held up.

More logical explanations are that Covid-19 has been contracted by many people in the last two weeks, so the virus is (slowly but surely) running out of people to spread it.

“Covid has been following a predictable, if not mysterious, cycle since the beginning of the pandemic. Leonhardt noted that new cases have increased in every country for about two months before dropping off. 

“The Delta variant, despite it’s intense contagiousness has followed this trend.”   

This means that a variant might only take eight weeks for it to spread across a community, before it starts to recede.