Today, dozens of awake students marched to protest the dismissal of Professor Tim Luckhurst from their university. He had called them “pathetic” in an argument over free speech and made it clear that they were ‘pathetic’.

Durham University was packed with 200 students protesting the disturbance caused by Rod Liddle’s end-of year speech.

Prof Luckhurst invited the journalist to talk after last Friday’s Christmas dinner.

His talk on trans rights and racism saw students protesting against issues that were perceived as ‘triggering’.

Durham Students Union now calls for Professor Luckhurst to resign, after he called the walk-out “pathetic.”

The students with placards demanding he be removed gathered today at South College where Liddle made a joke about sex workers and gave the speech.

Around 200 students gathered at Durham University this afternoon to protest about the row that blew up following a speech by writer Rod Liddle at an end of year event

Durham University was packed with 200 students protesting the row that broke out after Rod Liddle spoke at an End of Year event.

As guest speakers addressed the group, they held placards with messages such as ‘human rights not up for debate’ or ‘#BinTim.

The professor was being called to resign with chants of “hey hey ho ho Tim Luckhurst has to go”,

MailOnline was able to speak to students that saw no differences between asking Luckhurst to be fired and Liddle to stop speaking again. They also claimed to support free speech.

Connie Harrison (18) said that it was important to be there for our peers. “I wasn’t able to attend, but I was accompanied by my friends who left before the end because they were appalled at the speeches.

“A few tried to talk to Tim towards the end, but he wasn’t open to them. They could only have responded by walking away, I believe. The fact that they were not permitted to have a debate at this time was a stumbling block.

Rod Liddle can exercise his right of free speech in any environment but not in the context described.

Today the placard-waving students who want him out gathered at South College, where the speech, which included Liddle joking about sex workers, had been given

The placard-wielding students demanding he be out met at South College where they heard the speech. Liddle was joking about the sex workers.

“The students should have the right to discuss it and offer their views.”

Ben Bradley also 18 said: “It was thrust on the students without prior warning.

“I think that it wasn’t the place and time to have that conversation with someone as controversial as this.

“I believe in freedom of speech, but I disagree wholeheartedly with the events in that room.”

One peer, who was present for the dinner, said that half of the people left the table and half remained.

One female student said, without identifying herself, that “he made comments about single moms and that their children should not be taken from them.”

They held signs emblazoned with the words 'human rights are not up for the debate' and '#BinTim' as guest speakers took turns to address the group

As guest speakers addressed the group, they held signs with the following words: “Human rights are not up to the debate” and #BinTim.

“He also made remarks about transgender people. He said that if you were born with a penis, then scientifically you’re a man. This is scientifically incorrect.

“He claimed that colonization was not the cause of Africa’s problems, and made observations about prostitution.

Another chant was heard as she spoke, saying: “When my rights are being attacked, what should we do?” You must fight back.

Yasmine Daniel (18), a French-Spanish student, added that he opened his speech with a joke about how ‘I’m sorry to see no sex workers tonight’.

“That was the beginning of the speech, and things only got worse after that.

“By the end, many had fled but most were scared to flee.

“About eight people marched out at first table, but principal got shocking reply calling them pathetic.

“Free speech is not the same as hate speech. This was exactly what happened.

A young man wanted to keep his identity anonymous and called on Mr Luckhurst for resignation.

He stated that he thought his position here was now completely inappropriate, as he had let down so many students.

“The comment Liddle made regarding single-mothered children becoming criminals is not based.

South College was the scene of a small protest by Left-wing students calling for a safer, more inclusive campus

“He can absolutely have free speech. But free speech does not include hate speech.

“But also, free speech doesn’t grant you the right for free speech wherever it is.

“It was inappropriate to have this conversation in that setting and it was unacceptable to do so without prior warning.”

It’s believed that guest speakers attended pre-dinner seminars, which allowed them to discuss and listen with students.

But, Liddle said that he was not able to attend and therefore spoke at the dinner. Students were unable respond.

Sean Hannigan, president of the Junior Common Room said to the audience: “We were jump with a speaker whom we didn’t expect to be speaking.”

The activists gathered on a green with placards reading 'mansplain, manipulate, manwife' and 'we're queer, we're here'

On a green were activists who held placards saying “mansplain, manipulate and manwife” as well as “we are queer, here”.

“There was no opportunity to respond. This was a deliberate inflamatory tactic.

“I’ve heard from many other people that they were organizing a rent strike. So this is just the motivation we need.

The only way a university is going to listen is if the institution hits them in financial terms.

“This country belongs only to us. It is ours, as well as gay and black people. And every other person that lives in it.

He then echoed Jeremy Corbyn’s old slogan and said, “We have to stand up and defend this country’s rights and build a country for the many and not just the few.”

After Rod Liddle invited the journalist for a talk, Durham University was criticized for their ‘despicable treatment’ of him.

A small number of student activists marched on South College today in their latest attempt to get the professor sacked

Today saw a few student activists march on South College as part of their new attempt to fire the professor.

Columnist: The institution should offer a “grovelling apology” to Professor Tim Luckhurst, and then’reinstate his immediate duties.

He also called for bosses to say sorry to him for ‘vilifying’ his speech which addressed trans issues, women’s rights and institutional racism to ‘appease jabbering infants’ and said they should reimburse his £150 travel expenses.

The protest came as Left-wing students protested at South College, asking for the professor’s apologies or to quit.

On a green were gathered baying activists with placards saying’mansplaine manipulate, manwife’ as well as ‘we’re queer.

Professor Luckhurst, who had angered the students by calling them ‘pathetic’ during Friday’s lecture from Mr Liddle on Friday, later apologized.

Now, he has been put under investigation by the university. He is also barred for all future duties. He is being gagged during the live case.

Tim Luckhurst is a newspaper editor who has become a professor.

Tim Luckhurst was formerly a newspaper editor and he turned to academia after rising up at Kent and Durham Universities.

His career began as a journalist on BBC Radio 4’s Today program in the 1980s.

However, he was the BBC Scotland’s editor for news programs from 1995 until 1997.

The top journalist won two Sony Radio Academy Awards for news broadcasting and particularly excelled in foreign coverage.

Luckhurst left the Beeb to become editor at The Scotsman before he went into academia.

From 2007 through November 2019, the 58-year old was Professor at Journalism Kent University.

He also served as Director of KM Television Ltd – which he helped set up – between 2016 and 2019.

In November 2019, he was promoted to Durham as the South College head and to Durham as an associate pro-chancellor (engagement).

This morning Mr Liddle rushed to the aid of his friend, blasting Durham, the head South College, for making a scapegoat out of him.

While he stated that he had expected students to behave like this, University’s reaction surprised him.

He said to GB News, “Let’s begin with Durham University’s actions.” The students behaved far worse than they did, and the staff have been despicable.

“I expected this from students. I even expected it from some of them. You don’t see the double thinking Durham University indulges in.

They first say that they are in agreement with freedom speech. Next, they state except that if something is not what we agree with and the Labour Party at campus disagrees with then they won’t be able to agree.

‘It is also, most important of all, Tim Luckhurst as a scapegoat. Tim asked me to join him in good will after I had cleared the matter with the university authorities and told them about what was going on in advance.

They have decided to please these toddlers and decided to make a decision.

“They should now decide, right away, whether they believe or disagree with free speech.

‘Number 2, write an insincere apology to Professor Luckhurst. He is immediately reinstated to all of his duties and this futile investigation is halted.

“And I accept the invitation he made to me in good faith. 

The third thing they need to do is to write me a note of regret and to explain that their remarks about me were unfair.

“They can forward me 150 pounds for my travel expenses, because I arrived there without any cost and with the intention of doing something good to contribute to public service.

He stated, “So they could apologise for me and pay my travel costs. Then I’ll be satisfied.”

Mr Liddle leapt to his friend's aid this morning, blasting Durham for 'scapegoating' the academic, who is the head of the newly-established South College

This morning Mr Liddle rushed to the aid of his friend, blasting Durham because he was making a scapegoat for the academic who heads the new South College

The youngsters carried flags and banners with messages such as 'sod Rod', 'proud to be pathetic' and 'no hate'

Children carried banners and flags bearing messages, such as “sod Rod”, ‘proud be pathetic” and “no hate”.

The 'woke' mob had ramped up its campaign to oust Professor Luckhurst last night as seven societies accused him of 'gross misconduct'

As seven organizations accused Professor Luckhurst of gross misconduct, the ‘woke mob’ had intensified its efforts to expel him.

A speaker talks to Durham University students as they stage a protest at South College this afternoon

Durham University students protest South College as they listen to a speaker

They claimed he promoted 'a culture of harm and hate' by inviting Mr Liddle to give his speech

The claim was that he encouraged a culture of hate and harm by inviting Mr Liddle for his speech

Today saw a few student activists march on South College as part of their new attempt to fire the professor.

They carried banners and flags that contained messages like “sod Rod”, “proudly pathetic” and “no hatred”.

As seven organizations accused Professor Luckhurst of gross misconduct, the ‘woke mob’ had intensified its efforts to expel him.

The claim was that he encouraged a culture of hatred and harm by inviting Mr Liddle for his speech.

According to the groups, they felt unsafe and stressed after Friday’s formal dinner.

The professor was unable to comment because they claimed that it violated the Equality Act.

The groups claimed the incident, at a formal dinner on Friday, made them feel 'unsafe' and 'distressed'

According to the groups, they felt unsafe and stressed after Friday’s formal dinner.

They claimed it breached the Equality Act and demanded 'disciplinary regulations' be brought to bear on the professor - who has been gagged from commenting

The professor was accused of violating the Equality Act. They demanded that disciplinary regulations be applied to him.

Durham University students stand with their banners as they stage a protest at South College this afternoon

Durham University students hold their banners while they protest at South College.

Yesterday footage emerged of Professor Luckhurst and his wife Dorothy talking to students who stormed out of the speech after the event.

They spoke calmly to them and helped them see that universities are supposed be bastions free speech.

As Professor Luckhurst began speaking, the youths listened intently.

Then she asked, “What do you fear of?” The student who was responding to the question asked: “What are you afraid of?”

The rest of their exchange was inaudible but Mrs Luckhurst went on to repeat the word ‘a***’ before another asked: ‘Don’t we all have one?’

She tweeted later that night: ‘Bunch of inadequates thought it was clever to walk out on a speech tonight because they were afraid of what the speaker said…’

She added: ‘Incidentally they thought it was ok to ask my husband to apologise for my comments…

“It’s an outdated idea, but it is something I believe in. Perhaps the unwoke generation hasn’t heard about women’s equality.

Footage emerged of the professor and his wife Dorothy talking to 'woke' students who stormed out of the speech on Friday night

Footage of Dorothy the professor talking with ‘woken’ students on Friday evening emerged.

Professor Luckhurst tried to calm the students who gawped at him as he educated them on free speech at universities

While educating them about free speech at universities, Professor Luckhurst attempted to soothe the students as they stared at him. 

An acquaintance of the professor stated that Tim is “one of the most kind, generous and intelligent individuals I have ever had the privilege of knowing.” This is really a victimization of him.

The Free Speech Union stated that the vilification of Rod Liddle for inviting Professor Luckhurst to speak after dinner is a disgraceful act.

Students who can’t cope with listening to opinions that they disagree with shouldn’t go to university.

Although Durham claims that it is committed to academic freedom, it has placed Prof. Luckhurst under investigation after he described the student’s decision not to attend the speech as “pathetic”.

Professor Luckhurst was expressing a perfectly legal opinion and so penalizing him could constitute a violation the law that obliges universities to protect free speech.

“Professor Luckhurst is an affiliate of the Free Speech Union, and we support him fully.”

The five officers penned a rambling statement in a bid to oust South College principal Professor Tim Luckhurst (pictured)

Five officers made a long statement to try and oust South College’s principal, Professor Tim Luckhurst.

Seun Twins, Jack Ballingham, Jonah Graham, Declan Merrington and Charlie Procter claimed hosting one of the UK's best known writers (pictured) was an 'abuse of power'

Declan Merrington (pictured), Jonah Graham, Declan Merrington, Jonah Graham, and Charlie Procter claimed they hosted one of the UK’s top writers. This was an alleged ‘abuse power’

Is this what Rod Liddle said in the University of Durham speech?

Rod Liddle’s speech at University of Durham is not yet fully reported, however, the Palatinate student newspaper has reported the speech’s contents.

According to the paper, Liddle started his Friday speech by saying that he wasn’t happy to see any sex workers present at the event.

It was a reference to the recent controversy over safety training Durham University provided to student sex workers. 

Liddle then claimed that the left was going against ‘science or pure facts,’ saying ‘a person with an X and a Y chromosome, that has a long, dangling penis, is scientifically a man, and that is pretty much, scientifically, the end of the story’, according to the paper.

His comments continued on another topic: “It is quite easily proved that colonialism has not been the primary cause of Africa’s problems. It is just like it is easy to prove the educational underachievement among British Caribbean Americans or African Americans is nothing do with institutional racism. 

Liddle also spoke out about Britain’s forced adoption policies between 1945-1975.

He claimed that attitude now puts women, and not children first.

The speaker concluded his talk by sharing a message with the audience about how crucial it was to hear and not doubt other opinions.

The Palatinate stated that 12 students had walked out of the classroom before and during the speech.

A very few people applauded Liddle at the end. While it’s protocol for students to stand to the left of the speaker as it departs, most students remained seated. As Liddle left, some shouted at Liddle, describing him as “disgusting” and “racist”. 

These societies were able to sign the statement for’mature and working-class students; LGBT+; students without disabilities; & ‘International students;’ & ‘People of Colour’. This is a term activists used to describe transgender women.

The list included the following: “Under Durham University’s Disciplinary Regulations…we believe these actions constitute gross misconduct.”

They requested a “formal investigation” into Professor Luckhurst’s alleged ‘neglect to duty of care to student’ and his verbal condemnation.

The speakers also said that any future speech should contain “content warnings” for potential offensive material.

In the statement, it was stated that Rod Liddle had been promoted by Tim Luckhurst to promote a culture hurting and hatred towards people with disabilities, LGBTQ+, POC. [people of colour]Normalization of working class students…

“These acts have made students feel unsafe attending formals at college.”

The Durham Students’ Union (SU) also called for the dismissal of the professor, branding his situation ‘untenable.

Seun Twins Jack Ballingham, Jonah Graham Jonah Graham Declan Merrington Charlie Procter all claimed they were hosting one of Britain’s most well-known writers.

Ms Twins previously wrote of her hate for the Tories and called for their ‘dealt.

The students wrote that the Principal of South College had insulted, humiliated them.

“Tim Luckhurst was the ex-editor of a national newspaper and knew what he did when he stole a Christmas party. He then allowed his friend to spew vile propaganda that he believed would lead to division.

His shameful attempts to justify this pantomime while pretending that it was for students’ education are disgraceful.

“He failed to fulfill his duties of care as principal for South College students and leader within our University community.

Durham Students' Union has been blasted for demanding a leading academic resign after he invited journalist Rod Liddle to talk at a dinner party

Durham Students' Union has been blasted for demanding a leading academic resign after he invited journalist Rod Liddle to talk at a dinner party

The Durham Students’ Union, pictured with two of its officers (pictured), was criticized for requesting a top academic to resign following an invitation by Rod Liddle as a speaker at a dinner party

The Free Speech Union slammed the five officers who penned a rambling statement in a bid to oust South College principal Professor Tim Luckhurst

The Free Speech Union slammed the five officers who penned a rambling statement in a bid to oust South College principal Professor Tim Luckhurst

The Free Speech Union condemned the five officers (pictured: two of them), who made a long and boring statement in an attempt to remove South College principal Tim Luckhurst.

Seun Twins, Jack Ballingham, Jonah Graham, Declan Merrington and Charlie Procter (pictured) claimed hosting one of the UK's best known writers was an 'abuse of power'

Seun Twins Jack Ballingham, Jonah Graham and Declan Merrington (pictured) claim that Charlie Procter hosted one of Britain’s most well-known writers.

Liddle stated that the Left ignored science on trans issues during his appearance and claimed Colonialism was not responsible for Africa’s current problems.

He stated that underperformance among students of Caribbean descent wasn’t due to institutional racism.

He later stated to the Daily Mail that these views are common among academics and government officials.

He stated that he was not racist nor transphobic. Transgender people should be able to live happily, with dignity, and equality in this world. I hate racism.

He stated that the key point of his talk was “tolerance of others opinions and doubt in one’s own opinion.”

Later, Professor Luckhurst emailed his students to apologize for the use of “pathetic” but also to defend Liddle’s right to invite him and to say he supported ‘free speech.

The university said it would investigate the reports that the behavior displayed at this occasion was not in line with what they expect.

University officials have refused further comment. Professor Luckhurst is not permitted to make comments.

Durham SU launched a bid to oust a leading academic after ‘woke” students stormed out from a speech, because they were frightened of the words of scribblers

This is the complete statement:

The Principal of South College insulted, humiliated and abused the College’s student members. Tim Luckhurst was a former editor at a national newspaper. He knew what he did when he stole a Christmas party from his friend and let him spew vile propaganda that he knew would lead to division. This shameful excuse for this paganistamy by pretending that it was to benefit students’ education, is shameful. In his responsibility of caring for South College students and leading the University community, he failed to do so.

It is against the law to invite a friend to provoke or shock students at their home. South students, enjoying Christmas festivities were harmed by their Principal who prioritized his own political agenda more than their interests. To claim this is a student strike for education, or to insult actual Durham academics, would be an insult. This is pure hazing. Luckhurst was aware that this would cause those who refuse to submit to his theatre-style bullying to rise up and confront his insults. The students that exercised their right to free speech and left this horrible excuse for education are supported fully by the university. It is also a great honor to Durham’s academics and others who have condemned this attempt at corroding their professional reputation.

It is dishonest for the Principal to attempt to explain his calculated actions within the free speech discourse. This does not serve those fighting academic freedom threats around the world. The Acting Vice-Chancellor will be challenged on procedurally correct ways that a Principal could ruin Christmas parties by claiming his right to educate students was greater than the rights of their family to enjoy their meal with their friends in their own home. South College students deserve an apology. Not just Orwell-inspired self-promotional quotes.

Also, we must acknowledge the inappropriate, if not antagonistic behavior of the Principal’s spouse. Our community expects guests to be respectful. The Colleges aren’t places for bullying children; instead, they are communities of learning. Respect is essential in order to learn.

Over the weekend, we have learned a lot more about the principal’s rights. His responsibilities have not been acknowledged. Our community should not focus on his distractions, but on what standards they can expect from College principals compared with the behavior we’ve seen. See the Friday Night videos. See the testimonies of the students present as well the statements made by representatives from our College and SU Associations. It isn’t the behavior we want to see in a leader, teacher or support person.

Durham has a problematic culture. This is not an isolated instance, but the result of a failure to address unacceptable behaviours over a long period. While we have appreciated the efforts of the University leadership in addressing the past problems and the commitments made, this incident shows us that culture and policy are not enough. This test is for each of us. We will accept the way we lead a College like it is normal if we do.

Despite the positive aspects of South College’s work, Tim Luckhurst is in a position that makes Durham untenable. A Principal cannot abuse his students and call them stupid, only then can he or she attack their desire to keep their family safe. Our collegiate community is no longer at risk from the Principal of South College, who has become an intellectual and pastoral leader.

It is important to express our support for our values and our disgust at the response. We encourage students, staff and supporters to reach out to the Pro-Vice Chancellor (College & Student Experience), to voice their opinions. We are all aware that Friday’s events were unacceptable. Now we need to have a wider discussion about our expectations of leaders. This conversation should go beyond the misdeeds one man can commit.

It can be very easy to assist someone who is in the wrong and still believes in their rights in these situations. We cannot afford for someone so obviously against our values to be subjected or rushed through a flawed process, allowing them to claim they are a victim. It is important to believe that University leaders will act in the best interests of students, even though they won’t make the decision public or the results won’t immediately be made. While we should be furious at those who disrespect the community’s values, it is understandable why institutions make cautious public statements in such situations. Their response will determine how we judge them and whether they show that Tim Luckhurst can be trusted. 

Reported: Durham University’s ex-head girl who hates Toryism launched the ‘culture committee’ to “deconstruct toxicity” on campus

  • Campaign to remove Durham Uni Professor Tim Luckhurst was led by Seun Twins
  • Came following his slur on Rod Liddle Speech walkout by students of woken were dubbed ‘pathetic’
  • Twins established a culture commission to locate and deconstruct toxicology at her university
  • She once called Jeremy Corbyn ex-Labour leader “the white king”

A left-wing student leader who led a campaign against Professor Tim Luckhurst called Jeremy Corbyn ‘the white king’. He suggested that Tories should be dealt with.

Seun Twins said that their goal is to “unravel the unfair power dynamics, which permeate into privilege culture” at the university.

To ‘explore, locate, and eventually deconstruct toxicology at Durham’ she has created a “culture commission”.

Seun Twins, the left-wing student leader behind a campaign to oust a Durham University lecturer, has previously described Jeremy Corbyn as 'the white king' and suggested Tories should be 'dealt with'

Seun Twins, the left-wing student leader behind a campaign to oust a Durham University lecturer, has previously described Jeremy Corbyn as ‘the white king’ and suggested Tories should be ‘dealt with’

Miss Twins, who was elected to the House of Representatives in 2012, called for Tories’ ‘treatment’ by roadmen in an Instagram post. This leak came from her private Instagram account.

Collins dictionary defines Roadman as “a young man who spends a lot time on the streets with a group and may be involved selling drugs.”

She stated that she didn’t condone violence but would sometimes feel the need to just say “We must take these tories South London and let them deal with them” but then you see you’re going to have to be the most charismatic and palatable black girl for their next year. [sic]

Miss Twins has said the union's objective is 'unravelling the unfair power dynamics which permeate into a culture of privilege' at the university. It comes after Professor Tim Luckhurst (pictured), principal of Durham's South College, branded a walkout by woke students 'pathetic' and is now facing investigation

Miss Twins said that the union was formed to “unravel the unjust power dynamics that permeate into privilege culture at the university.” It comes after Professor Tim Luckhurst (pictured), principal of Durham’s South College, branded a walkout by woke students ‘pathetic’ and is now facing investigation

The students staged a walkout during a speech by right-wing journalist Rod Liddle (pictured)

Students staged an uncontrollable protest during Rod Liddle, a right-wing journalist (pictured).

Later, she claimed that the posting was in response to bullying. It was also an expression of how she felt she needed to be presented ‘because racism and sexism.

In her second year of Durham Students’ Union presidency, Miss Twins made it clear where she is politically aligned.

She previously referred to Jeremy Corbyn, former Labour leader, as “the white king”.

Following her senior roles with the Intersectional Feminism Society of Durham and the Durham People Of Colour Association Miss Twins became the president of the Camden School for Girls.