Moment woman driver (66) is pulled from car while it swerves over the edge of NIAGARA LOWS after it crashes into the frozen river.

  • Coast Guard officials pulled the body from a car that was parked near Niagara Falls’ edge Wednesday afternoon, 66-year old woman. 
  • Stephen Watson of Buffalo News reported that the car fell into Niagara River and was located just 100 feet from Niagara Falls. There was water running through the windows. 
  • Emergency crews arrived quickly on the scene and an officer of the Coast Guard was able to descend from a helicopter in order to save the motorist. 


Coast Guard crews airlifted the body of a woman, which was thrashing near Niagara Falls’ edge on Wednesday morning, from her vehicle. 

Videos posted to Twitter documented the horrifying moment Wednesday afternoon, after the woman was stuck in the car about 50 yards from the brink of the Falls for about two hours as snow fell down on the area. It was found on the American side, near Prospect Point in New York.

Officials stated that the woman did not move when they arrived at the scene around noon.  

Coast Guard personnel were able to drop from a helicopter south of the car on wires, cut down the passenger-side doors with an ax, and then free the woman from the car. However, she soon realized that she was already dead. 

WHAM reported that the victim was an elderly woman from Park Police. She may not have done so intentionally or accidentally. 

Crews had begun to remove the vehicle from Falls at 2 p.m., but they said that they don’t believe the car has any evidence value.

Rescue crews arrived on the scene quickly to assess the situation after a car fell into Niagara River on Wednesday afternoon and quickly approached the Falls

After a vehicle fell in the Niagara River Wednesday afternoon, rescue crews quickly arrived at the scene and quickly approached Niagara Falls.

The car was just 100 feet from tumbling over Niagara Falls on Wednesday afternoon when the driver was pulled from the car by a member of the Coast Guard

A Coast Guard member pulled the driver from his car, which was only 100 feet away from falling over Niagara Falls.

The US Coast Guard rescue driver removed the passenger from the car on the brink of the Falls and airlifted the body

US Coast Guard Rescue Driver removed the passenger of the vehicle from the Falls edge and flew the body to safety.

The 66-year-old woman was already dead by the time the Coast Guard crew was able to get her from the car

Coast Guard crews were already able rescue the woman, aged 66 years old.

A member of the Coast Guard prepared to descend into the river in an attempt to free the trapped motorist

In an effort to rescue the driver trapped by the Coast Guard, one Coast Guard member prepared to plunge into the River.

State Park police stated in a conference that witnesses saw the car entering the Goat island water just moments prior to receiving calls about the car floating downstream and getting trapped on rocks.

The river water was washing across the windshield and reaching the bottom of vehicles’ side windows.

Captain Chris Rola explained that the crews were quick to determine, based on the location of the car, that no swift water rescue team could attempt to save it.

He also said that, while the Coast Guard helicopter was waiting to arrive at the scene, park officers used a drone for a visual inspection of the vehicle’s contents and attempted to identify the license plates.

Rola wouldn’t release the victim’s name until Wednesday afternoon when her family received notification of her passing. 

Officials used a drone to determine how many people were in the car, and attempt to get a license plate number

Officials were able to use a drone in order to find out how many passengers were inside the car and obtain a license plate.

Dozens of police officers and firefighters remained on the scene Wednesday afternoon, including a Niagara County sheriff’s helicopter. reports that one state park officer was seen in diving gear.