Boris, have you ever seen him? Boris, the lovelorn Siberian Eagle Owl who escaped from his anklets in search of a mate.

  • Boris is believed to have tried to flee his home by throwing his thick leather leg.
  • Paul Miller from New Forest in Hants is the owner.
  • The 17-year old bird-of-prey vanished last week. It has not returned.
  • Paul raised Boris as a girl and stated: “I have a personal relationship with him.”

Boris, a giant owl has fled his Christmas home to find mate.

Lovelorn Boris, Siberian Eagle Owl and a Siberian Eagle Owl was said to have pulled his leather anklets out of his mouth to escape his New Forest, Hants home. 

Paul Miller is convinced that Boris, a’mischievous” character standing at over 2ft and with 6ft wingspan may be seeking love.

Paul suspects Boris the “big boy” may have given up on his chance to be a big boy because it isn’t due to begin till at least next month.

Paul claims that Boris is missing for more than one week now, which is longer than any time he has ever been before.

He said that he has become increasingly concerned about his 17-year old bird of prey. The chick was hand-reared by him. 

Miller, who lives in Woodlands, near Ashurst said, ‘I have had Boris since I was a little chick. So, I feel a very personal connection with him.

Owner Paul Miller believes 'mischievous' Boris - who stands at 3ft tall with an impressive 6ft wingspan - may be on a quest for love

Paul Miller thinks that Boris, a 3ft tall and 6ft wide man, may be seeking love. 

What exactly is the Siberian eagle-owl? 

The Siberian eagle-owl is one subspecies the Eurasian Eagle Owl.

The Eurasian eagle-owl can be found in western Europe and eastern Asia.

It stands at 2.5 feet tall, and has a wingspan up to 6 inches.

They are thought to number between 250,000-2.5 million wild. The majority of them live in Europe, Russia and Central Asia.

There are twelve subspecies in the Eurasian eagle-owl family, which includes the Siberian.   

Physically, this subspecies is the most distinct of the Eurasian Eagle-owls and it is often referred to as the most striking and beautiful.

This subspecies is one of the palest eagle-owls, featuring off-white feathers and dark markings.

Crown, underparts and hindneck are blackish-streaked with the belly and lower breasts clearly barred.

The heads, shoulders and back are all slightly darker than in other species.

“He had escaped from the forest before. He usually returns to his home when hungry, but this time he disappeared totally.

“I reported him missing at a few rescue centers in the area. 

“Usually, he goes missing only for a few weeks so I am extremely worried right now. 

Boris’ absence for the past week has been more extensive than any other time in his life. Miller is increasingly concerned.

Siberian Eagle Owl is much more attractive than European Eagle Owls and has a lighter colour. 

Boris, 55 years old, was used by the falconry team to perform displays. 

Boris may have sought love months before traditional mating season, Mr Miller said.

He stated that they usually look for a man in January, February or March. It’s early, but he might have decided to begin looking early this year. 

You can distinguish the Siberian Eagle Owl by its orange-yellow eyes. They are often found wild in central Siberia and throughout Mongolia’s Altai mountains range, as well as Northern Mongolia.

These owls are considered to be the most endangered owl species worldwide, as they are becoming increasingly rare and threatened by hunting.

Paul stated that it should not be difficult to identify the Siberian Eagle Owl. These owls are among the most powerful in the world.

“He is big, almost one metre tall with wingspan of nearly two metres.

“He eats mice and chicks.” 

He is calm, friendly and comfortable with people. However, he can get a little mischievous sometimes. 

The Siberian Eagle Owl is widely considered to be one of the most attractive of the Eagle Owls, and is lighter in colour than its European cousin

Siberian Eagle Owls are widely believed to be the most striking Eagle Owls. They have a lighter colour than their European counterparts.

“His anklet is made of thick leather. It takes him quite some time to chew through it.”

Miller explained why he keeps owls instead of more traditional pets such as cats and dogs: “Normal pets are difficult to maintain, but owls can be kept very easily.

“The only problem is that the birds fly away rather than run.” 

Surprisingly, it’s not the first Boris owl to escape.

An Eurasian eagle Owl, four years old, was seen flying from its cage at Battlefield Falconry Centre in Shrewsbury. This led to an appeal for further information.