The 35-year old woman wearing a Santa costume vanished when ‘a group of men in car stopped her walking back home from Christmas Day’.

  • Katarzyan Pawelak (35), also known as Kasia to her friends, is missing since yesterday
  • The last time she was seen, she was wearing a black trench and dress with a Santa outfit.
  • According to the 35-year-old, she is of medium build and 5ft9 with shoulder-length brunette hair.
  • Anybody with any information is asked to call 999, and quote the police log number 694 

There are increasing concerns about a Santa Claus outfit-clad lady who went missing on Christmas Day. She was reported to have been stopped walking by several men. 

Devon and Cornwall Police have issued a photo and description for Katarzyan Pawelak (35), also known as Kasia to her friends.    

She has been reported missing by her 35-year-old mother since yesterday afternoon at 3.30pm. Police in Plymouth made an appeal for her to be found. 

Last seen at Stonehouse in Plymouth wearing a black trench with a dress over it and Santa clothes, and red jacket with black tights. She also wore black Chelsea boots and zips.

A photo and description of Katarzyan Pawelak (pictured), 35, known to her friends as Kasia, has been issued by Devon and Cornwall Police. She has been missing since 3.30pm yesterday and was last seen in Stonehouse, Plymouth

Devon and Cornwall Police issued the following photo and description to Katarzyan Pawelak (pictured), 35. She is also known by her friends as Kasia. Since yesterday afternoon, she has been unaccounted for and was last seen at Stonehouse in Plymouth.

A 35 year-old white female with medium build and straight blonde hair, the woman is described as having a tattoo of angels and devils on her back. 

Kinga Gniadek (her friend) wrote yesterday on Facebook that she was’very vulnerable’, and that her family and friends are ‘growing more concerned’ for her.

In an update to her post, Kinga added ‘Kasia was stopped on Mutley Plain by some men in a car at around 3.30pm while walking home.’

Police have not confirmed this information, but they are asking for anyone that sees her to dial 999.   

Mutley Plain, a built-up area of Plymouth, is about one and a half miles from Stonehouse, another suburb of the city. 

She has recent links to the Stonehouse, Eggbuckland or Mutley area of Plymouth.

The 35-year-old (pictured) is described as a white female of medium build, 5ft9, with shoulder length straight blonde hair and a tattoo on the back of her neck of an angel and devil

This 35-year old woman (pictured below) is described by her as being a white female with medium build and 5ft9 tall, with straight, blonde shoulder-length hair. She also has a tattoo at the back of her neck depicting an angel and devil.

Her friend said in her social media post, which has been widely shared, that people are ‘really worried for Kasia’s well-being’.

Devon and Cornwall Police said today ‘Kasia Pawelak is a high risk missing person, and we have concerns for welfare.

‘Investigations are currently ongoing and if anyone has any information regarding her whereabouts, please contact the police immediately.’

If anyone sees the 35-year-old, or has any information regarding her whereabouts, they are urged to call 999 and quote police log number 694. 

If anyone sees the 35-year-old (pictured), or has any information regarding her whereabouts, they are urged to call 999 and quote police log number 694

Anyone who sees or knows whereabouts of the 35-year old (pictured) is asked to dial 999.