Revealed: A Huntswoman was caught on camera punching and hitting a horse’s face. She is a primary school teacher married to a Pony Club leader, as she is facing an RSPCA probe

  • A shocking video captures a woman kicking and hitting a horse following a hunt event.
  • Incident caught on camera by Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs campaign group
  • RSPCA calls footage ‘upsetting’ while its governing body condemns the actions 

MailOnline can confirm that the female foxhunter, who appeared to be punching and kicking a horse while being filmed was a primary school teacher married who also leads her Pony Club.

The RSPCA is investigating Sarah Moulds (37) from Melton Mowbray (Leicestershire), after the disturbing video was shared more than two millions times online.

Moulds, a mother of two, is a teacher at Somerby Primary School and a director of the Knossington & Somerby Pre-School, Leicestershire.

She is listed on social media as a Pony Club team leader for the Cottesmore branch in Leicestershire.

Hertfordshire Hunt Sabeurs, an anti hunting campaign group, shared video footage of her apparently attacking horse. It was later condemned by UK’s national hunter body.

A female foxhunter who was filmed appearing to punch and kick a horse has been identified as Sarah Moulds, a married primary school teacher who is a team leader of her local Pony Club

Sarah Moulds (a married primary teacher and leader of the Pony Club’s local Pony Club) was the female Foxhunter seen on video appearing to kick and punch a horse.

This is the shocking moment a female rider appears to kick and repeatedly slap a horse after a hunting event organised by Cottesmore Hunt, a group based in Rutland, East Midlands

Here’s the moment when a woman rider seems to repeatedly kick and slap her horse following a Cottesmore Hunt hunt event. The group is based in Rutland.

The footage shows a white horse running from a trailer to its destination before being stopped by a young rider.

The woman, dressed in navy pants and cream breeches, grabs the reins and kicks the horse’s torso before slapping it in the face.

According to the Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs who claim they take ‘nonviolent direct action’ to protect wildlife, the video was shared on their Twitter page by the RSPCA.

On Sunday, they claimed that the incident happened after Saturday’s Cottesmore Hunt. It is considered one of Britain’s oldest hunting events.

Cottesmore Hunt stated that it didn’t condone any of the acts shown in the video “under any circumstance”.

After the outrage over the viral video, the RSPCA confirmed that it will be investigating the incident. 

The woman appears to repeatedly slap the horse in the video

The woman appears to repeatedly slap the horse in the video

RSPCA described the event as “upsetting” and asked for witnesses.

The charity admitted that they were aware and added: ‘This footage was upsetting. Any complaints about animal welfare will be investigated and we will investigate if needed.

“We encourage anyone who has any first-hand information to call 0300 123 4999.

According to ITV, the Hunting Office criticised the video and stated that the man responsible is not a member of its hunting organizations.

The news outlet received a statement from the governing body saying that they expect the best in animal welfare and denounce the actions of an individual who is not part of any hunting association.