The retired lieutenant colonel who was stabbed to death by his wife after a row over bubble and squeak once put a knife to his partner’s throat during a BBQ garden party, their daughter said today. 

Penelope Jackson, aged 66, was taken into custody by police after she stabbed David Jackson (78) three times in their Berrow, Somerset home on February 13, 2018. 

Mrs Jackson had been enjoying a dinner of steak, lobster, crab and lobster for her birthday. But she was unable to control herself after a row about bubble and squeak. 

Today, Isobel Potterton, 31, who is the daughter of Penelope Jackson and the adopted daughter of David Jackson, described three incidents between the pensioner and mother that left her ‘scared’.

She claimed that Jackson once had a knife against her. her mother’s throat at a family garden party and the family had to disarm him.          

Another time, her mother’s nose was bleeding and her father had her pinned against the wall. 

Penelope Jackson, 66, stabbed 78-year-old David Jackson (pictured together), a retired lieutenant colonel, three times in the kitchen of their family home

Penelope Jackson, aged 66, attacked David Jackson, 78, (pictured together), three times in the kitchen at their family home. 

On the fatal night, she also revealed that a row broke out over potatoes, bubble and squeak – and an iPad charger. 

Jackson denies the murder of Bristol Crown Court.

Speaking today, Mrs Potterton recalled one occasion in Germany where her father had been stationed with the army.

She remembered a sudden change of mood among guests before everyone ran to the house and up into her parent’s bedroom.

She said that she could recall her saying something, everyone jumping up and then running into the home.

“Everybody was upstairs at the doorway to mum and dad’s bedroom.

“Dad had a knife to mom’s throat.” She was against the doorway.

She said that Jackson was finally disarmed by his family members.

Mrs Potterton stated that she was taken to stay with friends for a short time after the attack. She then returned to her parents.

She also recalled a time when her father was still fighting with her mother, just as she had just gotten off the bus from primary school in Germany.

“Mum was against the wall in the hallway,” she said. She said her nose was bleeding so dad had her pinned against a wall.

“She was crying. I was told to go upstairs.

Jackson (left with her husband David Jackson) admitted manslaughter of the retired lieutenant colonel but denies murder

Jackson (left) with her husband David Jackson. She admitted manslaughter but denied murder.

Police officers were called to the couple's home in Berrow, Somerset, on February 13 this year

Police officers were called on the couple’s Berrow, Somerset home on February 13, this year

Sketch of Penelope Jackson at Bristol Crown Court, where she admits manslaughter but denies murder

Sketch of Penelope Jackson in Bristol Crown Court. She admits manslaughter, but denies murder. 

She continued: “After that, mum packed 2 suitcases and we went to the hotel that night. She said that they were leaving.

Penelope Jackson told the 999 operator, “I might go to stab him again”: This is what Penelope Jackson said after the attack.

The court also released audio of Jackson’s 999 call, where she is heard telling operators who asked his whereabouts: ‘He is in the kitchen bleeding to death with any luck.’

The defendant grabbed the phone and refused help for her husband, who was lying on the kitchen floor bleeding to death.

She said that she had had enough and killed her husband. I may go back and stab him. I am in the lounge and he is in his kitchen, bleeding to death with any luck.

She said, “He threatened me before but he’s no longer threatening me now.”

She repeatedly informs the operator that she doesn’t want any help from anyone or that she wants to help her husband stop the bleeding.

She added, “I am not doing any thing to help him.” He deserves everything he gets – I accept what is coming my way. It’s possible I will do it again.

“I did it once, then he said “I wouldn’t repeat it” so I did it again. She also told the operator she thought that she had stabbed her heart. However, she added that he doesn’t have one.

But, the pair reconciled the next day and she returned to her family home with her mother.

Mrs Potterton also spoke out about how her father destroyed a cup she had bought for her mother when she was in pre-school.

She said, “He asked me where I found the mug, then he smashed the mug in front of me.”

Mrs Potterton claimed that she organized for the birthday dinner on a Zoom call on February 13, this year.

Because of the lockdown, she had ordered the food in advance so the entire family could eat together.

She said that they had cocktails to get started. “We were all dressed up, it was all good.

Mrs Potterton explained that a dispute among her parents about the lack of potatoes in her pre-prepared food box had resurfaced after the zoom call.

“When they opened it before, I was told my dad had said that there wasn’t much in the box. Then Mum said, “It’s okay, it’s okay, I will get bubble and squeak”

“The meal consisted of the lobster with potatoes and the steak with the broccoli. 

‘Dad was confused as to why you wouldn’t eat potatoes with steak.

“When it came to it, and mum had said something about bubble and sound, dad said that he didn’t want the sound and bubble. Then they had a dispute about who had said the first about the noise and bubble.

“I just rolled mine eyes because I thought, “Oh, they’re being silly.” I tried to keep the conversation moving.

Later, the couple got into another argument when the battery on the iPad they used to group Zoom called ran out.

Mrs Potterton said that they were having a disagreement about not charging.

“Dad” said something along these lines: “Your mum will never admit when you’re wrong.”

“I could see that mum was upset. We just said goodbye and Dad was leaving the room.

Jackson is on trial for the murder of David Jackson after he was stabbed three times at their £300,000 bungalow on February 13 following a meal to celebrate her birthday.

After claiming that she couldn’t bear him after 24 years of marriage, she is accused of murdering the retired colonel using a kitchen knife. She denies murder, but she has admitted to manslaughter.   

The trial continues.