Hyundai developed a four-wheeled robot capable of carrying anything from drinks and parcels to infants and monitors.

Hyundai claims that the Mobile Eccentric Drroid (MobED robot) has a flat, low-body design which is great for handling’stability’ and ‘high manoeuvrability’ tasks. 

The device will officially be unveiled in January at the Consumer Electronics Show 2022, in which it will demonstrate its ability to perform tasks in challenging and complex environments.

A promotional video of the device shows it carrying a baby, crossing hills and being loaded up with champagne bottles. 

Hyundai explained MobED, which measures 26ins in length, is 110lb, and could be used as a’mobility aid for the elderly or handicapped’. 

Hyundai has yet to release pricing information for the device and Hyundai cannot say when it’ll be available commercially. 

The Mobile Eccentric Droid (MobED) has been developed with a low and flat body that is perfect for 'stability and high manoeuvrability' tasks, said South Korea-based Hyundai

South Korean Hyundai said that the Mobile Eccentric Droid, or MobED for short, has a flat design which allows it to be used in’stability/high manoeuvrability’ tasks.


Länge: 26 in (67 cm).

Width: 23 Inches (60cm)

Height: 13 inches (33 cm).

Weighing: 110lb (50kg)

HubbaseFor optimal stability when driving at high speeds, the wheelbase can be extended to 25 in (65 cm).

The scaled down version is 17 in (45 cm), which can be used to maneuver low speeds in difficult environments. 

Speed: 18.6mph (30kmh)

Capacity of batteries: 2kWh

Maximum runtimeThe time is approximately four hours 

To allow multiple use, it has a rectangular, flat body. The vehicle rides on four large wheels and is equipped with an independent suspension.

Hyundai engineers explained that this allows for stable movements and optimal body posture, even when the road is uneven or inclined. 

This allows the platform to maneuver through urban areas with ease by freely adjusting its wheelbase and steering angle.  

Dong Jin Hyun (Head of Hyundai Motor Group Robotics Laboratories) stated, “We developed the MobED Platform to overcome limitations of existing indoor guides and service robots while maximizing its usability within cities.” 

“We also look ahead to see how MobED users will expand their use of this technology.”

You will find a variety of innovative technologies in it, such as an Eccentric Wheel drive, high-tech steering and breaking systems, and altitude control.

This allows the vehicle to adjust and realize its best position on various road surfaces and environmental conditions without the need for human intervention or new wheels. 

Each wheel has three motors that provide precise steering and power to the wheels. The body also gets greater control over its posture thanks to these motors. 

It has been designed with a flat, rectangular body to allow for multiple uses, and rides on four large wheels with an independent suspension

To allow multiple use, it has a rectangular, flat body. Rides on 4 large wheels and an independent suspension

In-place rotation, as well as omnidirectional movement were possible with individual power and steering control. This was explained by the company in a press statement.

This allows for highly effective mobility even in narrow situations, they added. 

The Eccentric wheel drive regulates body posture by stabilizing the body position and adjusting each wheel’s height to match the terrain. 

MobED’s 12-inch pneumatic tires absorb vibrations and bumps to allow it to transport even delicate payloads.

This enables 'optimal body posture and stable movement even on inclined and uneven roads,' Hyundai engineers explained

Hyundai engineers explain that this allows for a ‘optimal body position and stable movement on uneven and inclined roads’.

In a promotional video for the device, it can be seen carrying a baby, and crossing a hill while loaded with a pyramid of glasses filled with champagne

The device’s promotional video features a pregnant woman carrying her baby while she carries a stack of champagne glasses.

Hyundai states that the device is flexible and modular, which allows for it to be used in multiple ways.

When moving fast, the wheelbase can reach 25 inches and then shrinks to 17 in when you are traversing on more difficult terrain.

This gives it more versatility, so you can either use the vehicle at speed in flat, consistent environments or slow down on unexpected terrain, regardless of its payload.  

Hyundai claims that the platform will be a great technology choice for delivery, guiding, and filming. 

It has been designed with a flat, rectangular body to allow for multiple uses, and rides on four large wheels with an independent suspension

To allow multiple use, it has a rectangular, flat body. Rides on 4 large wheels and an independent suspension

It stated in a press release that the platform is capable of supporting service robots operating indoors or outdoors because it has exceptional manoeuvrability.

MobED is expected to become a mobility aid for elderly people and the disabled in the near future. But, first it will need to increase its size.

They believe that it can be used for a stroller, or as a leisure vehicle.

Hyundai isn’t the only one who wants to pursue personal mobility. Both Toyota and Honda have invested in such devices. 


Boston Dynamics’ Spot was the first robot dog to be demonstrated by Boston Dynamics in November 2017.

Spot is a lighter version of the Atlas robot (5 feet 9in (1.7m)).

A robotic dog was seen running around in a backyard, and the company promised that they would provide more details soon.

According to the company’s website, Spot is a four-legged robotic assistant that can be placed in an office environment or at home.

The robot arm is included and it weighs in at 25kg (55 lb), while the total weight of the machine is 30 kg (66lb).

Spot runs on all-electric power and lasts for around 90 minutes depending on its task. According to the company, Spot boasts that it is “the quietest robot” they have ever built. 

Spot first debuted in 2016. A previous mini-version of spot, with strangely extended necks, was seen helping around the home. 

The robot appears to be entering a home in the video that was previously released by the company.

This helps you load your dishwasher. It also takes your trash can.

The animal also encounters a banana peel that is dropped, and it falls hard. But the extendable neck of its body helps to propel itself up. 

The firm claims that Spot is the quietest robot they have built due to its electric motors.

It has many sensors including depth cameras and an IMU (solid state gyro) as well as proprioception sensors within the limbs. 

These sensors aid in navigation and mobile manipulation. 

Spot performs certain tasks by itself, but this is not always the case. Spot often needs high-level guidance.