As police chase suspected catalytic conversion gang, a masked male throws threatening power tools at them.

  • Police chase: Masked man throws power tool at officers and car hits them with it
  • An incident took place in Greater Manchester just after 2:20pm on December 15. 
  • Following a string of armed thefts and a spate of arrests, the police pursued a suspect catalytic conversion gang.

Following a chase through Oldham & Rochdale, the gang of suspects ‘prolific thieves’ hurled power tools at officers. They then rammed their car.

It happened just after 2:20 p.m. on Union Street in Greater Manchester. 

According to officers, the VW Jetta seen in the video — which had false plates — is believed to have been linked in some way with the catalytic converter thefts that took place in seven Greater Manchester Boroughs.

Manchester, Salford and Bury were the targets of these thieves. 

Officers saw the vehicle on December 15. They then pursued the vehicle across Oldham and Rochdale until it was abandoned.

A masked man wielding what appears to be an electric power drill hurls the tool at a police car in Greater Manchester

Unidentified male in mask carries an apparently electric power drill and throws it at police cars in Greater Manchester

The man had jumped from a grey Volkswagen during a police chase of a suspected catalytic converter gang

During a chase by police for a suspected catalytic convert gang, the man jumped out of his gray Volkswagen.

The power tool bounced off the police car's windscreen and bonnet and the officers were able to continue the chase

Officers were able continue their chase after the power tool bounced off of the bonnet and windscreen of the police vehicle. 

After being accidentally run over by the grey car's open door the masked man bundles himself back into the car

The masked man, after being run over accidentally by the open car’s grey door, bundles up and gets back in the car

The grey car then once again speeds away as the police give chase in footage released by Greater Manchester Police

The police then chase the car as it speeds along, while the grey vehicle continues to speed away in footage released today by Greater Manchester Police

According to a spokesperson from the police, after the chase lasted 10 minutes, the car was finally abandoned.

After a number of reports about catalytic conversion thefts in recent times, one of their officers observed a suspect Volkswagen Jetta.

The car, which is believed to be on cloned plate plates, was said to have been involved at these late-breaking incidents.

“During pursuit, the VW Jetta driver tried to smash the police vehicle while the passenger in a balaclava toss a metal object (believed to be a powertool) towards the car of the officer.

“No arrests were made, and investigators continue to investigate the thefts of converters by brazen thieves in broad daylight while holding weapons and wearing masks to intimidate victims.

We urge anyone with information on the thefts and the identities of those involved to contact police.

You can send details to GMP online or by calling 101, quoting incident 1373 from December 15. 

Information can also be anonymously passed on to Crimestoppers at 0800555111