I can do HAMstands! Piglet born on two legs learns how to walk on its front legs

  • This pig in Maoming (southern China) learned to walk vertically with its front legs.
  • The four-month old swine couldn’t get used to its wheelchair.
  • Farmer Xu shared this clip on October 26th and stated that he will keep his pig as a pet.

A piglet with two legs was born and has learned to walk on its forelimbs.  

The four-month old female pig is seen in this video, which was filmed in Maoming Guangdong, south China. It can be seen walking and balancing on its front legs.

This clip was shared October 26, and shows the pink and black-haired pig pottering in a farm yard, balancing a chicken alongside its front trotters.

The video, filmed in Maoming, Guangdong, southern China, shows a 4-month-old female pig managing to balance and walk around freely with its two front legs

The video was filmed in Maoming Guangdong, south China. It shows a 4-month-old female porc balancing on her front legs and moving freely.

Local media reports claim that Xu, a farmer, originally designed a wheelchair to help his pig.

But the unnamed swine refused to give up and continued to walk on its two feet.

As the little piglet walks around the pen, its body is at a diagonal angle.

The piglet is said to be very healthy and farmer Xu will be keeping her as a pet

The piglet is healthy and farmer Xu plans to keep her as a pet.

Farmer Xu said that the pig was in good health and will keep it as a pet. 

This isn’t the first time a pig with two legs has caught peoples’ attention. A 10-month-old pig from China’s Henan Province became an unlikely celebrity in 2010.

Known by villagers as Zhu Jianqiang, which translates to ‘Strong-willed pig’, the animal took only 30 days to master the art of walking upside down.

That'll do, pig: Wang said it took Zhu just 30 days to master the art of walking upside down

It’ll be fine, pig: Wang stated that Zhu took only 30 days to master the art and skill of walking upside-down.

Its owner, Wang Xihai, decided to train the piglet by holding up its tail.

A circus offered a high-priced pig for sale, but he refused.

He said: ‘My wife asked me to dump it but I refused as it’s a life. I thought it was worth a try and it miraculously survived.