The iPhone 11 was my due date. It arrived and I found eight screws inside the box along with my Sim card.

Sky was unable to find the telephone so it had to chase DPD for weeks.

The company admits the wrong weight of the parcel, but it won’t answer any simple questions. They have closed the case and are now demanding monthly payments.

Help me prove I don’t have this phone. I’ve been to the police, who have begun an investigation. Sky advised that the phone was turned on. However, it couldn’t give me the exact location. It also admitted it was not with the Sim card sent with the phone. L.P., via email

A Sky customer was delivered a box full of screws instead of his ordered iPhone 11

Sky customers received a box of screws in place of their iPhone 11.

Grace Gausden is a consumer expert from This is Money. Sky made you crazy after you claimed that the iPhone you ordered was never delivered.

You ordered an Apple iPhone 11 64GB on a 36 month contract in October for £20.12 per month. You also received a Sky 6GB Data Sim.

However, after receiving the package but not the phone, you became confused.   

Sky and DPD were contacted by the courier to discuss the matter. They said they would launch an investigation to determine if action should be taken. 

Add the parcel that weighed 186g to the total package, not 1.04 kg certified by DPD. 

The situation was confirmed by the Vodafone Sim after several weeks of research.

Your complaint was taken into consideration by the company, who blacklisted it, meaning that calls, text messages, and data cannot be sent to the device.

Sky suggested that you report the theft to police and they will investigate.


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It finally returned and stated that it could not help but believe you had the device.

As a result, it asked you to pay the monthly contract which would have cost you a total of £724.32. 

You’ve been a customer of Sky’s for eight years paying almost £100 a month for TV and broadband and were infuriated when the firm said you had to pay the three year contract you have taken out.

You cancelled Sky TV and broadband because it cost too much.

Sky was contacted to confirm that the call had been received.

Sky spokeswoman said that they were sorry to have caused Mr P distress by the delivery problem. Both our investigation as well as DPD’s confirm that the parcel arrived in good condition and was unopened at delivery.

“We have also sent Mr P a new iPhone as a gesture to show our goodwill.

Sky said it also credited one-month’s Sky TV bills to your account in a gesture that was deemed a token of its goodwill. 

Although you received an apology form Sky, the company was able to send you the correct phone and you have been able get it. 

A Hermes customer was left frustrated after it lost his parcel containing a mobile phone

After a Hermes customer lost his mobile phone, he was frustrated

Hermes will not repay me even though I lost my parcel

I recently upgraded my mobile and decided to sell my old one on Facebook Marketplace for £200. Unrelated to my immediate area, a buyer contacted me offering to pay shipping and buy the device.

This is something I wouldn’t normally do. However, I looked online for Hermes and was able to drop it off at my local shop so it could deliver it. Which I did.

The parcel didn’t appear to have moved at all. I was following its progress on the website. It was not received by me so I called it.

The email said that the item was lost, and it would send me a claim form and a reimbursement to the recipient. After a number of weeks and after I had provided details, it came back and gave me £20 plus the cost of the delivery at £3.85.

The insurance company claimed that I should have purchased insurance in order to prevent them from losing my parcel, but it seems unbelievable to me. J.B., via email

Grace answers:Hermes might lose your property without you purchasing insurance, which seemed totally unfair.

Receiving just £23.85, instead of the £200 value of the Huawei P30 Pro, was insulting and you were shocked this was all it was willing to do.

Hermes refused to refund my full payment and explained how the phone was lost in transit.

Hermes spokeswoman said that they had spoken to Mr B in an effort to apologize for the inconvenience caused and to offer him a token of our good will to pay the bill.

The delivery of ‘Hermes parcels is successful at over 2 million per day. Loss is very rare. 

‘Items sent through the network automatically come with £20 cover as standard and like every other carrier Hermes offers its customer the option to add additional cover for high value items for a small fee.’

While you now have the money back, the buyer is still left without a phone and it has not been confirmed whether she received the £200 back. 

Hermes does not cover certain items, such as laptops and televisions. It is possible to check the website for information about which products are included or excluded.  

Annoyed: An Expedia customer was left frustrated after she was charged twice for hotel stays

Expedia Customer Annoyed by Double Hotel Stay Charges

It’s not all bad: The nice and naughty lists for this week

Every week I review companies who have not met expectations and those that go above and beyond for their customers.

Miss: This week ExpediaChristine, a customer, has criticised it.

“I booked a Travelodge room through Expedia to go to Twickenham’s England Rugby game in November. I received confirmation for the correct hotel from Expedia after paying £132.76 including cancellation insurance.

However, we received no confirmation upon our arrival. The central booking department was directed to me. I was told the booking had been made for the Travelodge at Greenwich so I had to book and pay for another room at Hounslow costing £102.49.

“When I got back home, I called Expedia to request a refund. 

“Today, I was informed that Travelodge booked an incorrect hotel booking. However, the booking wasn’t refundable. Expedia wouldn’t refund me and Travelodge won’t refund Expedia.

Expedia and Travelodge made this decision very unfair. You weren’t the one who booked the incorrect hotel. Also, you had taken out insurance to cover you in the event you need to cancel.

Expedia refused to issue a refund when it knew the error wasn’t yours.  

Expedia spokeswoman stated that Expedia values customer service and apologizes for any inconvenience caused.

“We’re working closely with our hotel partners to make sure this doesn’t happen again. We can confirm that the customer will be refunded in full for all bookings.

Although you’ll soon receive your money back, it was frustrating that you were forced to confront the companies over this error. 

Hit:John, reader, praised torch-company in happy news Ledlenser.

He stated that he had owned one of Ledlesner’s P7 torchers for many years, and it was well beyond warranty.

“The switch was now defective, so I wrote Ledlenser asking if I could buy a new one.

“I received a response almost instantly to inform me that they would send me a replacement cap and battery case free of cost. This was quite impressive.

Good customer service is a good thing.  

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