I don’t know what image of unbridled hypocrisy and sickening privilege made me more irritable.

The 400 private jets that parked at Scottish airports were world leaders, royalty, and billionaires. They gushed more carbon in 24 hours than most people will in a lifetime to arrive at Cop26. They also preached that everyone must make a change in their lives to reach Net Zero by 2050.

Or the Insulate Britain criminals who spied on the roads again, this time in Manchester to stop more hardworking Brits getting to work, taking their kids school, or going to hospital. These eco-terrorists haven’t even attempted to insulate the homes of their families.

That’s just the beginning of Flop26’s maddening spectacle over the past 48-hours.

The parade of 400 private jets parked up at Scottish airports as world leaders, royalty and billionaires gushed out more carbon within a 24-hour period than most of us will in a lifetime

As world leaders, royalty, billionaires and other high-profile individuals, the parade of 400 private aircrafts parked at Scottish airports gushed more carbon in a 24-hour period than most people will in a lifetime.

Hyperbolic statements about the end-of-the world were made to terrorize our children by the great and good. There was a sweary display by Greta Thunberg, the omnipresent, sulky teen Greta Thunberg. No shows from Russia and China. The Archbishop of Canterbury compared the climate debate to Nazi appeasement. Prince Charles is now blatantly getting into politics by demanding a massive military-style campaign to reduce greenhouse gasses.


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I would even go as far as to say that there’s never been more disconnect between everyday Brits with the political, business, and media elites determined to tell us what to do, while not changing anything about their own lives.

All of this is because I am a passionate environmentalist.

I spent a lot my youth as a 1980s Kiwi Thunberg wannabe. Writing songs and campaigning for the Ozone Layer hole that would lead us to our inevitable demise, you may recall.

Yup, I was one those scared kids back then who listened with terror to the environmental doomsday traders.

But guess what? The Ozone hole has actually shrunk in recent decades due to moderate changes in chlorofluorocarbons in spray cans and refrigerants. 

The warnings by the hysterical campaigners failed to scare the world.

There have been hyperbolic statements about the end of the world designed to terrify our children from the great and the good, including a sweary display from that omnipresent sulky teen Greta Thunberg

Hyperbolic statements about the end-of-the world have been made to terrorize our children, including a sweary display by Greta Thunberg, an omnipresent sulky teen.

The Archbishop of Canterbury compared the climate debate to Nazi appeasement

The Archbishop and Archbishop of Canterbury compared climate debate to Nazi appeasement

This is where you would expect the so-called independent British broadcast media to step in to provide some perspective to Cop26 proceedings.

Chance would be a great thing.

Jon Snow, a Channel 4 News anchor, tweeted that Jon Snow was hysterical on his way to the summit. ‘En route (sic) to COP26 – trees & branches affected by climate change have slowed down our rail journey – although the branches have been cleared, we are still doing 5mph – What irony! What a message! We must change! We must change!

Is a so-called impartial broadcaster really trying claim that branches have never fallen onto train tracks because of storms before the so called ‘climate emergency?

Sky News’ sneering coverage is not surprising considering that they are Cop26’s official sponsors and also run a terrible daily climate show.

But I’d like to see one of their journalists question the company’s own chief executive Dana Strong, who spent the first half of the year commuting to her job in London from Philadelphia in the US via – you guessed it – private jet!

Sky was able to defend the 3,500-mile transatlantic commute despite having to force its own TV dramas into including electric cars and excluding meat.

A spokesperson for the company stated that many CEOs of multinational companies have their own schedules which make it appropriate to use different modes. It is important to balance this, which is why we offset carbon emission caused by Sky employees’ business travel.

Translation: We’re telling viewers to stop taking holidays and to reduce meat consumption. But if you’re wealthy, you don’t have to change a thing.

Cordelia Rowlatt, sister of Justin, was among dozens of Insulate Britain protesters named on a National Highways injunction that would allow courts to jail repeat offenders

Cordelia Rowlatt (sister to Justin) was one of dozens of Insulate Britain protesters listed on a National Highways Injunction that would allow courts and courts to jail repeat offenders

Sky’s own research shows that Sky’s viewers are put off by blaming, preaching, guilt-tripping and fear-mongering when it comes to the environment. Instead, they want broadcasters to lead by example’.

The hypocrisy is outlandish.

Ursula Von der Leyen, president of the European Commission, should have been laughed at by the room, as she called the summit a moment of truth for the planet. She is a private plane addict and once used one to travel only 31 miles.

The most alarming aspect was the full-fledged BBC Climate Campaign masquerading itself as journalism.

Justin Rowlatt (Corporation’s climate editor), an anti-Trump protestor whose sister was one of the Insulate Britain zealots who were arrested for blocking roads, perhaps best illustrates this.

His ‘interview with’ the Prime Minister turned into a shouting match with Boris Johnson, clearly exasperated, looking at his advisers on a variety of occasions.

Rowlatt shouted in one exchange: “You’re going to China saying ‘phaseout coal’, but not excluding a new coal mine here in Britain. A new coal mine in Britain We are the ones who started the industrial revolution. We need to close the mines.

A tweet sent by Channel 4 broadcaster Jon Snow on his way to the summit in Glasgow

Jon Snow, Channel 4 broadcaster, sent this tweet on his way up to the summit in Glasgow  

What the hell happened to BBC reporters who kept their highly controversial political opinions to themselves?

Rowlatt continued his tirade as the PM tried unsuccessfully to respond. He said: “Why don’t you just say, We’re just not going open this coal mine.” Let’s be clear about the coal mine. The Chinese will simply say, “We can’t take him seriously.”

So the BBC is now campaigning for the closure of all British coal mines…

Rowlatt said, after the PM tried to move on: “I’m sorry to continue to bang on over the coal. But the point is, it makes it look, no, it makes it look a little weaselly not answering that coal question.

Boris replied, “Sorry, I answered the coal question.”

He should have ended the interview by saying: “If you want to ask questions as a journalist, fine. But I’m here not to be hectored or criticized by a BBC campaigner. That’s not your damn job.”

This was what was going to happen after the Corporation declared that the issue of climate change was resolved and that its staff did not need to represent both sides of the argument. It gave its journalists permission to hector.

Media should focus on one topic this week: How to address China, the world’s biggest carbon emitter. Xi Jinping was not even there.

Prince Charles blatantly waded into politics yet again by demanding a 'vast military-style campaign' to reduce emissions

Prince Charles has blatantly entered politics again, demanding a vast military-style campaign’ to reduce emissions

Much of the discussion will be futile if there is no change in this horrible communist regime, which is building 43 more coal-fired power stations and will soon be responsible to more than a quarter of global carbon emissions.

I challenge the Insulate Britain loons and to book a flight from London to Shanghai or Beijing to try to block a Chinese street.

I can tell you that they would have to deal with more than just a few ink stains or an angry Essex mother.

A reminder to BBC: The UK now accounts for less than 1% of global carbon emissions. Our carbon emissions have fallen faster that any other country in the G20.

If you ask Brits to fundamentally transform their way of life, it is far easier to address the topic of China’s lack of action.

Boris and Beeb should be aware that although most people want to protect the environment, we have not agreed to make major, unnecessary, and very expensive changes in our lives.

This position will only get worse as the Cop26 hypocrites fly out of Glasgow tonight in private jets to the next glamorous location.