Arkansas iHop publishes message blaming President Obama for closing down the store’s hours.

  • “Due to Biden giving out too many free money, nobody wants to go to work anymore. The sign at the iHop Arkansas said, “We are forced to cut our hours during the week.”
  • This sign was placed because the Biden administration claimed that employers added only 210,000 jobs to November, which is below economists’ predictions.
  • There were mixed reactions to the sign. Some applauded iHop for being direct while others felt that frustration was misplaced.
  • A person sent a tweet saying that they support the chain due to their honesty. Our family of six will be stopping by.

Arkansas’ iHop slammed Joe Biden with an in-store notice. It blamed Joe Biden’s Covid-era unemployment policies as causing ‘nobody to want(ing) work anymore’.

A customer at a Wasilla iHop restaurant posted a snap of the sign, which blamed Biden for the restaurant having to cut back hours, and shared their disappointment at the chain’s political stance.

On Twitter, they wrote, “Hello, iHop. My family and I genuinely love going to your restaurants.” “But, if this is corporate practice, then I suppose we won’t go back to your restaurants anymore.” We are a small, close-knit family and don’t really matter. But we cannot eat in a restaurant that encourages this behavior. 

It stated that Biden had given out too much money, and no one wants to work any more. This week, we are required to cut our work hours. 

A customer at a Wasilla iHop restaurant (pictured) posted a snap of a sign that blamed Biden for the restaurant having to cut back hours and said they are not planning on returning

The photograph shows a customer who went to a Wasilla iHop and posted a picture of a sign blaming Biden. They said that the restaurant had cut hours, but they were not returning. 

On the sign, it stated that on weekdays, the restaurant was only open from 7 to 5pm; weekends were closed at 7 to 10pm.

Sign was put up by Biden’s administration as employers claimed they had only added 210,000 jobs to November.

Even though economists had predicted that this number would be lower, the White House stated it was a signal that America was returning to work. 

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, latest data suggests that companies remain cautious when it comes to hiring.

Before the Omicron version of COVID-19 was announced in the U.S., the Department of Labor compiled the data.

Even so, Biden claimed that unemployment has fallen faster than any president during his first term.

It was at 4.2 percent, which is the lowest rate since the start of the coronavirus epidemic. In October, it was 4.6%.

American has regained 83 percent of its jobs that were lost to the pandemic. 

The U.S. economy added just 210,000 jobs in November, which is 340,000 below the expected 550,000 jobs, in a sign that companies are still wary of the coronavirus pandemic

In November the U.S. added only 210,000 jobs to its economy, 340,000 less than the 550,000 expected. This is a signal that businesses are still concerned about the possible coronavirus pandemic.

There have been mixed online reactions to the sign, some applauding iHop for being direct and others expressing frustration at its inappropriateness. 

“Hey iHop. My family and I don’t usually eat breakfast out, but I will make it a priority to support your company because you dare talk the truth while it’s been silenced,’ one supporter tweeted. 

‘Yeah. Signs posted at restaurant doors are always a red flag to me. I’m ready to walk away from such anti-worker, entitled nonsense if I see one. The sign was criticized by another person who tweeted that it is against their will. 

One person tweeted they will stop by to support the chain for their honesty: ‘Kudos to iHop for being truthful and not freaking woke. Consider our 6 members of the family stopping by.

One person also tweeted saying that Biden should pay more to the restaurant and not blame him for it. Raising your wages is iHop. People are changing their priorities. Working for minimum wage without taxes in a time of pandemic with no benefits is not the attraction you may think. The job market has 800K people dead. It’s time to step up. 

It isn’t the first time that management has displayed signs in their offices blaming the government over worker shortages. 

In July a Taco Loco in Folsom posted a slow service sign after struggling to find enough workers at the popular restaurant.

This sign says: “To our loyal clients. Unfortunately, no one is willing to work due to state and government handouts. We are therefore short of staff.

“Please take time to be kind to our employees who have chosen to arrive at work today to assist you.

At the time restaurant owners said they were struggling to find the staff die to the  government’s COVID handouts that were leaving people unwilling to work for less than they could be making on unemployment.