Chris Rock told his Boston audience on Wednesday night that he was still processing being hit on the face by Will Smith during his performance of comedy. This is his first public statement following the Sunday incident.

Dressed all in white, Rock, 57, took to the stage at the Wilbur Theatre and asked the excited crowd: ‘Sooooo, how was your weekend?!?’

As he took the stage to perform, the comedian from South Carolina received a standing ovation. 

‘Let me be all misty and s***,’ he said, with tears in his eyes.

‘I don’t have a bunch of s*** to say about that, so if you came here for that…’ he said, and paused.

“I’d written a complete show prior to this weekend. 

‘I’m still processing what happened, so at some point I’ll talk about that s***. I’ll take it seriously. While it’ll be humorous, right now, I will tell some jokes.

He spoke shortly after it emerged that Smith was asked to leave the Oscars after hitting Rock but refused.

According to the Academy, he refused to follow the directives of Dawn Hudson and David Rubin (the president) on Wednesday and had also violated the Academy’s code of conduct.

After Rock joked about Smith’s wife, Rock led the actor of 53 years to take to the stage.

Soon after Smith received the award for best actor, he went up to receive his statuette and was greeted with a standing ovation by many of his peers.

Chris Rock is pictured on Wednesday evening arriving at the Wilbur Theatre in Boston ahead of his sold-out show

Chris Rock arrives at Boston’s Wilbur Theatre on Wednesday night ahead of his sell-out performance

Will Smith slapped Chris Rock onstage at the Oscars Sunday after the comedian made a joke about his wife Jada Pinkett Smith. The Academy revealed on Wednesday that Smith was asked to leave, but refused

After Jada Pinkett Smith’s joke, Will Smith got on stage with Chris Rock and slapped him. Smith refused to go, according to the Academy on Wednesday.

Rock looked downbeat amid the drama, which overshadowed the Oscars and deeply divided Hollywood. Smith apologized to him on Monday night, but Rock is yet to respond

Rock was downbeat during the drama which overshadowed Oscars, deeply divided Hollywood. Smith offered to apologize to Rock on Monday night. Rock has yet to reply.

The 57-year-old did not say anything to the waiting reporters as he arrived at the venue

As he reached the venue, the 57-year old did not speak to any reporters.

Many expressed support for the South Carolina-born comedian, saying that Smith was out of order when he marched onto stage and hit Rock for joking about his wife's alopecia

Many people supported Smith’s South Carolina-born comedy.

Others have condemned Rock for joking about Jada Pinkett Smith's condition, which is when the autoimmune system attacks the scalp and causes hair loss

Rock was criticized by others for making fun of Jada Pinkett’s condition. This is where the autoimmune system attacks your scalp, causing hair loss.

Dawn Hudson, CEO of the Academy, asked Smith to leave but he refused

David Rubin, the president, joined Hudson to request the actor exit the theatre, but Smith ignored them

Dawn Hudson (CEO of Academy) asked Smith and David Rubin to be gone. Smith did not respond to their requests.

Shortly after the slap, Will added a comment to his own Instagram post, quipping: 'You can't invite people from Philly or Baltimore nowhere'

Will posted a comment on his Instagram account shortly afterwards, saying: ‘You don’t have people from Philly, Baltimore, or anywhere else.

Statement of The Academy in Full 

Today, the Board of Governors initiated discipline proceedings against Mr. Smith because of violations of the Academy’s Standards of Conduct. This includes inappropriate physical contact and abusive or threatening behaviour. It also threatens the integrity of Academy.

As per the Academy’s Standards of Conduct and California law, Mr. Smith has been given at least 15 days notice of the vote concerning his violations and sanctions. In addition, he will have the chance to reply in writing. The Academy can take any discipline action at the April 18 board meeting, including suspension, expulsion or other penalties permitted under the Bylaws.

The 94th Oscars was a shocking and traumatic experience for all who were there. We are sorry Mr. Rock for the trauma you endured on stage. Our guests, nominees and viewers are also sincerely sorry for the events that occurred during this event.

The events unfolded as we couldn’t have predicted. We would like to make it clear that Mr. Smith refused to attend the ceremony, but we recognize that we could have done things differently.

Wednesday’s statement by the Academy stated that they had initiated disciplinary actions against Smith. It also confirmed Smith’s refusal to give up his seat. Rock was also offered an apology.

TMZ reported that Smith was asked to resign by David Rubin who is the President of the Academy and Dawn Hudson the CEO. 

According to two sources, Hudson and Rubin were furious at Smith and that there was a lot of shouting and heated conversation backstage afterward with Smith’s reps. 

A source claimed that Academy officials were “apoplectic.” 

Rock will perform his first Boston show on Wednesday, his first since the incident, and has yet to reply to Smith’s accusations or apologize.

According to their statement, the Board of Governors initiated disciplinary proceedings against Mr. Smith in light of his violations of the Academy’s Standards of Conduct. These include inappropriate physical contact with others and aggressive or threatening behavior.

‘Mr. Smith was not asked to attend the ceremony, and he refused. [but]We also acknowledge that we could have done things differently. 

Smith will get 15-day notice about a vote, as well as the opportunity to respond by writing.

The Academy might take any action permitted by the Bylaws or Standards of Conduct at its next meeting on April 18.

Smith accepted the award and apologized to Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, whose members elect the winners, but did not offer an apology to Rock.

Smith laughed at the initial attack and posted on Instagram Sunday night: “You cannot invite people from Philly, Baltimore or anywhere else!”

Smith apologized to Rock for his actions, but the gravity of the situation was obvious.

He claimed that his behaviour was unacceptable and unexcusable, and that it left him feeling embarrassed.

Chris wrote that he would like to apologize publicly for his actions.

“It was outlandish and wrong. It is embarrassing that my actions did not portray the man I aspire to become. 

It is not possible to live in a world that values love and violence.  

Smith brushed off a tumultuous night by partying to celebrate the greatest achievement of his career: Best Actor at the Oscars

Smith was able to get through a turbulent night with a party, celebrating the most important achievement of his professional life: the Best Actor award at the Oscars

Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith showed a united front after the row with Rock overshadowed his Oscar win

After the drama with Rock dominated his Oscar win, Jada Pinkett Smith was joined by Will Smith.

In the time since Smith’s death, Smith was more often condemned.  

Wanda Sykes was Oscars cohost and slammed Academy. Sykes called the Academy’s actions “gross” for allowing Smith in theaters. Sykes also said Smith made her feel ‘physically sick’. 

‘It was sickening,’ Sykes said in a televised interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. 

“I felt physically ill, and it still traumatizes me.”  

Sykes claimed to Ellen that Ellen was coming back from the trailer, when the slap took place. 

When she reached backstage to see Will, all was still quiet. It was then that I realized, “What, ?!”,” 

Sykes also said that she felt sick when Sykes saw the replay of the video. 

Smith accepted his Oscar, and was allowed to continue the show. 

Oscars co-host Wanda Sykes slammed the Academy for allowing Smith to remain in the theater Sunday after he slapped Chris Rock, a display she said made her feel 'physically ill'

Wanda Sykes was Oscars’ cohost and criticized the Academy for allowing Smith into the theatre Sunday, after Chris Rock slapped her. Sykes said that it left her feeling ‘physically sick’.

Sykes told Ellen she was returning to the theater from her trailer when the slap happened. She walked into a silent theater and had the same question others did, 'what is happening'

Sykes said to Ellen that she was going back from her trailer and when the slap occurred. Sykes walked in to a silent theatre and asked Ellen the same questions as others, “What is it?”

Sykes stated to Ellen that Smith had to be removed immediately after Rock slapped him.

‘For them to let him stay in that room and enjoy the rest of the show and accept his award…. “How disgusting is that?” I thought. I was like, “How gross is this?” she replied.  

“This is the wrong message. If you assault someone, you are escorted from the building and that is it. 

I found it gross that they would allow him to continue. I wanted to be able run out after he won and say, ‘Unfortunately, Will couldn’t be here tonight…’ 

Sykes made her debut as a host alongside Amy Schumer, Regina Hall, and Rock Sunday night. She said that Smith had apologized, but she pointed out, “No one has ever apologized for us.”

‘We worked really hard to put that show together — so I’m like, what the hell is this?,’ Sykes said.

Sykes stated to DeGeneres that he and his family were hosting the event. 

“And that was the hardest part. 

Sykes stated that the only person she claimed she owed an apology to was her husband. 

She said that Rock had told her that she was sorry that Rock ran into her at the party.

“I was thinking, “Why are you apologizing?” It was meant to have been your night, Amy and Regina. Now, it’s all going to come down to this. 

She made her comments just hours after Amy Schumer, a fellow host, commented on the episode. Schumer said that she was’still triggered by and traumatized” by the “disturbing” moment.

Schumer, 40 years old, shared a message to her Instagram account early Wednesday morning in which she said that she still feels the effects of the altercation on stage.

She wrote that she was still traumatized and triggered on Instagram Wednesday morning. 

“I love Chris Rock. I think he was a great friend. He stayed strong and awarded Questlove an Oscar. It was so distressing. 

‘So much pain in Will Smith… 

“Anyway, I am still shocked and devastated. I am proud of my cohosts and myself. Yes. It’s impossible to wait for that sickening feeling we saw all around us to pass. 

Schumer, who is close to Rock over many years, tried to make fun of it by asking the audience whether she’d’missed any’. She also noted that there was a ‘different vibe’ in her host duties when Smith hit Rock. 

Shocking: Oscars co-host Amy Schumer said she is 'still triggered and traumatized' after Will Smith stormed onto the stage and slapped Chris Rock on Sunday

Shocking: Oscars co-host Amy Schumer said she is ‘still triggered and traumatized’ after Will Smith stormed onto the stage and slapped Chris Rock on Sunday

Schumer, 40, wrote in a post to to plug her TV series, Life & Beth: ''But for real. Still triggered and traumatized. I love my friend @chrisrock and believe he handled it like a pro'

Schumer, 40, wrote in a post to to plug her TV series, Life & Beth: ”But for real. Still traumatized and triggered. My friend @chrisrock is my best friend and I believe that he dealt with it as a pro.

Co-hosts Regina Hall, Amy Schumer, and Wanda Sykes speak onstage during the 94th Annual Academy Awards at Dolby Theatre on Sunday

On Sunday, Regina Hall, Amy Schumer and Wanda Sykes, co-hosts, spoke on stage during the 94th Annual Academy Awards at Dolby Theater. 

A letter that was leaked Tuesday night by Academy President David Rubin, and Dawn Hudson, CEO, states that the Academy’s Board of governors has decided on appropriate actions for Mr. Smith. Smith.’  

Smith could face a variety of consequences, including Forcing him to return his Oscar.

Expulsion from Academy would be the most serious punishment.

Smith would be among Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby and Roman Polanski who all were expelled from office for their sexual misconduct.    

Weinstein was expelled ‘for ‘sexually predatory behavior and workplace harassment’ and Cosby and Polanski were expelled ‘in accordance with the organization’s Standards of Conduct’ after they had been convicted of sexual assault. 

The Oscars of Weinstein and Polanski were not canceled.

Jim Carrey (60), led condemnation of Smith and stated that he was shocked by Smith’s adoration after the attack. 

Smith stated that Smith received a standing ovation when he won the Best Actor Award shortly after the slap incident. 

“I felt that Hollywood is spineless.” It felt as if this was an indication that we weren’t in the trendy club.

Jim Carrey and Will Smith during Nickelodeon's 16th Annual Kids' Choice Awards 2003

Jim Carrey and Will Smith in Nickelodeon’s 16th Annual Kid’s’ Choice Awards 2003

Actor and comedian Jim Carrey slammed the audience at Sunday's Academy Awards for giving Will Smith a standing ovation following his now infamous slap of Chris Rock

Jim Carrey (comedian and actor) slammed audience members at Sunday’s Academy Awards after giving Will Smith standing ovation for his now-infamous slap on Chris Rock

Benedict Cumberbatch, a fellow Best Actor nominee, as well as Best Director nominee Paul Thomas Anderson and actress Maya Rudolph, were some of the stars who stood for Smith's win

Smith won Smith’s award with the support of several stars including Benedict Cumberbatch and Paul Thomas Anderson, Best Actor nominees, and Maya Rudolph.

Venus and Serena Williams, whose father Smith portrayed in King Richard, also stood

Venus and Serena Williams (whose father Smith was also depicted in King Richard) stood as well

You can read the entire letter addressed to the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences.

 Dear members,

Sunday’s broadcast of the 94th Oscars was intended to celebrate the achievements of many people in the community. We were outraged at the inexcusable and damaging behavior displayed by one nominee.

We are clear in our condemnation of Mr. Smith’s actions on Sunday night.

The Academy’s Board of Governors has now decided on the appropriate course of action to take for Mr. Smith, as per our bylaws. This process, which is governed under California law concerning members of non-profit organizations such as the Academy and set out in our Standards of Conduct will be followed by an official one that takes a few weeks.

You will be updated on all developments. However, we request that you show respect for your Board, Academy staff, and the entire process so it continues in the thoughtful way it was meant to.

You can be confident that the Board of Governors, in accordance with Academy guidelines and expediently handling all aspects of this process will do so respectfully.

Many thanks.

David Rubin, PresidentDawn H Hudson, CEO

Smith was supported by Benedict Cumberbatch (a former best actor nominee), best director nominee Paul Thomas Anderson, and Maya Rudolph, who were also stars. Venus and Serena Williams (whose father was played by Smith in King Richard) also stood. 

Carrey and Rock briefly crossed paths on Fox’s In Living Color during the 1990s. Rock claimed Rock didn’t file criminal charges for the incident because he ‘didn’t want the hassle’. Smith, however, should have been charged. 

“I would have made it known this morning that Will was being sued for $200 Million because the video will be forever. It will become a commonplace. Carrey stated that the insult will last for a long time.

Smith’s actions were a bit too extreme for the Mask actor. He seemed to be indicating that disapproval was acceptable by using Twitter, or shouting at the audience.

Carrey stated that he did not believe it was right for him to smack someone on the forehead because of their words.

Smith was acting selfishly, he suggested.  

Carrey stated, “It didn’t escalate. It came out of nowhere. Will has something that’s frustrated. I wish him all the best. 

“I have nothing against Will Smith. He’s accomplished great things.

The Truman Show’s star stated that “it cast a pallover over everyone’s shining moments, a lot people worked really hard, to get there,” 

“It’s no easy feat to endure all that you need to do when you are nominated for an Oscar. 

It’s an obstacle course of devotion. It was a selfish moment. 

Carrey’s comments come as The View host Whoopi Goldberg, who is also a member of the Academy board of governors, said she believes Smith will be able to keep his Oscar but will face ‘big consequences – because nobody is OK with what happened.’

Whoopi Goldberg doubled down on her promise to punish Will Smith during Tuesday's show, saying, 'There are consequences. There are big consequences because nobody is OK with what happened. Nobody, nobody, nobody'

Whoopi Goldberg doubled down her pledge to punish Will Smith, saying: ‘There will be consequences. Because nobody accepts what has happened, there are huge consequences. Nobody, nobody, nobody’

'This is a season for healing and I'm here for it,' the actress posted to Instagram Tuesday, two days after the incident that stunned millions of viewers

Two days following the shocking event that shocked millions, the actress wrote on Instagram: “This season is for healing. I’m here for this.”

Pinkett Smith has broken her silence after the incident between her husband and Chris Rock after Rock made a joke about her shaved head. She has been open about her struggle with alopecia on social media

After Chris Rock joked about Pinkett Smith’s bald head, Pinkett Smith broke her silence. On social media, she has made it clear about her struggles with alopecia.

Two days after the incident, Will’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, 50, finally broke her silence with an Instagram post that read, ‘This is a season for healing and I’m here for it.’

Goldberg backtracked on Tuesday when she promised to sanction Smith. She said: “There are consequences.” It is not okay for anyone to be upset about what happened. Nobody, nobody, nobody.’ 

According to the host, Will Packer, the producer of the event decided to not remove Smith, “because that would’ve been an additional 15- to 20-minute-explanation as to why we’re taking out the black man five seconds before they decide whether or not he has won an Oscar.”

Goldberg was unaware that he was asked to leave the company and refused. 

Marshall Herskovitz (president emeritus of Producers Guild of America) was one of the first to criticize Smith. She tweeted that Smith had ‘disgraced all of our community’ shortly after the attack. 

He stated: “I call upon Academy, of whom I am a part, to take disciplinary actions against Will Smith. He has disgraced the entire community.  

Herskovitz accused the defenders of the actor, saying they were moral cowardice.

“People stood up and applauded after the first attack in Oscar history’s 94-year history. He spoke out against moral cowardice.  

Smith was denounced by several Hollywood stars.

Alec Baldwin shared his disgust at Smith’s actions on Instagram and Twitter.

He said, “I’m sorry that the Oscars became the Jerry Springer Show,” 

Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow Smith, Will Smith, Jaden Smith and Trey Smith attend the Vanity Fair post-Oscar party

Jada pinkett Smith with Willow Smith. Jaden Smith. Jaden Smith. Trey Smith at the Vanity Fair post Oscar party

The actor put on a brave face for photographers after his big moment was undermined by his violent outburst

Photographers were impressed by the bravery of the actor after his moment was marred by his violent outburst.

Judd Apatow (comedian, director) called the performance ‘pure-out-of control violence and rage’. He claimed Smith “could’ have killed” Rock. 

He stated that it seemed like Will Smith’s attempt to convince comedians around the globe to stop making jokes about him was not going to succeed. 

“The Williams family must be mad. Pure narcissism.’

Rob Reiner (actor and filmmaker) tweeted, “Will Smith owes Chris Rock hugely for his mistake.” It is impossible to excuse what he did. 

“He’s fortunate Chris isn’t filing assault charges. The excuses he made tonight were bulls**t’. 

Star Wars actor Mark Hamill described it as the “ugliest Oscar Moment ever.” 

He also said that stand-up comics were very good at dealing with hecklers. Violent physical attack… Not so much.