Surprising: A high school runner who won the race leads is sucker-punched after an athlete ran on to the track and pursued him.

  • High school student ran the 1,600m. He was hit in the head.
  • Happened on Saturday at  Tohopekaliga Tiger Invitational in Kissimmee, Florida
  • An earlier punch was thrown by the thrower, but the lead runner had already been impeded.
  • The track was still obscured, but the runner moved him to the side.
  • On the subsequent lap, the black athlete sucker punched the runner the face, knocking him over – he managed to get to his feet and complete the race
  • Although police were summoned, it’s not clear if any charges were brought against them.

Amazing video captures the moment high school student runner is sucker punched by another competitor. The incident occurred after the pair had an altercation prior to the start of the race at the Florida meet.

The video shows a pack of runners coming down the straight portion of the track in the 1,600-meter race when the attacker makes a beeline for the runner at the front of the pack during the Tohopekaliga Tiger Invitational in Kissimmee on Saturday. 

According to TMZ, a teen in black shorts and t-shirt was told by the punch runner before the race began to get underway.   

After the teenager had deliberately gotten in his way, the runner apparently pushed him out of the way and pushed him to the side.

The teen dressed in black ran on the track during the next lap and hit the leader of the race, the runner. 

He was thrown off balance by the punch and was floored. He was in a pile at the end of the track, while other runners ran around to him to win the race.

A high school runner was punched in the head during his 1,600m race

High school student ran the 1,600m. He was hit in the head.

The runner in black chased down the lead runner in read and white and sucker punched him

The punch was so hard that it knocked the runner off balance  sending him to the floor

Black runner chased the white lead runner and sucker punched him

The man who had been hit finally got up to finish the race. 

The spectacle was so shocking that spectators who were there to support the 27 participating schools in the invitational were shocked.

‘Are you f***ing kidding me?!’ One individual could repeat it repeatedly, and others would scream in horror. 


The police were called, but it isn’t known whether charges were ever filed. 

The runner was seen falling over having been punched

The runner was knocked to the ground having been sucker punched

After the throw, the athlete was warned to not get in the way. But he chose to take revenge.

After still obscuring the track, the runner pushed him out of the way. On the subsequent lap, the black athlete sucker punched the runner the face, knocking him over

The runner pulled him off the path, even though he was still obscured by the track. On the following lap, the black-clad athlete punched the runner in the face. He knocked him to the ground.

The runner was left in a heap on the ground at the side of the track although he did manage to complete the race

Although he was left lying on the tracks side, the runner still managed to finish the race.

The incident happened on Saturday at Tohopekaliga Tiger Invitational in Kissimmee, Florida

It happened Saturday, at the Tohopekaliga Tiger Invitational. Kissimmee. Florida