Incredible! An umbrella suddenly vaporizes in a ball of fire after being struck with lightning. However, the security guard that was holding it miraculously survived.

  • Abdul Rosyid (35), was crossing a depot as his umbrella fell.
  • Video footage shot in Sukapura (North Jakarta) shows his fall to the floor 
  • By the lightning, his umbrella becomes a ball full of sparks and flames.  

The amazing moment when an umbrella held by security personnel is evaporated into flames and sparks.

An lightning bolt struck and zapped the umbrella. The man who was holding it collapsed. 

The incident footage was shot at the Sukapura village in Cilincing in North Jakarta. 

When lightning strikes, the camera shows the security guard crossing an open courtyard wearing an umbrella.

The man is thrown to the ground by a torrent of sparks.

As he lay motionless on his stomach, colleagues quickly rushed to help him.  

The victim Abdul Rosyid, 35, was patrolling the depot with a radio transmitter and umbrella when the bolt of lightning zapped the umbrella in the open courtyard

Abdul Rosyid (35), was on patrol at the depot using a radio transmitter, umbrella, and a flashlight when lightning struck.

Abdul Rosyid was 35 years old and had been patrolling the depot wearing a radio transmitter umbrella. The bolt of lightning struck the victim in an open courtyard.

He miraculously survived and was transferred to nearby hospitals for treatment.   

Amazingly, Rosyid suffered only burns to his hands. He was discharged from hospital four days later.

A shower of sparks fills the air as the man falls to the ground barely moving and he was taken to Port Medical Centre for four days of treatment. He miraculously survived the lightning strike

The man fell to the ground, barely moving. A torrent of sparks filled the atmosphere and the man was transported to Port Medical Centre where he received four days of medical treatment. Amazingly, he survived the lightning strike 

Iptu Chandra, a spokesperson for the police confirmed that the incident occurred and stated that the guard was being treated at the Port Medical Centre in North Jakarta City.

Rosyid claimed that he was listening to a radio during the lightning strike.

Rosyid has been released from the hospital and allowed to return home, according to the spokesperson.