A former palace, which once belonged to King Fernando 2nd of Portugal, is up for sale at 12,500,000 euros. The property sits on the banks of the Tagus, about 30 minutes from central Lisbon and 10 minutes from the popular resort of Cascais.

A building with a place in the history of Portugal

The palace was originally built by Tomas Maria Bessone, under the direction of the Cinatti Architect of Sienna, whose influence accounts for the building’s Italianate touches, and it was finally completed in 1860. It was subsequently used by King Fernando as a summer residence. Known as the ‘artist King’ Fernando was a German Prince who became the husband of Queen Maria 2nd and consequently the King of Portugal in 1837, after the birth of their first son. On the death of his wife in 1853, his reign ended, and his son became king. Fernando was intelligent and artistic and was known for his modern, liberal ideas. His most lasting legacy is perhaps the ancient monastery in Sintra which he restored and transformed into the elaborate place which is today visited by around 3 million visitors each year.  

A palace fit for a king

The property occupies an area of 5,589 square metres, of which the palace takes up 1,616 square metres. The interior comprises of 40 rooms in a sumptuous neoclassical style with ceiling frescoes, elaborate tiling, and grand marble and stone fireplaces. The palace is full of striking 19th century ornamentation and features a magnificent staircase and vast living and dining rooms with spectacular sea views. There is 40 square metre roof-terrace, with dramatic, panoramic views over the Tagus.

As one might expect, the ample gardens are no less impressive and feature a superb collection of ancient trees, patios, and terraces. The clock tower, which gives the property its name, Quinta do Relogio, is a unique, historic landmark. In addition, there are several garages, stables, staff houses, an independent apartment, and a large parking area. The property has its own water and is connected to the sea by an underground tunnel. The main façade of this salmon pink palace faces the Tagus, and the entire estate is enclosed by walls. Entrance to property is by one of three gates.

The surrounding area

This waterfront palace is situated in one of the most calm, safe, and desirable locations in the area. The nearby beaches of Praia Nova and Praia Velha are separated by a small harbour, where picturesque fishing boats still ply their trade. For those in search of entertainment, there’s no shortage of activities close at hand, just to the north is Parc Oeiras, which houses 162 retail outlets and an 11-screen cinema complex. Also, close by, is Poetas Parc, a 25-acre landscaped park with water features and the sculptures of 20 famous Portuguese poets. Lisbon, of course, is only a short journey away and the world class beaches of the Algarve are just over an hour’s drive.