Hillary Clinton asserted that Robert Durham, the special counsel investigating Hillary Clinton’s spying on Donald Trump’s campaign was a ‘conspiracies.’ Fox News claimed it. 

Clinton stated in a return speech to a Democratic convention, “It’s funny. The more Trump gets into trouble, the wilder and more conspiracies seem about me.” 

“Fox leads charge with accusations against my counting on the audience to fall for them again,” she said as she introduced Governor. After Kathy Hochul won the Democratic nomination, the governor was elected to the gubernatorial election. 

On Thursday, Hillary Clinton encountered protestors as she entered Times Square Sheraton to prepare for her keynote address at New York Democratic Committee’s Nominating Convention. 

Some demonstrators gathered to protest Clinton’s actions, while others were protesting New York’s vaccination mandates. Kathy Hochul should do more for climate change. 

As Clinton walked from her van into the hotel, protesters shouted obscenities like ‘criminal,’ ‘b***h,’ and ‘w***e’ at her.

The former secretary of state, senator, first lady and 2016 Democratic nominee  finally responded on Wednesday to the recent revelations that she hired people to spy on Donald Trump, calling it ‘desperate’ and a ‘fake scandal.’ 

New York Democrats will gather to hear Clinton speak at the Sheraton in Times Square as they craft the party’s platform and nominate candidates to run for statewide office. 

Clinton was the Senator for New York in 2001-2009. He has been a frequent visitor to state conventions ever since. This is where he helped Cuomo win the nomination for 2018. 

Disgraced former Gov. Andrew Cuomo will not be attending this year’s convention. Andrew Cuomo is not expected to attend, since he was replaced by his lieutenant governor. Kathy Hochul, and New York City’s progressive-but-widely-unpopular Mayor Bill DeBlasio is out – Eric Adams now serving in his place. 

Clinton’s return to the Main Stage has led to speculation about her plans for a political comeback. 

Hilary Clinton arrives at the New York State Democratic Committee 2022 State Nominating Convention, at the Sheraton Hotel, Manhattan, New York

Hilary Clinton attends the New York State Democratic Committee, 2022 State Nominating Convention. Sheraton Hotel Manhattan, New York

Protesters shout at Clinton in the background as seh enters the hotel ahead of her headline address

As Clinton enters the hotel, protesters shout at her in the background. 

New York City Mayor Eric Adams speaks during the New York State Democratic Convention

Eric Adams, New York City Mayor, speaks at the New York State Democratic Convention 

Last month Democratic pollster Doug Schoen and former Manhattan Borough President Andrew Stein wrote in an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal last month that Clinton was ‘already in an advantageous position to become the 2024 Democratic nominee.’ 

Last week a source familiar with Clinton’s convention plans told CNBC that she is ‘beloved by the mainstream members of the Democratic Party’ and that ‘her popularity is likely higher than that of President Biden.’ 

Biden asserts he will run for president in 2024. However, critics aren’t sure if Biden is mentally prepared to deal with the task at 82. Kamala Harris, Vice President of the Democratic Party, is in serious trouble due to her poor poll results and performance when she ran for the nomination. 

Clinton's spot back on the main stage has sparked speculation that she may be plotting a political comeback

Clinton’s return to the main stage has led to speculation about her plans for a political comeback.

Some protesters gathered to speak out against Clinton herself,

Some demonstrators gathered against Clinton to protest her.

A man argues with anti-Vaccine mandate protestors outside of the New York State Democratic Committee 2022 State Nominating Convention, at the Sheraton Hotel, Manhattan, New York. 17 February 2022

Outside of the New York State Democratic Committee 2022 State Nominating Convention in Manhattan, New York, a man argues and squabbles with anti-Vaccine mandate demonstrators. 17 February 2022

People protest for Gov. Kathy Hochul to do more about climate change outside the NY Democratic Convention

Protests for Governor Kathy Hochul is going to be doing more outside the NY Democratic Convention about climate change 

However, some Democrats don’t agree with Jay Jacobs’ party Chairman’s decision not to bring Clinton back to the convention. 

Assemblyman Phil Steck (D-Colonie) stated that he did not believe that Hillary Clinton’s political ambitions should be revived, and that she was detrimental to the New York Democratic Party’s long-term success. 

“I believe we should show people that we are more concerned about Main Street than Wall Street, and Hillary Clinton doesn’t do this for the Democratic Party.

Committee member Patrick Nelson, who represents an upstate district near Saratoga Springs said: ‘I wish the Democratic Party leadership would have chosen someone for keynote speaker who was more forward-looking and unifying.

‘We have the youngest woman elected to Congress from New York — AOC,’ suggesting the party should have picked Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. “Hillary Clinton is quite divisive.” 

Hochul was up against New York City Public advocate Jumaane William and Rep. Tom Suozzi for the Governor race. The convention also nominated candidates to the Senate, lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, and Comptroller positions, although incumbents did not face any competition.  

Hochul was elected the nominee after receiving 85.6%. Williams did not qualify. Suozzi did not vote. He had spoken hours before to say that Clinton had called him to press him into dropping out. 

Every official elected member can cast a ballot. Candidates with 25% or more votes automatically qualify for a spot on a ballot. Nominees are chosen from those who have at least 50% of the vote. 

Sen. Chuck Schumer, Majority Leader of the Senate, addressed the crowd. He predicted that Democrats would win two Senate seats in November. 

“I love New York. Being the Senate majority leader in New York is a privilege. I’ll love it even more when we pick up two more seats,’  he said. Democrats could have two seats and not be subject to moderate Sens’ wishes. Joe Manchin, Kyrsten Sinema 

Representative Hakeem Jeffries (chair of the Democratic caucus) also delivered an address in which he accuses Republicans of “running away from democracy.” 

He said that Trumpism has been pushed to the forefront of their agenda, and that they have moved from democracy toward autocracy. 

Mayor Adams focused his speech on public safety and getting New Yorkers back to work following Covid-19.  He stated, “Don’t tell me that you’re afraid of Covid and I’ll be there on Sunday.” 

Andrew Giuliani (GOP gubernatorial Candidat) was also seen at the convention. There, he said that Clinton is a perfect choice to be the Democratic Convention’s headliner. 

The Democratic convention is in the hands of Clinton. She is a great symbol for the corruption that we’ve seen of New York politicians over the last decade and a half. The fact that she’s going to be introducing Crime Wave Kathy, I think, is perfect,’ Giuliani said, referring to the current governor. 

He said that it was absolutely unacceptable for her to bug Trump Tower. “We have now discovered that Trump’s claims were actually her own actions. Many ways the Russia collusion was Hillary. This is why I believe it to be an indictable offense. I would hope that Biden’s Justice Department would look at this unbiasedly. I’m not holding my breath.’ 

‘Trump & Fox are desperately spinning up a fake scandal to distract from his real ones. “So it’s a Day that Ends in Y,” Clinton said ahead of the convention. He also included an article from the Democrat friendly Vanity Fair.

Clinton said, “The more their misdeeds become publicized, the more they lie.” Here’s an excellent debunking of his latest absurdity for those who are interested in the truth.

This was her link to the Vanity Fair column under conspiracy theories’. It was titled: ‘You won’t believe it but Hillary Clinton didn’t spy on Trump’s White House. 

Bess Levine, the magazine’s Politics correspondent, wrote the article. He is a critic of Trump’s policies and Republicans.

Clinton’s article shared the following subtitle: “In less news, Donald Trump is still a moron.”

Levin asserts in his piece that these findings don’t prove Clinton spy on Trump, but instead show that Clinton hired cybersecurity experts to investigate malware at Trump’s White House.

Levin stated that Trump and Company got it all hilariously, humiliatingly wrong.

‘But fear not: We’re sure they’ll issue a lengthy correction and heartfelt apology to the people whose reputations they impugned—and the ones Trump suggested should be put to death—in no time,’ she sarcastically ended the article. 

Donald Trump made two statements following Hillary’s tweet. He accused the Democrats of an ‘espionage operation on his New York City home’ and ‘another method to undermine 2020’. 

Clinton refused to answer shouted questions on Tuesday about the Durham report. At approximately 3:40 PM she waved off questions from a DailyMail.com reporter as she left a Queens restaurant with daughter Chelsea

Clinton did not answer any shouted question about the Durham report on Tuesday. She waved down questions from a DailyMail.com correspondent as she left a Queens Restaurant with her daughter Chelsea, at 3:40 pm

He then asked, “Was Crooked Hillary Clinton giving her ‘plumbers” their orders?” 

“With Hillarygate it was the Mainstream media Coverup that almost is as grave a crime, as the act itself of treasonous spyage.” The world is now seeing why the media is the enemy of people. He added.

Clinton immediately responded to the disclosures after refusing to answer DailyMail.com questions Tuesday regarding Special Counsel John Durham’s discovery that Trump associates spied on her campaign.

Clinton and Chelsea, their daughter emerged from Queens’ Filipino restaurant after three hours.

DailyMail.com has exclusive photos and video that show Clinton looking sternly at the camera, silently waving off repeated questions about whether or not she had spied upon Trump. She declined to answer questions about when and if she intended to make comments.

Following revelations that Clinton was paid by Trump to establish a connection between Trump and Russia, Clinton’s White House has continued to delay any queries regarding the most recent findings to Department of Justice. 

‘I would point you – any questions about this – to the Department of Justice,’ President Joe Biden’s Press Secretary Jen Psaki said during her briefing Wednesday.

Hillary Clinton finally addressed on Wednesday the latest revelations that she hired a firm to spy on Donald Trump, calling the allegations  a 'fake scandal'

Hillary Clinton finally addressed on Wednesday the latest revelations that she hired a firm to spy on Donald Trump, calling the allegations  a ‘fake scandal’

Psaki reiterated her directive to reporters that they ask the Justice Department if monitoring internet traffic could be considered spying when she was asked if this is possible.

Clinton linked to a Vanity Fair article by Bess Levin (pictured) that insisted Republicans and media got it wrong and Clinton did not spy on Trump. The subtitle of her article is: 'In less breaking news, Donald Trump remains a moron'

Clinton had a link to Vanity Fair article (photo: Bess Levine) in which she claimed Republicans and media were wrong, and that Clinton never spied on Trump. The subtitle of her article is: ‘In less breaking news, Donald Trump remains a moron’

Following the filing of Durham last week, Republicans continue to attack Democrats-led Russia investigation into Trump’s campaign links.

They claim the latest bombshell proves Democrats will do anything to win – including illegal acts – and are demanding probes into Representative Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler so they are held accountable for being ‘complacent’ in Clinton’s spying.

Durham reported that Clinton had paid for Trump Tower and White House servers to be hacked in order to create fake scandals, even though her lawyer Michael Sussmann told federal officers that he hadn’t been hired specifically to discover the connections.

Representative Pat Fallon told Newsmax on Wednesday: ‘This will put the final nail in the Clinton candidacy coffin – once and for all.’

The Texas Representative stated to conservative news outlets, “We can be certain that Hillary Clinton will flippant about this.” This is an actual issue. This is going to literally sink Clinton’s political machine.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki continues to refuse to comment on the latest revelations, referring reporters to the Justice Department for any questions relation to Durham's report – even though there are allegations that Biden knew about the claims when he was still vice president

Press Secretary Jen Psaki continues to refuse to comment on the latest revelations, referring reporters to the Justice Department for any questions relation to Durham’s report – even though there are allegations that Biden knew about the claims when he was still vice president

Arizona Representative Andy Biggs sent out a statement Wednesday saying: ‘Durham’s recent revelations show what we knew all along – Hillary Clinton and her Democrat cronies actively spied on President Trump. A false scandal was created about their rival to help them win the election. This is something that no American should be able to overlook.

“These charges beg to the question, What will Democrats do to win an Election?” Biggs posed.

“Hillary Clinton, and all the other corrupt players involved in this scheme must be tried. Media should also uphold their obligation and accountability to inform the truth.

Republicans blame the media and Democrats for not revealing truths until now.

“For years, media perpetuated the Democrat narrative of Russia collusion.” Now, as we learn, week after week. That was a complete lying,’ Florida Republican Senator Rick Scott stated on Tuesday.

‘The latest with the Durham report is that the Clinton campaign – the same group that fear mongered this Russian collusion – actually spied on the President of the United States,’ he added. They spied upon the President of America! They spy and they lied. 

We need to be accountable. Scott stated that we require accountability for Clinton’s campaign and Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler as they are complicit in the whole thing. “So, the media must do their jobs and talk openly about what is coming out. Then they can hold those responsible accountable. In addition, the Attorney General [Merrick] Garland – he needs to be out there making sure that Durham has all the resources he needs to do a thorough investigation.’

Trump-era Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe stated this week that Vice President Joe Biden, and then President Barack Obama at the time knew Clinton was hacking into Trump’s servers in order to “fabricate” links to Moscow.

Durham, he said, has sufficient evidence to charge multiple people.

Senator Rick Scott, Florida’s Democratic Representative said Clinton must be held responsible along with Democratic Representative Jerry Nadler (left), and Adam Schiff (right) who were ‘complicit’.

Clinton allegedly approved in 2016, a plan about Donald Trump as president and Russian hackers to hamper U.S. electoral elections, according to a CIA Counterintelligence Operational Lead. The first revelation was made in October 2020 by a heavily redacted version.

This filing states that Law Firm-1 sent a statement to several media outlets on October 12, 2018. It stated: “When Sussmann met up with me, the following was part of my statement.” [the FBI General Counsel]It was done for a client and had nothing to do with the representation of Hillary Clinton Campaign, DNC, or other Political Law Group clients.

The letter also states that the “then-Managing Partner” of Law Firm-1 sent a letter addressed to the editor of major newspapers in which he claimed, among other things, that Mr. Sussmann met with James Baker, FBI General Counsel. He was representing a client who had no connection to the Clinton campaign or the DNC.

The filings of Durham reveal now that Clinton’s campaign hired Sussmann, and that he lied about it to federal agents. He has pleaded no guilty.