Move aside, influencers! Instagram has abandoned its swipe-up link feature, which was only available to accounts with over 10,000 followers, in favor of a link sticker that is open to all.

  • Until now, the only method to add a Link to Your Story was to swipe-up a link
  • This was only for verified accounts and those with over 10,000 followers.
  • Instagram has now replaced it with a sticker, which is now available to all users 

You can add links to Instagram Stories to share breaking news articles or delicious recipes.

The social media app used to offer the ability to add swipe up links to Stories. However, this feature was restricted to accounts with more then 10,000 followers.

Instagram has replaced the swipe-up feature with a link sticker. This is now available for all accounts.

Max Eulenstein is co-head of product. He explained that over the years, entrepreneurs, creators, and change-makers have demonstrated how sharing resources and information can help inspire their communities.

‘From organizing and educating around equity, social justice and mental well-being to showcasing new product drops to customers, link sharing is helpful in many ways — so now we’re giving access to everyone.’

Instagram is ditching the swipe-up link feature in favour of a link sticker, which is available to all accounts

Instagram has replaced the swipe-up link feature with a link sticker. This is available to all accounts.

How to add a hyperlink to your Story 

  1. Upload or capture content to your story
  2. Select the sticker option from the top navigation bar
  3. Tap the Link’ sticker to add your desired URL and tap ‘Done.
  4. Place the sticker on your story — like our other stickers — and tap on the sticker to see color variations

Until now, the only method to add a Link to Your Story was to swipe-up a link. This was only available to verified accounts with at least 10,000 followers.

Many users thought that this was unfair, so Instagram modified the tool.

“We’ve heard from other members of our community that they also want things to be shared with their family and friends,” Mr Eulenstein stated.

‘Whatever you’re into, from cooking to volunteering or shopping, you now have a space to share in Stories — regardless of your account size.’

Simply capture or upload content to your story to add a link, then select the sticker tool from top navigation bar.

Tap the Link’ sticker to add your desired hyperlink, then tap ‘Done.

To see different colours, place the sticker on your story. 

Once you are happy with your work, click the “Send to” button at the bottom right corner to add it to your story.

Until now, the only way to add a link to your Story was with a swipe-up link, which was limited to verified accounts or those with 10,000 followers

Up until now, you could only add a link in your Story using a swipe-up. This was restricted to verified accounts and those with over 10,000 followers.

Users on Instagram have welcomed the new tool.

One user wrote: ‘Instagram is FINALLY rolling out link stickers to everyone! Oh, happy day!

Another wrote: Instagram just announced link stickers available for everyone. It’s about time!’

One laughed and said, “Finally, insta did something actually good.”

All users worldwide will soon be able to use the link sticker feature starting today.      

Instagram launches a new feature that gives users more information to help them identify fake accounts

Instagram launched a crackdown against fake accounts. It introduced a new feature that shows users information about the person behind a username.

After weeks of similar measures being implemented by parent Facebook, the Photo-sharing app’s more than 1,000,000 users will now be able evaluate the authenticity accounts.

The ‘About This Account’ feature will allow users see the advertisements running on the account, the country it is located in, username changes, and other details.

To learn more about an account, go to their Profile, tap the … menu and then select ‘About This Account.’ 

You will find the date the account was created, the country it is located in, shared followers, accounts with shared followers and any username changes made within the last year. 

Instagram plans to increase the number of verified accounts for celebrities and public figures. 

The account username will be required along with full names and a copy or legal identification.

Instagram also stated that it will allow third-party apps like DUO Mobile or Google Authenticator to be used for two-factor authentication. This will enable users to log in securely to their accounts.