Insulate Britain block Parliament Square: Eco-mob begin 19TH day of action with sit-down protest in heart of Westminster – as it’s revealed group’s hell-raising antics have already cost Met Police £2MILLION


Insulate Britain eco zealots today brought their road blockades to Westminster as they sat down in Parliament Square, as it was revealed their protests have already cost Scotland Yard nearly £2million in the first four weeks.

Around 40 protesters from the group sat down on the road in front of the London Underground station at 9am. They glued their hands to the pavement, bringing most traffic to an halt. However, cyclists could still pass them. 

Since September 13, environmental campaigners have blocked roads for 19 days, causing misery to drivers who are stuck in long lines on the M25 in London and further afield in Dover and Manchester.

Up to 161 people have been arrested for participating in the roadblock campaign so far. 32 of the roadblock activists could face up to two year imprisonment for violating a court order by blocking traffic on motorways.

Insulate Britain released photos of many of them yesterday. It said that nine were already summoned by the High Court in London on Nov 16 for violating the National Highways injunction to disrupt the M25.

Extinction Rebellion said that they will be facing a contempt-of-court hearing. If found guilty, they could face unlimited fines, asset seize and jail sentences of up two years.

23 more activists who have defied any of the four injunctions are expected to be summoned before the court in the coming days. They were effectively expelled from all major roads in England last Monday.

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