Insulate Britain eco warrior who took part in protests which brought Britian’s motorways into a halt has gone on hunger strike. He was being held responsible for his actions.

Emma Smart, 44, – who will be housed in Europe’s largest women’s prison which is home to murderers and child rapists – was handed a four-month sentence for taking part in a protest on the M25 on October 8.

In an Insulate Britain video you can see a clip of Smart. It is believed that Smart recorded it before being sent to HMP Bronzefield, Ashford, Surrey. She defends her actions and asks for more civil disobedience.

Smart, an ecologist by trade, stated that it was an extreme campaign going on the motorway. But we were in an extreme circumstance and I felt I had no choice but to do what I could.

“I took the initiative, now we must all take action.” The only way to effect change is through nonviolent civil disobedience.

“We don’t have to keep nine people in jail, nor 20 prisoners, but we do need all of them. We are at risk of losing our freedom.”

Insulate Britain eco mob's Emma Smart, 44 has urged more eco-zealots to step up and continue the group's extreme campaign

Emma Smart of Insulate Britain, 44, has asked more eco-zealots for support and encouraged them to continue their extreme campaign.

Emma Smart, from Weymouth, announced via an Insulate Britain spokesman that she would be going on hunger strike

Emma Smart (Weymouth) announced, via an Insulate Britain spokesperson, that she was going on a hunger strike

Smart shares the video she shared with Twitter. She explains what led her to participate in the motorway protests of the mob earlier this year. 

Speaking with a row of fence panels behind her, she said: ‘I don’t know what more I can do and then IB [Insulate Britain]It was an opportunity to step up, and it came with me. 

It was a very extreme campaign going on the motorway. But we are in an extreme circumstance and I knew I had to do it.

“So this moment is for me. The government could have acted in a meaningful way to meet our demands.

“But they decided to imprison us, and that really has to send an important message to everybody. It is now. It is time to unite, because whatever we are doing now does not suffice. 

In a video shared by Insulate Britain online, a short recording of Smart, believed to have been taken before she was sent to HMP Bronzefield in Ashford, Surrey, can be seen in which she defends her actions and called for more civil disobedience

A short video of Smart can be seen online by Insulate Britain. She defends her actions, and calls for civil disobedience in a clip

Emma Smart told the court that the proceedings were 'obscene' and glowered at barristers representing National Highways. However, the biologist has faced allegations of hypocrisy after undertaking a gas-guzzling 81,000-mile drive across the globe with her husband Andy Smith. Above: The couple are pictured with their diesel-fuelled Toyota before the trip in 2012

Emma Smart said that she thought the proceedings were “obscene” and laughed at the National Highways barristers. After driving 81,000 miles across the world with Andy Smith, the biologist was accused of hypocrisy. Above: Andy Smith and the couple were pictured before their 2012 trip with their Toyota diesel-fueled Toyota.

Emma Smart (left) waves to supporters as she arrives at the High Court in London for sentencing yesterday morning

Emma Smart (left), waves at supporters when she arrived at the High Court of London yesterday morning for her sentencing

“I took the initiative, now we must all take action.” The only way to effect change is through nonviolent civil disobedience.

We don’t need 9 or 20 people, so we need everyone to give their liberty if we want to avoid losing everything.

Our life support systems have collapsed and the society is headed for total destruction. Take advantage of this opportunity to make a difference. 

Insulate Britain has been reached out for comments. 

Following two months of repeated motorway chaos caused by Insulate Britain, Smart told the High Court that she was there to ‘ensure future survival’ and compared watching the climate crisis to watching a child trapped in a burning house. 

‘She said: ‘I’m asking when you consider my sentence that my actions are proportionate to the crisis we are facing, where 8,500 people die a year from cold and hunger in their own homes. I can’t watch while you wait. 

I would like to run towards them. Our government is betraying our future, our most vulnerable citizens and the children of our country. While our government fails its citizens, I won’t be an observer. I will do my best to help them.  

Insulate Britain eco-zealot Emma Smart is seen being led away in handcuffs from the High Court in London yesterday

Emma Smart, an Insulate Britain eco-zealot is seen being taken away by handcuffs at the High Court in London yesterday

Smart was transported to HMP Bronzefield (Ashford, Surrey) this week. It was Britain’s first women-only prison when it was opened in 2004. The Category A prison can house up to 572 female inmates. Each of the four blocks can accommodate around 130 persons.  

Smart, 44 years old, declared her intention to strike a hunger strike while she was in jail. 

“I am confident that my intention is morally correct, even though my actions may be deemed illegal. While this court may view me as on the wrong side law, in my heart I feel I am right. I won’t be an observer. 

The court heard her tell the story of how the proceedings had been deemed ‘obscene’ by the barristers for National Highways. 

Smart, a biologist has been previously criticised for her 81,000-mile, gas-guzzling drive around the world with Andy Smith.

Mr Smith, 45, who volunteers as a climate activist full time but has not taken part in any demonstrations with Extinction Rebellion offshoot Insulate Britain, said he is ‘terrified’ for her. Smith stated that he knew Smart was going to go on a hunger strike, and added: “It is something we talk quite often.” 

He concluded, “She’s incredibly determined about her actions.” In all her decisions, I will stand behind her. They are morally right here and she stands firm to her convictions. 

Stone (top row, middle) poses with eight other Insulate Britain eco-zealots outside the High Court after they were jailed for the group's motorway stunts that caused chaos for Brits

Stone, (top row; middle), poses outside of the High Court with eight Insulate Britain eco-zealots after being jailed by the group for their motorway stunts which caused havoc for Brits.

“She is a passionate individual who spent all her adult life working to protect wildlife and the environment. 

“That was deeply instilled in her as a person. She has lost the freedom to protest in the streets, and her hunger strike is an alternative way for her to keep that going.

He stated that they had sent sentences less than what the support group was expecting, and so were relieved. However, he still believed it to be a complete injustice. 

He said: ‘I completely stand with them on what they’ve done and how they’ve acted. While I’d prefer to see the judge support them, they did violate the law. However they accepted the consequences.