An innocent woman was spared prison after she raped a boy aged four from his mother during a concert for children at the Royal Albert Hall, while on high doses of the chemsex drug GHB.

Charlotte Robbins took the 26-year old mother with him to a London children’s concert.

Robbins was 28 when she saw her distinctive red shoelaces vanish into the crowd.

A man in the crowd grabbed the boy from his mother and responded to her cries. 

Robbins from Belsize Park, London claimed she had used the date rape drug GHB, also known as liquidecstasy, and that it was a mistake. She was trying to give the boy his legal guardian.

The community order was for 18 months and she had to complete 30 days rehabilitation.  

Charlotte Robbins (pictured), 28 of of Belsize Park, London, was handed an 18-month community order and ordered to commit to 30 days of rehabilitation at Southwark Crown Court

Charlotte Robbins (pictured), 28 of of Belsize Park, London, was handed an 18-month community order and ordered to commit to 30 days of rehabilitation at Southwark Crown Court

Jurors learned that Robbins said she was high in GHB and may have smoked crystal-meth when the incident occurred on March 10, last year. 

Jurors were told by the mother that she nearly lost her son in the crowd as she searched tirelessly for him.

Southwark Crown Court was told by her that Robbins had taken Robbins away in distinctive red shoelaces.

Robbins caught her attention and she grabbed Robbins’ woman and son.

A man in the crowd grabbed Robbins’ boy and gave him back to his mother, responding to her cries.

She stated that she had not seen the legs of her husband and would have never been able see him.

He was holding on tight to his four-year-old self. He called for me and was trying to get loose.

“People were walking by and didn’t realize what was happening.”

“Help her, she’s got mine, help,” I said.

I don’t remember who it was. He just took my son from me and gave him to …’.

Robbins stated to an officer that she took GHB. She appeared visibly high both to him and to another member of staff at the venue.

The 26-year-old mother, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, was attending a children's concert at the Royal Albert Hall (pictured) with her four-year-old son

For legal reasons, the 26-yearold mother cannot be identified. She was there with her four year-old son to attend a concert for children at Royal Albert Hall.

The mother claimed that she made an error and was going to return the child’s legal guardian.

Dominic Hockley, the prosecution, stated that she had previously told Southwark Crown Court, “She accepts that he was taken by her, even though he was only four years old at that point.”

“She took his legal control from his mother. This is not in dispute.

We say her actions were unreasonable, and she didn’t even try to find the facts before taking the child away from his mother.

Mister Hockley said: “No child should be taken from his mother by strangers, you might think.”

“Irrespective if she thought he might, she shouldn’t be taking children without supervision.

“That is more true in the manner she performed her tasks.

“The prosecution claims that there were clearly or other reasonably possible things to do.

‘There were teachers about, security around and the boy’s legal guardian.

“Why was she so convinced that she needed to be the care-order’s physical enforcer?

“Even if she is right about what she said was her genuine, honest mistake, she didn’t do what was reasonable given these circumstances.

Robbins may have been high on GHB the night prior to the March 10 concert.

“Her error was unjustified because it resulted from her intoxication,” Mr Hockley stated.

“Where an error is caused by voluntary intoxication with alcohol or drugs, it cannot be considered reasonable.”

The evidence is overwhelming that the defendant was underintoxicated.

Robbins had waited since April to receive her sentence and arrived in court covered with bloody hands. She then sobbed in front of the judge.

She was sentenced by Judge Jeffrey Pegden, QC to an 18 month community order and a 30-day rehabilitation requirement.

He stated, “That is to say that the probation services will assist you in all of your difficulties.”

Robbins, of Belsize Park, north London, denied, but was convicted of taking a child from a person having lawful control under the Child Abduction Act 1984.