User @alessandrofL127YD posted 358 reviews on Tripadvisor so far in 2021, an average of one per day.

It’s just one of many amazing facts that the platform has shared in its 2021 Year in Review.

User @alessandrofL127YD worked tirelessly to create the typeface. Tripadvisor revealed that reviews of their experiences received 26,259 votes from other travellers.

Punta Cana (pictured), Dominican Republic, saw a 96 per cent increase in searches compared to 2020

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic (pictured), saw an increase of 96% in search volume compared with 2020

The site saw a huge increase in users, including 44 million new members joining Tripadvisor by 2021 and 2.5 million travellers writing reviews for the first-time this year.

Tripadvisor also added 309,270 accommodations and 109,110 experiences to its mainframe, as well as 175,286 restaurants.

Over seven million new “Trips” (travel itineraries), were made. It would take more than 138,000 years to complete all of them if you did one trip per day.

Tripadvisor reports that the planning took place over many days, including small getaways and big celebrations. Just ask the travellers who named their trips “Mom needs a getaway so no Momster comes out” and “Where is Alexis going to propose?”’ 

According to Tripadvisor, travellers are definitely looking for sun this year.

HonoluluHawaii had 3.2 times as many ‘Experiences’ booked in the aftermath of the Pandemic. Cancun saw a 17% rise in search volume compared to 2020. Punta CanaSearches for Dominican Republic saw an increase of 96% compared with 2020. Sharm El SheikhEgypt has seen a more than double (106%) in the past year compared with 2020.

Searches for Sharm El Sheikh (pictured), Egypt, more than doubled (106 per cent) compared to 2020

The number of searches for Sharm ElSheikh (pictured), Egypt has more than doubled (106%) compared with 2020 

Tripadvisor reports that travellers are looking for experiences outdoors, in addition to sun-soaked destinations.

DenverColorado had 65 percent more bookings for 2021 than it did in 2019, compared to 2019. What is the top experience? “Hiking Adventure in Rocky Mountain National Park From Denver”

Book your reservation SedonaArizona’s population grew by 116 percent in 2019 compared to 2019. The most popular activity was ‘The Original Sedona UFO & Stargazing Night Tour.

The bookings increased 313 Percent OntarioCanada, as compared with 2019, Tripadvisor revealed that Niagara Falls Grand Helicopter Adventure was the most requested experience.

MoabUtah was also popular in 2019, with bookings up 53 percent compared to 2019. What is the best experience in Utah? ‘The Moab Xtreme 3 Hour Experience’

There was a huge 313 per cent increase in bookings for Ontario (pictured), Canada

The bookings increased by 313 Percent in Ontario (pictured), Canada

Bookings for Sedona (pictured), Arizona, grew by 116 per cent compared to 2019, with ' The Original Sedona UFO and Stargazing Night Tour ' the most popular experience

The bookings for Sedona (pictured), Arizona, increased by 116 percent compared to 2019. The most-requested experience was ‘The Original Sedona UFO Tour and Stargazing Night Tour.

Finally, La Fortuna de San CarlosCosta Rica saw a 152 percent increase in bookings in 2021 compared to 2019, with the best experience being the ‘Sloth Tour in La Fortuna.

Tripadvisor reports that 66,000 Trips have ‘2022’ in their title saved so far.

And looking back once more, Tripadvisor notes how travellers took the time to ‘appreciate each other and the interactions they did manage to have, whether virtually or in person’ – ‘thank you’ was mentioned over 41million times in reviews and forums this year.