Alec Baldwin’s child Ireland was criticised for posting a photo showing her bloodied Halloween costume, which some of her followers deemed insensitive, a week after her father accidentally killed Halyna HUTCHINS, a cinematographer on Rust.

The 26-year old model posted photos on Instagram on Sunday night of her gruesome Halloween costume with her musician boyfriend RAC.

She received a lot of comments from her followers, who were not happy that she posted such a disturbing image just days after the tragic accident at her father’s movie set.

Alec Baldwin 's daughter Ireland has been criticized for posting a photo of her bloodied Halloween costume which some followers have deemed 'insensitive'

Alec Baldwin’s son Ireland has been criticized after posting a photo showing her bloodied Halloween costume, which some of her followers found ‘insensitive’

She was quickly bombarded with comments from her followers who were not pleased that she would post such a grisly image just days after the tragic accident on her father's movie set

She was quickly bombarded by comments from her fans, who were not pleased she posted such a grisly picture just days after the tragic incident on her father’s movie set.

This comes a week after her father Alec Baldwin accidentally shot dead cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of Rust, they are circled in an image that she uploaded to Instagram two days before

This is a week after Alec Baldwin accidentally shot Halyna Hutchins, the cinematographer on Rust. They are circled in an Instagram image she uploaded two days earlier 

One commenter wrote, “[three sad crying emojis]CELEBRATED WITH FAKE BLOOD. WOULDN’T IT BE A FAKE BULLET ON A SET of RUST? THE VICTIMS BLOOD WAS REAL. [seven sad crying emojis]WHY DO THEY HAVE FAKE BOOD COSTUMES? JUST WOW [four sad crying emojis]’

Another commenter responded to the post, saying that they thought this comment was unnecessary and that Baldwin has gone through enough.

The original commenter wrote: “She posted insensitive photos which show the mentality of insensitivity.” 

The 26-year-old model took to Instagram on Sunday night to post some photos of her gruesome costume with her musician boyfriend RAC for Halloween

The 26-year-old model posted some photos to Instagram on Sunday night showing her gruesome costume and her musician boyfriend RAC for Halloween

Ireland was dressed up as a sexy schoolgirl, with costume blood running down her left eyeline and nostrils.

Her Portland, Oregon-based, Grammy-winning boyfriend RAC (born André Allen Anjos), who’s 11 years her senior, wore a white Henley shirt as he had fake blood dripping from his neck onto his entire top.

She had many supporters, as one commenter said: “SO GOOD.”

Ireland and her boyfriend have been keeping a low profile as of late as she captioned the image: ‘We didn’t think we would celebrate, but we found some old costumes and blood, ate really good food, drank tequila, had a couple friends over, watched a scary movie and had 0 trick or treaters…. How was your Halloween? If you went as a squid this year, raise your hand. 

Ireland and her boyfriend have been keeping a low profile as of late as she captioned the image: 'We didn’t think we would celebrate, but we found some old costumes and blood'

Ireland and her boyfriend have been keeping a low profile as of late as she captioned the image: ‘We didn’t think we would celebrate, but we found some old costumes and blood’

This came just as her father’s wife Hilaria came under scrutiny for posting a fun Halloween photo on Instagram celebrating the holiday with their six children days after the cinematographer’s death on the Rust movie set.

She faced social media backlash following the post on Sunday where she described how ‘intense’ parenting has been while coping with the very public situation surrounding the tragedy involving her husband.

She was called ‘inappropriate, tasteless’ for posting holiday snaps while Hutchin, Hutchin’s nine-year old son, would face his first Halloween without his mother. 

This came just as her father's wife Hilaria came under scrutiny for posting a fun Halloween photo on Instagram celebrating the holiday with their six children days after the cinematographer's death on the Rust movie set

This was just days after Hilaria, her father’s spouse, was under fire for posting a fun Instagram photo celebrating Halloween with their six children. 

Hilaria, 37, posted on Instagram Sunday, “Parenting through these has been an intense experience to say the least.”

“Today, they rallied to give them holiday. Last min costumes…a little hodge-podge…but they were so happy and that warmed my mama heart.’

Since Alec, aged 63, shot Hutchins, a cinematographer on the set of his movie “Rust”, on October 21, the Baldwins have been subject to intense scrutiny.

Hours after a new report revealed there were at least three other accidental gun shots on the set, Hutchins was killed. The fun-loving family photos of the couple were released.

Hilaria - seen wearing matching costumes with her daughters Carmen (right) and Maria (left) - shared the photos to Instagram

Hilaria – Hilaria was pictured in matching costumes with Carmen (right), and Maria (left). She shared the photos on Instagram

Her caption described how 'intense' parenting her children has been while coping with the tragedy, writing: 'Parenting through this has been an intense experience, to say the least. Today, we rallied to give them a holiday'

Her caption described how ‘intense’ parenting her children was while dealing with the tragedy. She wrote: ‘Parenting through all of this has been an intense experience to say the least. Today, we rallied to offer them a holiday.

However, Hilaria faced social media backlash and was criticised as 'inappropriate and tasteless' for posting the fun holiday snaps while Halyna Hutchin's nine-year-old son would face his first Halloween without his mother

However, Hilaria faced social media backlash and was criticised as ‘inappropriate and tasteless’ for posting the fun holiday snaps while Halyna Hutchin’s nine-year-old son would face his first Halloween without his mother

Hilaria posted the set of photos to her Instagram on Sunday. It was despite the negative reactions she received online Saturday after interrupting husband during a press conference.  

Photos of Alec dressed up in the popular children’s book Where the Wild Things Are. 

Hilaria is seen sporting an apparent spider witch costume that matched her daughters Carmen, 8, and Maria Lucia Victoria, 8 months. 

The couple also posed Maria and her older brother, Eduardo, 1, in matching brightly-colored workout clothes. 

Their three older sons, Rafael, 6, Leonardo, 5, and Romeo, 3, also wore fun costumes although it was not immediately clear what the boys were dressed up as. 

Leigh Daly, a Twitter user, wrote that the actor and his wife were subject to backlash. It’s so offensive and unprofessional!

Another social media user pointed out that Halyna’s young son, Andros, would still be in mourning for his mother, saying: ‘The Baldwin kids should absolutely enjoy Halloween. #hilariabaldwin, however, should have kept her festivities (and herself!) off social media. Halyna’s son didn’t get to enjoy this holiday. Hillary, Celebrate without posting. It’s literally the least you could do.’

However, celebrities commented on the post to express their love for the Baldwins as well as offering support during a difficult time, which Hilaria described as ‘intense’.

‘Lord! I can’t even imagine the chaos! But you are doing a great job. Actor Leslie Jordan said, “Giving them a great childhood.”

“Oh, I love everything about this !!!!’,” Joelle Garguilo said. said journalist Joelle Garguilo. 

‘Stay strong…’ echoed actor and professional chef David Burtka. 

‘Sending you big hugs. They are so lucky to be with you,’ Mary Orton Scudellari added, an entrepreneur, investor, and self-proclaimed style enthusiast.

The couple posed Maria and her older brother, Eduardo, 1, in matching brightly-colored workout clothes

Maria and Eduardo, Maria’s older brother were photographed in matching brightly-colored exercise clothes.

Maria is seen wearing what appears to be a spider witch costume

Maria is seen wearing what appears like a spider witch costume

Alec (pictured with his wife and kids) dressed up as a creature from the popular children's book Where the Wild Things Are

Alec (pictured with his children and wife) dressed up as a wild creature from the popular children’s book Where the Wild Things Are

A Sunday morning investigative report in the Los Angeles Times showed that there were three accidental weapons releases that occurred before Hutchins’ death.

One involved Alec’s stunt double accidentally shooting a blank when he was told the gun was “cold”.

Another example was when a props worker accidentally shot herself in the foot with a blank. 

Several crew members were interviewed by The Times during their investigation. 

One claimed that there were many red flags throughout the production, citing that there wasn’t an on-site doctor during pre-production.

“Someone dropped a countersink bit on me and it stabbed in the hand. It was my responsibility to fix it and I’m still recovering from it,’ shared a production worker.

Another source claimed that production leaders were more concerned by their budget than safety on set.  

Lane Luper, A-camera’s first assistant, stated that crew members were always more important than the budget.

“Everything was about the budget and the schedule.”  

An investigative report published Sunday morning revealed three accidental weapons discharges that took place on the Rust set (pictured) prior to Hutchins' death

Sunday’s investigative report revealed that three accidental weapons releases occurred on the Rust Set (pictured), prior to Hutchins’ death.

One involved Alec's stunt double accidentally firing a blank after being told the gun was 'cold'. In another instance, a props department worker 'actually shot herself in the foot' with a blank

One involved Alec’s stuntdouble accidentally firing a blank, despite being told the gun was cold. Another instance was that of a props department worker who accidentally fired a blank after being told the gun was ‘cold’.

Halyna Hutchins (pictured) died on October 21 after Alec Baldwin pointed and fired a Colt pistol at her during a scene

Halyna Hutchins (pictured) died on October 21 after Alec Baldwin pointed and fired a Colt pistol at her during a scene 

Luper and several other crew members also claimed that officials failed to send safety bulletins and call sheets to them once filming had begun.

Despite the lack of safety concern from production leaders, crew members claim Alec prioritized the well being of his fellow cast members. 

A camera technician stated that Alec was concerned about safety on the set.

Another crew member echoed the words of another crew member, “He wanted me to know where I would stand when he pulled his gun.”

“I told him I was going be standing in another place, and then he said, “Good.”

Hutchins passed away on October 21st after Alec pointed a Colt pistol at Hutchins during a scene. 

Alec was handling the vintage gun on the set of Rust in Santa Fe, New Mexico, when it accidentally discharged – killing the mom-of-one and wounding director Joel Souza.

Hilaria was seen leaving her Greenwich Village family home one day after the accident.

She said, “I didn’t know where my destination was, I just drove.” “I just drove around the block and around with my kids.”

To escape the media scrutiny, she settled in Manchester, Vermont.  Her husband later joined her there. 

Alec has not spoken out about the situation since he issued a public statement on the day following Hutchins’ passing. He indicated that he was cooperating to authorities and offered his condolences for her family. 

His silence was also reflected on his social media accounts. He appeared to be returning to his online habits on Saturday.  

He complimented actor and comedian Mario Cantone’s Halloween costume and retweeted a post about the importance of teachers and educators.

Alec also made political commentary in response to Kurt Anderson’s tweet asking for examples of ‘once-great American institutions’ that are misleadingly operating under old names. 

He replied: “The federal government.”   

Alec returned to his typical social media behaviors on Saturday after remaining silent online since the day after Hutchins' death

After remaining silent online since the death of Hutchins, Alec returned to his usual social media behavior on Saturday

Alec was with Hilaria when he pulled over to speak to photographers in Manchester, Vermont.  

They spoke for approximately four minutes. He said: ‘A woman died. She was my friend. 

He stated, “The day that I arrived in Santa Fe to begin shooting, she was taken to dinner by Joel, the director.” ‘We were a very well-oiled crew, shooting a film together, and then this horrible incident happened. 

Hilaria, who appeared to be trying to say something to her husband as he talked with reporters, walked toward Alec and said, “Excuse me.” 

Alec stated to photographers that he was ‘ordered’ not to speak about the investigation by Santa Fe Sheriff’s Office, but that he is ‘eagerly waiting for the sheriff’s office to release his findings. 

The actor, who was visibly anxious during his exchanges with reporters, then asked: “What other other questions do you have than that?”  

After the death, the 42-year old filmmaker, he claimed he ‘talks with the cops every single day’. 

Alec (right) and his wife, Hilaria, spoke to reporters about the incident for the first time Saturday during an impromptu roadside press conference (pictured)

Alec (right) with Hilaria (pictured) spoke to reporters about Saturday’s incident during an impromptu roadside conference (pictured).

Hilaria then steps into the frame and stands beside her husband while filming the assembled photographers and reporters with her mobile phone.

The reporter asks Alec if he met with the family. But he forgets Hutchins and then fumbles the question. Hilaria and Alec then express their dismay.

Hilaria responded, “Her name’s Halyna.”

Hilaria informs the reporter that if you spend so much time waiting, you should know her first name.

Alec also seemed to be annoyed at the reporter and asked in amazement: ‘You don’t know her name? You’re being too kind. Halyna Hutchins. 

Alec continued, “I met with her husband Matthew and her son.” Yes, that’s right.

Alec answered when Alec was asked how the meeting went: “I don’t know how I would describe it.”

Alec then stated that they were mortified’, but Hilaria intervenes before he can finish his sentence.

“You guys, you guys, do you know what?” No details,’ Hilaria said.

Alec appeared again agitated at his wife and said: “Do you want to do me a favor?” I’m going answer the question. 

Hilaria has been branded a desperate attention-seeker by social media users after she interrupted Alec several times during the interview

Social media users label Hilaria as a desperate attention seeker after she interrupt Alec several times during their interview

Alec claimed Hutchins' death was 'one in a trillion' before saying 'probably billions' of gunshots have gone off 'without incident' on filmsets in America without 'incident'

Alec claimed Hutchins’s death was ‘one of a trillion’, before stating that ‘probably billions’ have been fired ‘without incident’ from American film sets without an ‘incident.

Alec was shocked when the reporter told him that Hutchins’ widower was “very upset”. 

Alec says, “There are occasional accidents on film sets, but nothing like these.” This is a one-in-a-thousand episode. This is a unique event in a trillion. 

“We are very concerned about his family and his child. We are eagerly waiting for the sheriff’s office to inform us of the results of their investigation, as I mentioned.

Alec, still frustrated, asks the press corps: “What other options do you have?” 

He answered many questions about firearms and sets, as well as whether Rust would continue to produce them. He said that it did not appear that this was the case. 

Hilaria again interjected when Hilaria was asked why he and his family decided to move to Vermont.

Alec extended his hand towards his wife’s right side, gesturing to her that he would be the one speaking.

He tells reporters, “That’s private.” That’s private. 

Alec pleaded for privacy when the reporters had no other questions.

“My children are crying in the car,” the 30 Rock star stated. Hilaria added: “Because you guys follow them and they know. 

Alec continued: “As your courtesy, I came out!” [to talk to you]. I am not permitted to comment on the investigation.

He concluded. He concluded his remarks by saying, “My point is that -I’m just asking you…we sat to talk to each other as a courtesy, now, please, would it be possible to stop following us and let us be?”

Hilaria said, ‘Just go home.’

Alec said, “We gave you everything that we could possibly give to you,” before he walked toward his car.

Hilaria then walks behind her husband, asking reporters: “Now turn it off.” 

Hilaria Baldwin made an emotional post on Instagram, showing her hand intertwined with husband Alec Baldwins and says she has fears he will develop PTSD after he accidentally shot dead cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of 'Rust'

Hilaria Baldwin shared an emotional Instagram post showing her hand intertwined and Alec Baldwins. She expressed concern about Alec’s PTSD and said that he had accidentally shot Halyna Utchins, a cinematographer on the set for ‘Rust. 

Twitter users were unsympathetic to Hilaria, saying she's 'desperate for attention' and needs to stop 'parading her whole family to Starbucks, etc. "if" she wants some privacy'

Twitter users were not sympathetic to Hilaria. They said she is ‘desperate for attention’, and that she needs to stop ‘parading’ her entire family to Starbucks, etc. If she wants privacy, she can say so.

Hilaria also posted a heartfelt message on Instagram: “I love you and i’m here,” she captioned a photo of her and her husband’s hands intertwined.

Her apparent attempt to elicit sympathy backfired online. Many social media users called her attention-seeking.  

@blanket1734 tweeted, “This scene featuring Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Baldwin [aka 100% not-Spanish Hillary of Boston who is still using fake accents] is nuts.”

“He’s trying his best to deal with the papas and his wife keeps jumping into, trying to buttin and FILMING because they’re so desperate for attention.  

@LexieNorcross added: “Watching Alec basically tell Hilaria go away is amazing.

“The chick should learn how to use Instacart door dash and Instacart, and stop parading her family to Starbucks, etc. She wants privacy, but she also wants attention.

@rdcarrington stated that the picture showed two narcissists.

They tweeted, “She must involve herself to get some attention,” 

On Friday night, the couple were photographed eating multiple plates at the venue in Manchester (VT) after it was closed to the public. 

Alec, a man who was cured from alcoholism in 1986 and has been teetotal since then, was enjoying a nonalcoholic IPA beer. Hilaria ordered a wine. While her husband perused through the menu, she was seen talking to the phone. 

Hilaria hugged Alec, and at one point, he was holding his head with one hand. He then appeared deep in thought, while looking down from his stool. 

The actor is facing a criminal investigation for the fatal shooting of Hutchins. obtained a call sheet indicating that Alec was participating in a mock gunfight at the Bonanza Ranch church when Hutchins was killed.

Co-stars Jensen Ackles, Swen Temmel and Travis Hammer were also in the scene – numbered 121 – alongside Alec’s stunt double Blake Teixeira and stunt coordinator Allan Graf.

Production notes indicate that the Colt pistol was among several weapons on the set at the time, but it was the only one used in 121 as well as the preceding 118. 

The armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, 24, said ‘wasn’t sure if I was ready’ in an interview prior to filming. 

In the podcast interview, she also said that loading blanks into guns was the scariest thing she had ever done. She didn’t know how to do it so she sought help from Thell Reed, a legendary gunsmith, to overcome her fear.

Dave Halls, first assistant director, grabbed the gun off the cart and brought it in to Alec. However, Alec was not aware that it was loaded up with live rounds.

“Cold gun!” Halls shouted “Cold gun!” Before handing the gun to Alec. This phrase was used to signal cast and crew that the gun was safe for them to fire on the scene.

Hutchins was behind the camera while the scene was being filmed on October 21

Hutchins was in the background of the camera as the scene was being shot on October 21.

Before Alec accidentally shot and killed Hutchins, the crew of Alec’s movie sets were already concerned about gun safety. 

The warrant indicated that a single bullet struck Hutchins in the chest, and then struck director Joel Souza in the shoulder as he was standing behind her, injuring him, suggesting the bullet traveled all the way through Hutchins’ body.  

Unionized workers had left the set hours prior to the fatal shooting after complaining about long hours and poor conditions. 

Alec has since stated to reporters that he doesn’t believe production will resume.