Is it a Rainge Rover or? A bizarre moment storm appears to breakout above a SINGLE car of Indonesia

  • The footage is from West Java, Indonesia. It shows extremely localised rainfall on the car.
  • Onlooker Uryan Riana said they thought someone above was playing with water 
  • This rare phenomenon happens during the Asian nation’s annual monsoon seasons

This is the bizarre moment that rain poured onto one car in an Indonesian downpour.

The rare weather phenomenon took place in a parking lot in Bekasi Regency in West Java on Monday.

Uryan Riiana, an observer, stated that at first, he thought someone was playing in the water above the hotel. The water was actually falling from above the hotel when I looked up. It was raining.

The bizarre weather event seen in the footage in which rain only falls on a small area is known as ultra localised rain

Ultra localised rain is the name for the bizarre weather phenomenon seen in the footage, in which rain only falls in a small area.

The scene is reminiscent of classic cartoons in which rain only falls on one particular person

This scene reminds me of classic cartoons where rain only falls on one person

Uryan, a member of Bekasi Regency Region House of Representatives, approached a drenched black car and said that he didn’t see anyone spraying water on it.

He said, “It just so happened that it was me in the parking lot at that moment.” I immediately took out my cellphone and recorded the rain.

Ultra localised rain is a bizarre weather phenomenon in which rain only falls on small areas.

A similar incident occurred in Indonesia in 2017. In 2017, rain poured onto a single house in South Jakarta.

The footage was filmed as Indonesia is in its monsoon season with heavy rainfall coming after spells of soaring temperatures

The footage was taken as Indonesia was going through its monsoon season. Heavy rainfall followed by spells with high temperatures.

In 2016, it was also possible to record ultra localised rain in Palermo.

The torrential rain that fell on a road patch at that time shocked pedestrians and motorists.

The peak of the tropical monsoon rainy seasons in Indonesia, Thailand, and other Southeast Asian countries like the Philippines, Thailand, and Malaysia are around late November.

Temperatures reaching 35 degrees Celsius are often followed closely by powerful tropical storms with thunder and lightning, rain, and flash floods. These storms cause rivers to flow faster, and can be dangerous.