Are UK’s Omicron waves already flattening out? As the NHS eases pressure, Daily Covids suffer a 4% drop in one week. However, hospital admissions plummet by a fifth.


There were signs the UK’s wave of Omicron infections was starting to level off today as the country reported just a 4 per cent fall in daily cases — but hospital admissions fell for the sixth day in a row.

Data from the Government Dashboard shows that another 95,787 positive test results were recorded in the past 24 hours. This is only slightly less than the 99.652 reported last Friday.

The 16th consecutive week of falling cases is over, however the trend has slowed the past 2 days with a drop in just 1.6% yesterday. 

Latest hospital data shows there were 1,974 Covid hospital admissions on January 17, marking a 18.5 per cent fall on the previous week. 

There were also 288 deaths within 28 days of a positive test for the virus registered today, up by just under 7 per cent compared to a week ago. 

An increasing number of experts are calling for the Government’s to cease publishing Covid daily figures. They claim that they are misleading the public and encourage an unhealthy addiction to stats.

Meanwhile, London Mayor Sadiq Khan today declared London’s emergency Covid status over as the capital’s case numbers continue to plummet and hospitalisations trend down. 

Khan said that there was a major incident. London became Omicron hotspot in the country and Mr Khan reported it. London also saw an unusual one-in-10 Londoners get infected in a matter of weeks.