Although some men are too afraid to initiate a relationship with someone they like, others need to understand the signs. 

In a hilarious viral Twitter thread started by New York-based comedian David Drake, men have shared the times they were utterly clueless that women were flirting with them – despite blatantly obvious come-ons.

His worst mistake was when a girl jumped into his bed at a sleepover, and began tickling him.   

Another revealed that when his crush said she was ‘too cold’ to go home after a party and asked to stay the night, he gave her as sweater and sent her on her way. 

Another person explained that the receipt was signed by a McDonald’s worker and that he lost it because he didn’t think she’d do it for bad food. 

Another man, however, shared that he didn’t realize his coworker had suggested she might like to watch a film with him. She then asked him for a date and revealed they were happily married.  

American men have revealed the times they didn't realize someone was hitting on them in a hilarious Twitter thread (stock image)

In a funny Twitter thread, American men revealed how they were unaware that someone was sexting on them (stock image).

Some revealed how they failed to see that women were hitting them, even when they left their phone number on their McDonald's receipt of pointed out they didn't have a date to go to prom

Some said that they couldn’t see how women were targeting them even after leaving their numbers on McDonald’s receipts. 

David Drake recalled his moment of total obliviousness in the tweet that started this thread. He wrote: “In high school, I went to a party and the girl that I liked got into bed with us and started tickling our necks. And I thought, “Hahaha, okay, time for bed!” and that’s what I do twice every five minutes.

Another added: ‘In high school my family was gone so I had the house to myself and threw a party. At the end of the night this girl I liked said “I’ll just spend the night here”.  

‘I said “You don’t want to go?” She was like “It’s cold”. She was so excited that I bought her a sweater and she went on her way.

One of his friends revealed that he declined the chance to go on a date with him because he wanted to spend time with his sister. But, at least it was happy.  

‘I was talking with a friend at work about this movie that was limited in release. And she said, “That sounds great.” Then I thought, “I’d love to see it.” I replied that I was going along with my sister. Goodbye! I was asked out by her a week later. He said, “We’re now married.” 

New York-based comedian David Drake started the thread by confessing he missed the signal when a girl hopped in bed with him at a sleepover in high school and tickled him

David Drake (New York comedian) started the thread with a confession that he did not see the signal because a girl who was high school sweetheart jumped in his bed at night and tickled him. 

‘When I was a teenager, a cute girl who worked at McDonald’s wrote her number on the back of my receipt and I thought “I bet they do this in case there’s something wrong with my order”. Another woman confessed that she tossed the receipt in trash. 

 Others admitted they also had missed signals from women they were interested in when they were younger. 

Back in high school, when I was talking to a girl in my youth group, she said that my prom date had cancelled. She gave me an obvious “look”, saying “I would like to go to prom but don’t know anyone”. I thought, “Yes, we are in the same boat.” It’s a pity,” one said. 

“Moved to my college dorm in the first semester, got knocked on the door by a sweet girl asking for help. The girl said that she didn’t feel safe so I closed the door. 

One men revealed he gave his crush a sweater when she said she was too cold to go home at night

Un man revealed that he bought his girlfriend a sweater after she complained about being too cold to return home. 

Many men admitted that they did NOT get the hint from the women, even after being invited over. 

After a job as a waitress in college, this pretty waitress told me, “Let’s go to mine, there is no one at home.” When she said that there would be no one home, I replied “How can there possibly be?” “I think of that whenever I’m at home, and she went home by herself,” one wrote. 

I was invited by a girl once to hang out with her. She said, “Help me hang up the lights,” because she is so tall. I was invited to come sleep with her. After we had both laid down on her bed, she said “I normally sleep naked”, and I replied “OK, I’ll just look at you until I get under the covers,”‘ one of us recalled. 

Other men shared their own stories ,with one saying he eventually married the woman when she took it upon herself to ask him out

Other men also shared their stories, one saying that the man eventually married his wife when she decided to ask him out. 

But the man said the same thing: the girl quit dropping hints. He just wanted to kiss her. 

‘One time I smoked for the first time with a girl i liked a lot and she said “I heard you’re supposed to kiss after you smoke for the first time”. I said “Haha, that’s not a real thing I don’t think”,’ another manr remembered. 

One man told how he thought one of the female cross-country runners on his school team was out of his league.  

At our 20th reunion, she stood up, gave me an enormous wet kiss and then asked, “WHY DON’T YOU ASK OUT?” He said that he thinks about it every five milliseconds.