You must be in November Brits are set for a gloomy weekend today, after a miserable day of rain – north will face snow in a few weeks

  • Predictions for rain that will last most of the day, before receding tonight to prepare for a dry but still gloomy weekend
  • Temperatures mild for time of year, hitting 15C in parts of south-east, and trend will continue  over weekend
  • Warwick Pictures showed cars wading through standing water.  


Britons were greeted by soggy conditions in large parts of Britain this morning, as low pressure from the Atlantic brought down a region of high pressure. 

Warwick photos showed cars swimming through standing water while London workers carried umbrellas to endure the damp commute. 

Rain is likely to continue for a large part of today before it will subside tonight ahead of a dry, but cloudy weekend. 

The temperatures are moderate for this time of year. They reach 15C in some parts of the south east. This trend will continue Saturday and Sunday, with an average of 14C Saturday and 13C Sunday. 

Forecasters are predicting snowfalls of as high as 2.5mm at certain locations by the week’s end. According to the Met Office, ‘wintry conditions will prevail on high ground north of the country later in this month. 

Pictures from Warwick showed cars wading through pools of standing water as much of Britain was hit by rain this morning

Warwick Pictures showed cars wading through standing water in Britain as the morning rains came. 

Alex Deakin, Met Office forecaster said that today will bring mild temperatures but heavy rains for many areas of the country. This includes Northern Ireland and South and Central Scotland. Other areas may see showers, but more sunshine. 

“Parts of East Anglia, southern England, may not experience showers, but temperatures will be above the average for this time of the year (up to 15C south-east). 

“Though Friday night, there will be rain showers in southern Scotland and northern England. However, it will clear up elsewhere. As well, the winds will decrease. 

“On weekends it won’t get as windy or wet, but it won’t be very sunny. It will still remain mostly cloudy.”  

The rain is expected to last for much of the day before easing off tonight in advance of a dry - but gloomy - weekend. Pictured: A Met Office weather map for today

A Met Office weather map for Saturday

Rain is forecast to continue for most of today, before receding tonight ahead of a dry but cloudy weekend. Pictured are Met Office maps today and Saturday. 

In London office workers armed themselves with umbrellas as they endured a damp commute across London Bridge

London Bridge: Office workers carried umbrellas in London to endure the wet commute. 

Met Office forecaster Alex Deakin said: 'Today it will be mild but very wet for some, including in Northern Ireland and south and central Scotland. Elsewhere will see more showers but some brighter spells'

Alex Deakin from the Met Office said, “Today will be mild and very wet for many. This includes in Northern Ireland and southern and central Scotland. Other areas may see showers, but more sunshine.

According to a spokesperson, Saturday will be cloudy with showers in the eastern regions. 

“Conditions will generally be dry and sunny elsewhere, but there may be some sunshine in Scotland or northwest England. Northern Ireland will see some drizzle and light rain later. 

It will be cloudy on Sunday, but dry from the northwest. The far northwest will see rain and strong winds, then it will drop southeast with showers.

Temperatures are mild for the time of the year, hitting 15C in parts of the south-east, and this trend will continue over Saturday and Sunday with averages of 14C on Saturday and 13C on Sunday. Pictured: Warwick today

It is a mild day for July, reaching 15C parts of the south, east, and will remain this way through Saturday and Sunday. On average, Saturday’s temperature was 14C and Sunday it was 13C. Photo: Warwick, today 

Commuters carrying umbrellas to try and keep try while crossing London Bridge into the City of London this morning

Commuters had umbrellas in their pockets to help them cross the London Bridge and into London City. 

HMS Belfast moored in the Thames with Tower Bridge in the background on a gloomy and damp morning today

HMS Belfast is moored on the Thames, with Tower Bridge visible in the background. It was a dark and rainy morning today.