After Conor McGregor was allegedly punched by him at a party last week, an Italian DJ launched a criminal claim’ against McGregor.

Francesco Facchinetti claimed McGregor broke his nose on October 16th, alleging that it was done ‘without motivation’.

Speaking to ESPN, the 41 year-old DJ stated that he had filed a complaint under Italian law. 

Speaking to the broadcaster, the DJ said: ‘It’s something about ethics, and Conor is f*****g dangerous.

“This is a problem. He can do more than this, he could be better than this. What happens when he punches another guy tomorrow and that man dies? What happens next? What happens to MMA’?

He said that his criminal case is not motivated in any way by money.

Italian DJ Francesco Facchinetti (right) has launched a 'criminal claim' against Conor McGregor after last week alleging the MMA fighter punched him at a party in Rome

Francesco Facchinetti (right), an Italian DJ, has filed a ‘criminal case’ against Conor McGregor. He was allegedly punched by McGregor at a party in Rome last week. 

Facchinetti’s lawyer also spoke to ESPN to tell them that criminal investigations in Italy are not publicized under Italian law. He has not seen the police report.

He did confirm that McGregor’s client had filed a criminal complaint against him. 

MailOnline reached out to McGregor representatives for comment.

It comes after the Italian DJ revealed how a pleasant evening of drinking at a hotel with Conor McGregor ended with him being punched in the face.

Francesco Facchinetti said that he suffered a broken nose, and squashed vertebrae in the neck from an unprovoked attack at a Regis Hotel exclusive party by an MMA fighter.

Exclusively speaking to MailOnline: “One minute we were talking in friendly manner, the next he just lashed at me.

The Italian DJ claimed last week that Conor McGregor (pictured) broke his nose after punching him in the face

Last week, Conor McGregor (pictured), claimed that he had broken his nose from being punched in the face by the Italian DJ.

“We were enjoying a drink together, and everything seemed to be going well when suddenly he changed. I was only a few inches away when he punched me in the face with his right arm.

“I flew backwards, and crashed into a table.

“I was shocked. My wife was screaming and hysterical because there was so much blood. McGregor was dragged away by two men, one of his bodyguards trying to calm him down.

“I couldn’t believe that he had struck me. I have to admit that I was concerned about what he would do next. But he was quickly taken from me. Everyone was shocked and upset. He did something unbelievable. It was so unjust and uncalled for.

McGregor, the DJ, showed off his swollen lip and cut. He said that he met McGregor when he and his wife were at Soho House in Rome with Bella Thorne, an American actress.

McGregor allegedly sent Bella a text saying he wanted to get together for a party. So Mr Facchinetti and Mrs Facchinetti dropped their 10-year-old daughter off at home and arrived at the hotel at midnight.

“The party took place in a meeting room, and there was plenty of vodka and whiskey. The hotel even had a kitchen available to cook food. McGregor had four Irish friends who were very friendly. We exchanged mobile numbers. It was going well and we were having a great time.

McGregor was very chatty, talking about this and that for three hour and the whole group was enjoying one another’s company.

“We talked about Rome. It was Italy and how he was getting his Lamborghini boat. I was very friendly. I would pour him a whisky, and he would pour me one. It was a pleasant atmosphere. The atmosphere was calm and friendly.

Speaking exclusively to MailOnline, a shaken Mr Fracchinetti said: 'One minute we were talking in a friendly manner and the next he just lashed out at me'. A spokesman for McGregor was unavailable for comment

Exclusively speaking to MailOnline: A shaken Mr Fracchinetti said that while they were talking in a friendly atmosphere, the next minute he just lashed at me. McGregor’s spokesperson was not available for comment

Mr Facchinetti claimed that the mood of host was suddenly shaky when Bella, along with her husband, Ben Mascolo, announced that they were leaving.

“Bella stated that she needed to catch an early train to Milan to attend a premiere and that she needed to sleep. I said that the party could continue and that I would stay with my wife. He then flipped. He was completely out-of-control. He seemed to want to kill me for no reason. Bella was stunned and couldn’t believe the events. His bodyguards were there to save him.

He stated that there was no reason for him not to lash at me, and it was completely unprovoked. He is a bully.

“I have gone to the police station to complain of assault and I hope that they take action. I did not do anything wrong to merit this.

“I don’t want him going to prison, but I do want him to understand that even though he’s rich and famous, he can’t just go around hitting people for no reason.”

In a post on social media, Mr Facchinetti shared details of the alleged assault with his one million followers. He also showed off his shaved lips.

Later, he was admitted to hospital and received treatment for his neck injury.

“If this goes all of the way to a judge, then it will be an example for him to change his ways.” He must be controlled, and he has to stop doing the same thing.

McGregor was in Rome to witness the baptism of his son Rian, at the Vatican, with his family. He has also taken delivery of his £2.9m Lamborghini superyacht.

The two-time UFC champion is currently recovering from a fractured foot sustained in his last fight against Dustin Poirier.

McGregor’s spokesperson was not available for comment.

Two years ago, McGregor was fined £850 for assaulting an elderly man in an Irish pub who had refused his offer of a drink.

After pleading guilty to assault and expressing regret, he was released from prison by a Dublin court

McGregor was indicted on three counts of assault and one of criminal mischief for attacking a charter bus carrying UFC fighters in New York in 2018. In that case, McGregor pleaded guilty to a lesser disorderly conduct charge.