Ivanka Trump had a lot of fun on the Florida sunshine while she took her children speedboating in Miami Sunday with her three kids.  

In a black top with buttoned destroyed denim shorts, the 40-year old looked like she was ready for adventure. The sporty outfit was completed with black sunglasses and a baseball cap. 

Ivanka was all smiles as she watched her children — Arabella, ten, Joseph, eight, and Theodore, five — tubing behind the speedboat during the afternoon outing. 

Ivanka Trump spent some quality time with her three children, Arabella, ten, Joseph, eight, and Theodore, five, on a speedboat in Miami, Florida, on Sunday afternoon

Ivanka Trump and her three children (Arabella, 10, Joseph, 8 and Theodore), spent Sunday afternoon on a speedboat in Miami. 

The 40-year-old (pictured with her daughter Arabella and son Theodore) wore a black wetsuit for the occasion, though she didn't appear to get into the water

The photo shows the 40-year old with her son Theodore and daughter Arabella. She wore a black wetsuit, but she wasn’t seen getting in the water. 

The mom watched as her children went tubing behind the speedboat, with Joseph and Theodore (pictured) each taking turns with their big sister

The mother watched her kids go tubing behind the speedboat. Joseph (pictured) and Theodore were taking turns along with their big sisters. 

Long blonde hair of the mom was pulled back and pulled through the cap. The mom wore minimal jewelry. She wore a ring, a couple of bracelets and the red string that she wears often on her left hand.  

Although she didn’t speak about the intended purpose of the bracelet, there is a similarity to the red string Kabbalah people use to protect themselves from the evil eye. 

Arabella, Ivanka’s miniature-me daughter, wore a baseball hat like her mother and a light blue and light white striped sweatshirt over a light pink swimsuit.   

She made sure that her sons, who were younger than hers, had rashguards on and baseball caps for themselves. 

Ivanka was all smiles as she watched her kids having fun in the water behind her

Ivanka smiled as her children had fun in the pool behind her 

Ivanka took plenty of pictures as she watched Joseph handle the rope connected to the tub

Ivanka took many photos as Joseph was handling the rope that connected to her tub. 

Ivanka paired her wetsuit with button-up destroyed denim shorts, a black cap, and mirrored shades

Ivanka chose to pair her wetsuit, buttoned destroyed denim shorts and black caps with mirrored shades. 

While Ivanka watched Joseph and Arabella tubing, Theodore sat next to the boat's driver

Ivanka watched Joseph & Arabella tube while Theodore was next to the boat driver. 

The mom wore her long blonde hair in a messy bun that was pulled through the back of her baseball cap

Mom wore long brunette hair pulled up through her baseball cap in a messy ponytail. 

Ivanka's sporty wetsuit featured a stylish gold zipper down the back. It's unclear if it was a leotard or just a top

Ivanka's sporty wetsuit featured a stylish gold zipper down the back. It's unclear if it was a leotard or just a top

Ivanka’s stylish wetsuit had a gold zipper running down its back. The back of the wetsuit was not a top, but a leotard. 

Little Theodore stood close to his mom while wearing a baseball cap and rash guard to protect him from the sun

Theodore, a little boy who was wearing a baseball cap with a rashguard to keep him safe from the sun, stood next to his mother. 

Jared Kushner (ex-White House Senior Advisor) was not present on the speedboat with her husband. However, he was spotted at numerous family outings over recent months. 

Ivanka didn’t seem to want to go in the water with Joseph or Theodore, so she opted to remain on the boat, while Joseph and Theodore went tubing together with their sibling. 

Theodore was sat next to his speedboat driver when he wasn’t in water. 

As her youngest daughter and oldest son enjoyed tubing with her, the mother-of-three smiled wide as her mouth.  

Ivanka's lookalike daughter, Arabella, had a big smile on her face as they got ready to pull away from the dock

Arabella, Ivanka’s daughter-in-law, smiled big as she got set to leave the dock. 

Before getting into the water, Arabella had on a light blue and white striped sweatshirt and a baseball cap like her mom and brothers

Arabella was dressed in a lightweight blue-white striped sweatshirt, and a baseball hat before getting into the pool. 

Ivanka was seen checking her phone while soaking up the Florida sunshine on the speedboat

Ivanka was observed checking her cell phone as she was enjoying the Florida sunshine while onboard the speedboat. 

The proud mom had her phone in her hand, ready to take pictures at any moment

She was proud to have her smartphone in her hands, ready for any photo opportunity 

Ivanka's husband, former White House senior adviser Jared Kushner, was not with them on the speedboat

Jared Kushner was Ivanka’s former White House senior advisor, but he wasn’t there on the speedboat.

While the driver steered the boat, Ivanka focused on her children behind her

Ivanka stayed focused on her children while the driver drove the boat. 

She proudly photographed her children in the water with her phone. 

Since her dad’s defeat, the former first-daughter and her family moved to Miami in early this year. 

Ivanka, Jared, and their three children have been living in one of Miami’s most exclusive oceanfront buildings, Arte Surfside.

It is one of the most costly complexes in the area, with an average rent price of $47,000 per month. Its penthouse sold for $33 million to an unnamed private equity executive from New York in January of this year — the same month that Ivanka and her family moved into the building.

Ivanka and her family have enjoyed numerous boat outings since they've moved to Miami

Since moving to Miami, Ivanka and her family enjoy many boat trips. 

Ivanka has kept a relatively low profile since she and her family relocated from Washington, D.C. to Miami

Since her move from Washington, D.C., to Miami, Ivanka kept an extremely low profile. 

The former first daughter carried around a carton of Boxed Water to stay hydrated in the sun

The former first daughter carried around a carton of Boxed Water to stay hydrated in the sun

For sun exposure, her first child carried water in a small carton. 

Ivanka kicked back while her kids hung out on the boat on the sunny December day

Ivanka relaxed while her kids enjoyed the sun on the December day on the boat. 

The kids put on life vests before getting into the tube as a safety precaution

As a precaution, the children put on life vests prior to getting in the tube. 

Ivanka smiled brightly as she took a snapshot of her kids from a different angle on the boat

Ivanka laughed brightly while taking a photo of her children from an angle different to the boat 

The Kushner family is said to be using the large, unfurnished unit as a temporary home while they build a property on a two-acre plot they purchased on Indian Creek Island — also known as the ‘Billionaire Bunker’ — for $31.8 million late last year. 

The Real Deal reports that they bought another $24 Million mansion just around the corner.

According to the couple, their new home has six bedrooms and eight and a quarter bathrooms. The property was owned once by Julio Iglesias in Spain.

This French Neo-Classical Residence measures 8,510 square feet and sits on 1.26 Acres. It features 26-feet high domed ceilings and an open staircase.

Arabella's hair flew behind her as the held on tight to the tube during the outing

Arabella’s hair started to fly behind her, but she held onto the tube throughout the outing. 

Joseph's mouth dropped open in glee as he clung to the tube's plastic handles

Joseph’s jaw dropped in delight as he grasped the plastic tube handles with both hands. 

Ivanka's children seem to enjoy life in Florida, where they can play outside all year round

Ivanka and her children seem to love Florida because they are able to play outdoors all year. 

Ivanka and her husband Jared moved to Miami with their three children earlier this year

Ivanka, Jared and their children moved to Miami earlier in the year with Jared’s husband. 

Ivanka has kept out of the spotlight since the move and is usually only seen when she's out with her children

Ivanka has kept out of the spotlight since the move and is usually only seen when she's out with her children

Ivanka is rarely seen outside of her home with her children and has been quiet since then. 

While in Miami, the Kushner family has been living in one of Miami's most exclusive oceanfront buildings, Arte Surfside

The Kushner family lived in Miami’s exclusive Arte Surfside building while they were in Miami.

You will also find manicured gardens, reflection pools, large docks, and an outdoor swimming pool. Unfortunately, the aerial photographs of the house suggest that the property needs to be maintained after falling into decline while it was on the market.

Ivanka, Jared, and their Arte Surfside condo will remain until it’s fixed up. It is just two blocks from the Champlain Towers South Condo that collapsed in June. This condominium left nearly 100 dead.

Ivanka and Jared moved to Miami in the summer of 2009. They have not been out with their kids since then.

It is quite a change from the days when their Washington, D.C. lives were filled with family outings to their exclusive neighborhood.