The jury found that Jeffrey Epstein made $30.7million transfer to Ghislaine Maxiwell in eight years. 

The prosecution brought in evidence JP Morgan bank statements that showed $30.7million transfers from Epstein and Maxwell companies between 1999-2007.

Taking the stand Monday on the sixth day of Maxwell’s trial, JPMorgan Chase Executive Director Patrick McHugh broke down the transactions between the late financier and his alleged madam. 

According to a August 1999 bank statement, the Financial Trust Company (a company Epstein owned) sold $18.3million in shares. These shares were later transferred that day into Maxwell’s account.

Although the reason behind the transfer is not known, Maxwell purchased a Manhattan townhouse in the Upper East Side for $4.9million in October 2000.

The jury heard how Epstein transferred $30.7million to Ghislaine Maxwell over a period of eight years, between 1999 and 2007

In a hearing, the jury learned that Epstein gave $30.7million over eight years to GhislaineMaxwell. This was between 1999 and 2007.

JPMorgan Chase Executive Director Patrick McHugh took the stand Monday to break down the transactions between the late financier and his alleged madam

Patrick McHugh, Executive Director of JPMorgan Chase, took to the witness stand Monday in order to dissect the transactions between McHugh and the deceased financier.

A bank statement from August 1999 showed Epstein selling $18.3million of shares which were transferred the same day into Maxwell's bank account

An August 1999 bank statement showed Epstein having sold $18.3million worth of shares, which was transferred that day to Maxwell’s account.

An September 2002 statement for an Epstein account with JP Morgan indicated a $5million sale. These shares were then transferred to Maxwell’s bank account in Palm Beach.

It was June 2007, and the last transfer showed that Epstein had a bank account which transferred $7.6million from Maxwell.

She transferred the document to Air Ghislaine that same day, which she claimed she owned.

Maxwell also wired money to Sikorsky, the aircraft manufacturer. The reference on the transfer stated that it was intended for the purchase of an S76C-green helicopter as well as a ‘down payment’ on executive finishes. 

Christian Everdell was Maxwell’s attorney during cross examination and suggested that such transfers would be common among billionaires like Epstein. 

Everdell asked, “Is it possible that such high-net worth individuals have many assets?” Everdell asked.

McHugh said that they might, and added that transfers don’t alone indicate any foul play.

The last transfer was in June 2007 and showed a bank account Epstein owned transferring $7.6million to Maxwell. The same day she transferred it to a company called Air Ghislaine, which the documents showed she controlled. A photo of Epstein's helicopter was submitted into evidence

Epstein’s last transfer occurred in June 2007. It showed that Epstein held a bank account and had transferred $7.6million from Maxwell. She transferred the money to Air Ghislaine that day, which she claimed she controlled. Epstein submitted a photo of her helicopter as evidence 

A witness using the pseudonym 'Kate' took the stand Monday in Day Six of Ghislaine Maxwell's high-profile sex trafficking trial

On Monday, Day Six of Ghislaine’s high profile sex-trafficking trial against Maxwell saw a witness using the pseudonym Kate. 

McHugh testified after an anonymous witness, referred to as ‘Kate”, took the stand. She claimed that Maxwell had introduced her to Epstein at London’s 17-year-old age. 

The prosecution interrogated Kate and she admitted that her voice was sometimes weak. However, she spoke clearly with a British accent. 

Kate, wearing a black cardigan, a dark blue blouse with white polka dots and a black skirt, is not one of the main accusers in Maxwell’s case, but has been brought in as a prosecution witness.  

She claimed Maxwell invited her to her London townhouse in the affluent area of Belgravia where Jeffrey Epstein was wearing a robe. Maxwell informed her Epstein that Epstein’s massage therapist had cancelled and she asked if Maxwell could replace him. 

Kate said that Epstein removed his robe so she could see his naked body, and Maxwell gave her massage oil. Kate claimed that Epstein had initiated sexual contact. 

Kate told Maxwell that after the massage she felt great and asked him, “How was it?” You had fun! I think you’re a great girl.

Kate stated, “She sounded very happy, and it was a pleasure to hear that she was so pleased,”  

‘Later Maxwell told me to find someone to give Epstein a b***job,’ Kate claimed, and said Maxwell told her he needed to have sex ‘three times a day.’ 

Her blonde hair was up in a braid as she sat down in the witness booth.

The woman appeared anxious and was sitting in front of the court, her eyes shut. She steadied herself. 

Maxwell seemed stoic and sat back most of the time in her chair.  

Ghislaine Maxwell hugs her lawyer Bobbi Sternheim during her trial Monday

Ghislaine Maxwell embraces her lawyer Bobbi Starheim as she stands during Monday’s hearing 

'Later Maxwell told me to find someone to give Epstein a b***job,' Kate claimed, and said Maxwell told her he needed to have sex 'three times a day'

‘Later Maxwell told me to find someone to give Epstein a b***job,’ Kate claimed, and said Maxwell told her he needed to have sex ‘three times a day’ 

Kate was not allowed to testify before Judge Alison Nathan said that she wasn’t a victim of the alleged crime because she was older than consent.

Judge Nathan stated that Maxwell was not guilty based solely on Kate’s testimony and could not use Kate’s evidence for his verdict.

It can be used by the jury only to determine if the matter is’relevant’. The judge stated.

The ruling meant that Kate wasn’t asked any details about her interactions with Epstein.

Kate stated that she lived in Belgravia, London in 1994 with her mother when she was 17, because she was sick and was under a lot stress. 

The infamous photo of Virginia Roberts, Prince Andrew and Ghislaine Maxwell was taken at Maxwell's home in Belgravia

Maxwell’s Belgravia residence was the setting for famous photos of Prince Andrew, Virginia Roberts, and Ghislaine Maxwell.  

Kate claimed that Maxwell was the first person she met in Paris while on a vacation with someone she was currently dating. He was 38 at the time and introduced Maxwell as he already knew Maxwell.

Kate shared her thoughts about Maxwell, saying: “We talked about the evening and were heading there. We also spoke about my life. The man that I was with, we spoke of him. I was being asked about my self by her.

Kate stated that Maxwell was very sophisticated and elegant, with a short brown hair. Her achievements were impressive.

Kate thought Maxwell was only in her 30s when she called. Maxwell was contacted by Kate via her telephone number. Maxwell called Maxwell several weeks later.

Kate said that Kate was very excited to have her as a friend and was close friends with my boyfriend. She appeared very happy and was everything I desired.

Maxwell lived in Belgravia, where Kate recalls many pictures of Epstein and Maxwell.

Maxwell heard Kate tell Maxwell that Kate lived alone with her mother. Maxwell also learned that Kate had suffered migraines, and needed to massage her mother.

Maxwell said Kate could study law at Oxford University. Kate claimed that Kate was eligible for this program. Kate stated that she is a musician and suggested she may pursue it. She also talked about her passion for athletics.

Kate stated that she enjoyed a “really wonderful time” during Maxwell’s meeting. After sighing, she stated that Maxwell made her feel special. I felt I had found a connection that could be really meaningful to me…she seemed as excited as I was to have a new friend. Exhilarated, I was left. I felt like someone wanted me. I wanted someone to be my friend.

Maxwell shared his thoughts with Kate on Epstein. He said that Epstein was a “philanthropist that likes to assist young people” and it would be a pleasure to meet him.

Kate shared that Kate felt lonely when she first moved from France to the UK.

Maxwell invited Kate again to her home to visit Epstein just a few more weeks later. Maxwell had an urgent voice that Kate described as a’sound’ and Epstein sounded activated when she spoke to her.

Kate replied, “She stated she would love to go over and meet him.”

Kate claimed Epstein took off his robe to reveal his naked body and Maxwell handed her massage oil and closed the door. On Friday, Epstein's massage table was brought into court

Kate said Epstein removed his robe so that he could show his nakedness, and Maxwell gave her his massage oil before closing the door. Epstein’s table massage was taken to court on Friday 

Ghislaine's siblings Isabel and Kevin Maxwell arrived to the federal courthouse Monday to support their sister

Ghislaine’s siblings Isabel Maxwell and Kevin Maxwell were there Monday to help their sister. 

Kate was waiting for Epstein, who was wearing sweatpants and a hoodie as he called. Maxwell ended the call and said to Kate, ‘This was the girl that I told you about.’ He explained to Kate that he was going to Oxford and that he was a “really talented singer”.

Maxwell claimed Kate was strong and athletic for her weight – Maxwell was then 98lbs. She told the jury.

Kate replied: “She suggested that you give him a gentle squeeze on his feet to demonstrate how strong you really are.”

“I massaged them. Epstein seemed to be very supportive and told me I could do your shoulders. He stated that I had a strong personality and seemed to be able to decide what I want.

Maxwell called Kate two weeks later, and Kate was invited to her next meeting.

Kate claimed Maxwell informed her Epstein had been due for a massage, but Epstein’s therapist had called and canceled. Could you please help her out by coming to my house as I have such strong hands.

Lara Pomerantz, the prosecutor asked Kate if she was a masseuse then or now. She replied: “No.”

Maxwell claimed that Epstein told Kate when she first arrived at her house that she needed massages constantly and that it was hard to keep up. The door opened to reveal a large room that contained a table for massage. She led me up the stairs. The room was dimly lit. There was also a massage table in the small space.

Kate claimed that Epstein came in wearing a robe and then stripped off.

Six charges were brought against Maxwell 


Conspire to lure minors to illegal sex acts (maximum sentence 5 years)  

 Incentive to minor to travel and engage in illegal sexual acts (20 years).

Conspiracy for minors to be transported with the intent of engaging in criminal sexual activities (20 years).

Transportation of a minor in the intention to engage or continue criminal sexual activities (10 year minimum, lifetime maximum).

The Sex Trafficking Confessional

Sex Trafficking in a Minor 

Ghislaine Maxwell also faces two charges of perjury but those counts are due to be tried after her sex crimes trial. 

She was accused of giving testimony in defamation proceedings in which she testified in 2016.  


Prosecutors claim Maxwell had three girls with Epstein between 1994-97, according to the prosecution. 

The indictment does not name them, however, she is alleged to have targeted them in London.

Maxwell would, according to some reports, befriend the girls and ask them questions about their lives as well as their education. It is alleged that Maxwell would take the girls to movies, and then go shopping with them, putting them at ease. This trust was enough to allow her to deliver them to Epstein later.

In order to “normalize” the later abuse, she allegedly undressed before the girls and then asked them sexual questions. 

Prosecutors say she then assisted Epstein in their abuse, and even took part herself. 

It is alleged that the victim was abused by’sexualized group massaging’. 

Indictment states that Maxwell encouraged the girls to borrow money from Epstein and pay him for education.