Ivanka Trump was spotted jumping behind the wheel of an SUV outside of her luxury oceanfront building in Miami, Florida, on Wednesday while taking her kids to school. 

The former White House senior adviser looked sporty in a navy hooded sweatshirt featuring a black and white ‘V’ design in the front and black leggings as she stepped out of Arte Surfside, one of the most expensive complexes in the neighborhood. 

Ivanka, 40, was makeup-free and had her long blonde hair pulled back in a messy bun for the early-morning school run. The black shoes completed her look. 

Ivanka Trump, 40, was seen stepping out of Arte Surfside, her luxury oceanfront building in Miami, Florida, on Wednesday

Ivanka Trump, 40 was seen leaving Arte Surfside on Wednesday, her luxurious oceanfront Miami building.

The mom jumped behind the wheel of a black SUV that was pulled up to the front of the building for her during an early-morning school run

A black SUV was brought up to the front for the mom during her early morning school run. 

Apart from the red-colored string bracelet that she wears often on her left wrist, it didn’t seem like she had any other jewelry. She hasn’t talked about the purpose of the red string bracelet, but it does resemble the kind that Kabbalah practitioners use to protect themselves from the evil eye. 

An employee pulled the black SUV of the former first-daughter in front the building and then she got into the front seat.  

Jared Kushner is a former White House senior advisor. Ivanka has three children with Jared, who was 40 when she married Ivanka.  

Arte Surfside is just a few minutes away from the Jewish school where all of their children attend. Jared and Ivanka were converted to Judaism after they married.

The outing comes two days after ABC News revealed that Ivanka and her brother Donald Trump Jr., 44, are refusing to comply with subpoenas from New York Attorney General Letitia James.

James is investigating whether their father, former President Donald Trump, committed fraud by misrepresenting his company’s asset values. 

The former first daughter had on a navy hooded sweatshirt featuring a black and white 'V' design in the front

Former first-daughter wore a navy sweatshirt with a front ‘V’ pattern in black and white. 

Ivanka paired the sporty sweatshirt with black leggings and black running sneakers

Ivanka styled the sportsy sweatshirt with black leggings. 

Ivanka's sleeves were pulled up, revealing the red string she wears on her left wrist. Although she hasn't spoken about its purpose, it does bear a resemblance to the type of red string that Kabbalah practitioners wear to ward off the 'evil eye'

Ivanka pulled her sleeves up to reveal the red string that she wears on her left arm. It bears a striking resemblance with the red string Kabbalah practice to protect themselves from the evil eye, although she has not spoken of its purpose.

James wrote on Monday, ‘Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr. are trying to block my office from interviewing these people under oath in our investigation into Trump Organization, Mr. Trump.’

“Over two years worth of delays won’t stop us from investigating because nobody is above the law,” she said.

James’ office said Monday in a statement that she would like to interview Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr. as part of an investigation into Trump’s financial dealings.

Alina Habba, an attorney for Trump Organization, told The Washington Post James’ actions were a ‘threat to democracy’ during her response to subpoenas.

Habba stated, “She’s used her office to enact this political witch hunt.”

Donald Jr., Ivanka and Donald Jr. participated in the civil probe. The Trump Organization attorneys filed a Monday court document in which they sought to prevent Trump and his family from speaking with James.

Ivanka's long blonde hair was pulled back into a messy bun held with a scrunchie

Ivanka’s hair, which was long and blonde, was held in a bun with a scrunchie. 

The mother of three was seen hopping into the SUV while an employee at the building stood by

A mother-of-3 was seen getting into her SUV as an employee stood nearby 

Ivanka and her husband, former White House senior adviser Jared Kushner, 40, have three children together: Arabella, ten, Joseph, eight, and Theodore, five

Jared Kushner is a former White House senior advisor. Ivanka has three children with Jared, who was 40 when she married Ivanka.

“A dispute has erupted between the OAG, the Individual Trump Parties concerning the Subpoenas,” the court document stated.

James, an attorney representing the family of the former president, jointly filed the document to request Ivanka’s and Donald Jr.’s status as part of the ongoing investigation into’respondents.

They could also file their own lawsuits to challenge James’ subpoenas immediately, according to the filing.

Trump has frequently dismissed both probes as ‘witch hunts’ and accused James and Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. of political motivations and urged them to focus on rising crime rates in New York City.

The New York Times reports that they were delivered on December 1st, the exact same date as former President.

James is investigating whether Trump Organization fraud was committed by misleading banks and tax authorities regarding the real estate assets of Donald Trump. This has been going on for more than 2 years.

All of the kids are enrolled in a Jewish school in Miami that is located just a short distance from their home

They are all enrolled at a Jewish school Miami, which is only a few miles from their homes.

Ivanka has been seen driving herself around more and more often since she and her family moved to Miami last year

Ivanka is seen more often driving her car around Miami since last year when she and her family relocated there. 

It's unclear if Ivanka had any hired bodyguards with her on the school run on Wednesday morning

We don’t know if Ivanka brought any bodyguards along on Wednesday for the school run. 

His son Eric Trump (37), was interviewed by his team in October 2020.

James stated that she sought a deposition of Trump in her civil probe. This began March 2019, while Trump was still at the White House.

Vance’s criminal fraud investigation into Trump Organization is ongoing, and she works alongside her.

The investigation led to the indictment of Allen Weisselberg, Chief Financial Officer at Trump Organization, and the Trump Payroll Corporation.

Weisselberg has pleaded guilty to the charges that he, along with his company, evaded tax on extravagant gifts and other benefits for executive officers.

After graduating college, the three oldest sons of former President joined their family business and assumed senior positions and influence. 

Ivanka quit the Trump Organization in January 2017. This was approximately two months after she became her father’s White House advisor. Donald Jr. and Eric received control of company with Weisselberg, when Trump was elected. 

The outing comes two days after it was revealed that Ivanka and her brother Donald Trump Jr., 44, are refusing to comply with subpoenas from New York Attorney General Letitia James

This outing follows two days of revelations that Ivanka Trump Jr. and Donald Trump Jr. (44) refused to obey subpoenas by New York Attorney-General Letitia James

James (pictured) is investigating whether their father, former President Donald Trump, committed fraud by misrepresenting his company's asset values

James (pictured), investigates whether Donald Trump’s former father was guilty of fraud. He misrepresented the assets value of his company. 

James took to Twitter on Monday to slam the former president and his children, saying: 'Over two years of delay tactics won't stop our investigation because no one is above the law'

James used Twitter to blast the ex-President and his kids on Monday, calling them a ‘two year delay tactic’ that won’t stop the investigation. “No one is above law,” he said.

Trump responded to James' statement by saying her investigation is a 'witch hunt' and will go on unabated

Trump replied to James’ statements by claiming that her investigation was a witch hunt and would continue unabated

Ivanka, along with Jared, have remained private since moving to Miami. They have been out on the streets only with their children a few times.

It is quite a change from the days when their Washington, D.C. lives were filled with family outings to their exclusive neighborhood. 

Arte Surfside has become Ivanka’s new residence. It is one of Miami’s most exclusive complexes, with an average monthly rental cost of almost $47,000.  

Its penthouse sold for $33 million to an unnamed private equity executive from New York last January — the same month that Ivanka and her family moved into the building.

Ivanka and Jared are said to be using the large, unfurnished unit as a temporary home while they build a property on a two-acre plot they purchased on Indian Creek Island — also known as the ‘Billionaire Bunker’ — for $31.8 million late last year. 

The Real Deal reports that they bought another $24 Million mansion just around the corner.

This alleged property purchase by the couple includes six bedrooms and eight bathrooms. It was previously owned by Julio Iglesias, a Spanish singer. But, the couple will most likely stay until they get it fixed up. In their Arte Surfside condo