Incredible footage has captured the moment Jacinda Ardern appears to push a sign language interpreter out of her way during a nationally televised Covid press conference.

The uncomfortable moment was shared to TikTok on Saturday showing the New Zealand prime minister speaking to reporters – before stepping away from the microphone and directly into the interpreter. 

Ms. Ardern, 41 years old, steps back again, forcing her interpreter out of frame completely. The woman then walks around her and back before TV crews, giving the leader of the nation a priceless look. 

Ms. Ardern’s constituents weren’t happy with the moment, who pointed out the oblivious act was ‘rude underneath the video.

Jacinda Ardern stepping in front of the sign language interpreter at the country's Covid press conference on the weekend (pictured)

Jacinda Ardern poses in front of the sign-language interpreter at the country’s Covid press conference held on the weekend (pictured). 

“What a bully!” One person said that wolf was wearing sheep’s clothing. 

‘So disrespectful. I used to think that she was cool, but now I see her as far from it,” added another.

Others, however, were quick to point out that the interaction wasn’t intentional. 

“She was just moving out of her way for the other speaker, and she even smiled at them afterwards.  

Most comments were merely tipped off by the interpretation given by the interpreter. 

One replied, “This was innocent and it’s hilarious that the sign ladies are making is funny.” 

“Love the look she gives Jacinda when she moves back infront of the camera,” added another.

Ms Ardern on Saturday

Some commented on the expression the interpreter had

Many commenters said that the expression on the face of the sign language interpreters was hilarious. After the incident (pictured), Ms. Ardern offered her apology. 

Video from the longer media conference shows that Ms Ardern quickly realized she had pushed her female colleague out of the way. She smiles at her and nods in apology. 

The press conferences of Ms. Ardern in recent days have been noted for their subject matter.

One day earlier, her media address was interrupted when an earthquake shook the stage. She shared an alarmed expression of concern with the sign language interpreter. 

The earthquake, which was later confirmed to have been a 5.9 magnitude earthquake, had struck the North Island. 

Ms. Ardern quickly recovered her composure, and she pushed on.

‘Sorry, a slight distraction … would you mind repeating that question?’ She said.

On Friday, Ms Ardern and the same interpreter were briefly rattled by an earthquake, which struck as she was addressing the nation for a Covid-19 update

Friday saw Ms. Ardern and the same interpreter briefly shaken by an earthquake as they were addressing the nation to update Covid-19. 

Monday’s news from New Zealand revealed that there were 109 Covid cases newly acquired locally. Also, 87 percent of the country had received one dose of vaccine.  

Ms. Ardern announced a 90 percent double-vaccination target on Friday.

The alert system will be replaced by a traffic signal system, and mandated vaccines for health, education, and prison workers have been announced. 

Aucklanders, who spent nearly 10 weeks in lockdown, will be the first to move into a new traffic signal style.

Auckland’s 1.7million residents will be moved from alert level 3 to code red under the new system. This is because 90% of Aucklanders over 12 are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Pictured: The epicentre of Friday's earthquake near Nueva Plymouth on New Zealand's North Island. Geonet said the quake was recorded at a depth of about 210km and was felt across the country

Pictured: Friday’s earthquake at the epicentre near Nueva Plymouth, New Zealand’s North Island. Geonet said the quake was recorded at a depth of about 210km and was felt across the country

Ms Ardern believes that NZ’s largest city, currently at 89 percent of its population, could shift in early 2012.

Ms Ardern stated that Auckland would move at current rates before Christmas.

“This is within Auckland’s reach.”

However, some New Zealanders have been furious at the imposition of vaccines. 

Liz Gunn, a former presenter on Breakfast, Good Morning, and Radio NZ, released an emotional video Saturday.

She claimed that mandatory vaccines were ‘rape, and that Friday’s earthquake was Mother Earth’s resistance to a tyrannical leader. 

“The poisoning and poisoning, of our children, of our air, of our water, of our water. These horrible ideas lead to the poisoning New Zealand,’ Ms Gunn declared. 

Former TVNZ and Radio NZ presenter Liz Gunn uploaded a video on Saturday (pictured) in which she said mandatory vaccines were "rape" and Ms Ardern had caused the earthquake

Liz Gunn, a former TVNZ and Radio NZ host uploaded a Saturday video (pictured) in that she claimed mandatory vaccines were ‘rape and Ms Ardern was responsible for the earthquake. 

She claimed that the New Zealand vaccine passport would lead to a split in the population. 

These are completely misguided lies Ardern is telling. The poisoning by arrogant tyrannical officials. All of it ends with this earthquake. This is what our mother was trying to explain to us. We need to listen to her. Even those who think Ardern’s amazing. 

“Stop and think about what this country will look like in a generation or two generations, if a leader such as this is allowed to rape. Because it is rape intended to force someone to do something.

Ms. Gunn worked for TVNZ for over a decade, between 1990 and 2003. In 2003, she quit TVNZ after reports that she didn’t like Mike Hosking. 

She worked at Radio NZ for the next four years, and is now an executive producer and presenter at a creative content company.