An unfair dismissal has been won for the London restaurant manager who had been fired from his job because he was seen exposing his self to a customer complaining about his parking. 

Recep Turhan (52), who is now the owner of the Jack the Chipper fish & chips shops in Whitechapel, Greenwich and previously worked as a waitress at the Poppies in Camden Town.

Holborn’s employment tribunal heard from a resident identified only by Mr Jones that he was growing increasingly annoyed at council parking officials for their leniency towards Poppies workers. 

“Mr Jones” pursued Mr Turhan, and took thousands of photos of his alleged rule-breaking. 

Following Mr Jones’ pursuit, Mr Turhan was annoyed and took off his pants. In 2016, Mr Turhan exposed his penis to the resident. 

Poppies distributed a leaflet with a photograph of the event. It was captioned “Exposed: Mini Flasher Poppies” and sent to Mr Turhan.   

The employment tribunal was told that Mr Turhan, Ural Hassan (the owner of Poppies), called Mr Turhan into his office and fired him immediately, four years later, in September 2020. 

Recep Turhan (52), who is now the owner of Jack the Chipper outlets in Whitechapel, Greenwich and Greenwich. He previously worked as a Poppies employee in Camden Town. In September 2020, he was fired from Poppies. Pictured left to right: Cagri Turhan, Mr Turhan’s son. 

Judge Bernard Hodgson concluded that Mr Hassan did not give Mr Turhan any information about the matter and that there had been no investigation.

He also concluded that the employer hadn’t acted in a’reasonable’ manner. He also said that the procedures had not been followed correctly. 

Poppies was unable to send someone to Mr Turhan’s meeting because of backlash about the names of his restaurants. 

A right of appeal was not given to the 52-year old. On January 7, a tribunal decision ruled against Mr Turhan.

He’s now trying to get rid of his Poppies stake and will return to court next month. 

Mr Turhan, who recently faced backlash over the name of his new restaurant, was not able to bring someone to the meeting with Poppies (pictured) to support him when he was dismissed

Poppies, the support group for Mr Turhan who was recently criticized over his name, couldn’t bring anyone to his meeting.

Since then, Mr Turhan and a partner have opened two new restaurants. Following the success of the Whitechapel branch, Turhan has opened two Jack the Chipper outlets in Greenwich. 

Greenwich citizens, however, were critical of his decision and thought the name “glorified” the serial killer. 

This Morning featured Mr Turhan with his son Cagri Turhan who runs the shop.

Ruth and Eamonn were informed by the couple that they will not change its name, despite negative reviews and feedback. 

 Mr Turhan said at the time: ‘I’m being respectful to women complaining about the name and I say to him, “I’ll give the person 50% discount and everybody will be happy.

I don’t believe we’ll change the name. This is the history that was 160 years ago. It’s a mere play on words.

Many viewers were furious after The Morning interview. One wrote, “People must grow up,” typical of those constantly offended on social media. Another stated that Jack the Ripper had been in Victorian England. There are many activities to be done in Whitechapel with Jack the Ripper. 

One wrote, “I don’t believe Jack the Ripper murdered women in the deep-fat fryer.” 

He now runs Jack the Chipper in Whitechapel (pictured) and Greenwich, two fish and chip shops

Jack the Chipper, Whitechapel (photo) and Greenwich are his two fish and chips shops.

Speaking to the Camden New Journal after the tribunal, Mr Turhan said: ‘I made a mistake. No matter how high-ranking a job is, mistakes are inevitable. God is the only one who makes mistakes.

According to him, he had a rough day. He was also stressed out and tired of seeing the photographer taking photos of him. However, he regretted what he did. 

He was still shocked when he learned that he would be fired almost five years later. After spending so many hours building the company and taking care of his family, Turhan said that he couldn’t believe he was being asked for leave. 

Poppies Camden stated that they were disappointed by the decision of the tribunal and would be reviewing the appeals options. Recep Turkan was demoted for gross misconduct when he was photographed ‘flashing outside’ our family-run business.

“We believed it was a criminal offense and immediately took steps to remove his unacceptable and illegal behavior.”

His Greenwich branch (pictured) opened after the success of the original shop in Whitechapel but he faced backlash from locals who thought the name glorified the serial killer

After the success at Whitechapel, his Greenwich shop (pictured), he was confronted by locals who believed the name glorified the serial murderer.