The campaign group today revealed that a Insulate Britain protester who was in jail has been released from her 26-day hunger strike. Her MP wrote to her asking for a visit.

Emma Smart (44), was under medical supervision at HMP Bronzefield in Ashford. She had refused to eat and she’d been refusing to take food.

She’s now in the fourth week of a four month sentence for contempt, for violating an order by National Highways regarding protests on M25.

Smart initially pledged to be on hunger strike until the government made a clear statement that it would continue to insulate Britain’s homes. 

The Extinction Rebellion said that the strike was over by a protester hailing from Weymouth in Dorset after being sent a letter by Sir Richard Drax.

Insulate Britain stated that the Conservative MP wrote to ‘express concern for Emma’s welfare’ and requested a visit. This is expected to take place within two weeks.

This comes after the group announced that nine Insulate Britain protesters would appear tomorrow at London’s High Court to be charged with contempt. 


Emma Smart, 44-year-old activist for Jailed Insulate Britain, is shown with her niece

Smart is pictured being taken to prison after being jailed at the High Court on November 17

Smart, who was taken to prison following his release from the High Court in November 17, is shown here.

Smart was imprisoned with eight other people from Insulate Britain. One of the group's protests is pictured on October 13, which blocked the M26 at junction 31 in Thurrock, Essex

Smart was jailed along with eight others from Insulate Britain. Pictured is one of their protests on October 13. It blocked the M26 at Junction 31 in Thurrock.

Smart stated that he had ended his hunger strike following 26 days. One day was for each failed COP meeting after the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change was adopted.

“I’m proud of the Insulate Britain actions, and I will keep doing all that’s necessary to make sure our government fulfills its obligation to safeguard people’s lives from climate change.

Tomorrow, nine Insulate Britain protesters are expected to appear before the High Court of London

Nine more Insulate Britain demonstrators will face contempt of court charges at London’s High Court tomorrow.

One of them is Dr Ben Buse from Bristol (36), who, along with eight Insulate Britain protesters, was already in prison for four months. 

Tomorrow Dr Buse will be back at the High Court along with eight other defendants, on another charge of contempt.

Tomorrow’s eight other guests include Steve Gower (54), Ruth Jarman (58), Biff Whipster (54), Richard Ramsden (75) and Stephen Pritchard (62).

She added: “I am pleased to receive Sir Richard Drax, my MP’s approach. I’m looking forward to speaking with him about Insulate Britain’s needs. He should be able to hear me and convey the gravity of the situation to government officials, I hope.

“The future for humanity will depend on the actions of the people in these next three to four decades.” This means that there is no room for half-hearted efforts. Boris should get on with his job.

Smart, who was arrested for violating an injunction on November 17, was sentenced to four months in jail. He immediately pledged to stop eating until government moves to insulate houses.

To show solidarity, Insulate Britain members Andy Smith (her husband) staged an unofficial 24-hour fast at 10 Downing Street.

Smart was one of nine people in the group who were arrested for violating an order to stop roadblockades that have angered motorists.

The High Court heard their confessions that they violated an injunction and took part in a blockade of junction 25 on the M25 at rush hour in October.

They received sentences of between three and six months and ordered to pay £5,000 in costs each.

One of the nine others was Dr Ben Buse from Bristol who is a University researcher and recently ended his hunger strike that began November 25.

Tomorrow Dr Buse will be back at the High Court along with eight other defendants representing Insulate Britain, on another charge of contempt.

Emma Smart, pictured with her husband Andy Smith. Smart was one of nine members of the group jailed for breaching an injunction designed to prevent chaotic road blockades

Emma Smart is pictured here with Andy Smith. Smart was jailed along with nine others for violating an injunction to avoid chaotic road blockades

Smart is seen in a photo issued by Insulate Britain last month, the day before she was jailed

Smart was captured in an Insulate Britain photo last month. This is the same day she was sentenced.

Supporters of the nine jailed activists protest on Lambeth Bridge in London on November 20

Protesters for the 9 activists imprisoned protest at Lambeth Bridge in London, November 20

Other eight include Steve Gower (54), Ruth Jarman (58), Biff Whipster (54), Richard Ramsden (75) and Richard Ramsden (75).

In September, Insulate Britain started a protest wave and its supporters blocked roads around London, including the M25 and roads around Parliament.

Many videos showing angry motorists pulling the activists out of the blocksades went viral.

They are demanding the Government insulate Britain’s “leaky houses” and stop winter fuel shortage deaths.

Insulate Britain wants the government to cut carbon emissions up to 20% by insuring the UK’s housing stock. This will include social housing, and continuing to increase it until 2025.