Jake Paul mocks Tommy Fury’s decision to pull out of the fight so quickly. He wore an original UK-themed ringwalk costume before a sensational knockout by Tyron Woodley.

  • Tyron Woodley lost to Jake Paul by way of a spectacular knockout.
  • After Brit Tommy Fury pulled away, Paul faced Woodley in the UFC. 
  • Fury claimed he suffered a rib injury but American accuse Fury of being scared.
  • She wore an outfit that was UK-themed for her ring-walk, mocking Fury’s withdrawal 

After brutally knocking Tyron Woodley out, Jake Paul continues his verbal attack on Tommy Fury.

British boxer Fury, half-brother to heavyweight champion Tyson, was scheduled to face Paul at Tampa’s Amalie Arena on Saturday, Florida. But he pulled out at last minute, and UFC star Woodley took over at short notice. 

Paul was angry at Fury’s withdrawal and referenced Fury in his UK-themed, ring-walk attire.

Jake Paul has continued to mock Tommy Fury after knocking out Tyron Woodley on Saturday

After Tyron Woodley’s defeat on Saturday, Jake Paul continues to ridicule Tommy Fury

Paul was set to fight Fury (above), but the Brit, 22, pulled out at late notice due to a rib injury

Paul had been scheduled to face Fury (above), however, the Brit aged 22 pulled out of Fury’s fight at last notice after suffering a rib injury.

Printed on his red, white and blue robe were the words: ‘Hey Tommy, wish you could’ve been here but watching from a TV is cool too’.

Fury reportedly begged to fight the YouTuber-turned-boxer despite a broken rib, but was eventually forced to pull out due to injury.

Paul (24 years old) accused Fury running scared. He has now stated that he won’t give Fury another fight. 

He said after the bout against Woodley: ‘Tommy Fury is lucky that he wasn’t in there tonight, because Tyron’s way tougher and has that experience. Tommy could have looked worse, which would be pretty awful. 

A fan also agreed and took to Twitter to say Fury had dodged a bullet because he didn’t fight Paul. This was followed by a crying emoticon.  

The YouTuber-turned-boxer referenced Fury with an inventive UK-themed ring-walk outfit

 The YouTuber-turned-boxer referenced Fury with an inventive UK-themed ring-walk outfit

One fan took to Twitter (pictured above) to suggest Fury dodged a bullet by not fighting Paul

A fan posted on Twitter (pictured below) that Fury had escaped a bullet because he didn’t fight Paul.

Jake’s brother Logan responded to Fury’s pull-out by saying: ‘(The) kid’s missing a few screws. It is a shame. This is shameful. Tommy was disrespectful to his country and family. I don’t have, like, nice things to say… Tommy sucks.’

But Fury’s doctor Usman Sajjad leapt to his defence, insisting he takes ‘100 per cent responsibility’ for his withdrawal. 

Sajjad stated that Tommy wanted to fight desperately. He told me to give him an injection once a week. I said no, because this could become life-threatening. 

“There is a possibility of Pneumothorax, or a collapsed lung. If you are tapped on the chest during training or fighting that could be a serious medical emergency. It could cause shortness of breath, which can lead to cardiac arrest. 

“I accept 100 percent responsibility to pull him out. His dad also takes that responsibility. The decision was made together – I presented my medical report and the scan results to his dad, who pulled him out.