Jake Paul (24 years old) insists that he is aiming for a WORLD TITLE following the destruction of Tyron Woodley. The YouTuber boasts that no other fighter has ever achieved this level of success in boxing’s history

Jake Paul is optimistic about the chance of winning a World Title after he ended his competition with Tyron Whiteley in Tampa, Florida. 

Woodley won their August 1st bout unanimously, while ‘The Problem Child” took a decisive win over Woodley. However, he was even more determined in their highly-anticipated rematch. He defeated Woodley with an overhand in the sixth round. 

Paul who won round three with a clash between heads, was able to overcome a painful cut and moved up to 5-0. He has now knocked out all of his competitors. 

Jake Paul (right) emphatically knocked out Tyron Woodley (left) as he moved to 5-0

Jake Paul (right), emphatically defeated Tyron Woodley as he advanced to the 5-0.

Paul celebrated his win in front of the 18,000 crowd while Woodley remained floored

Paul was able to celebrate his victory in front of 18,000 people while Woodley remained stunned

He added another highlight reel of knockouts to his YouTube channel. The boxer has won similar wins against Ben Askren, a former UFC champion, and Nate Robinson, a NBA player, as well as an emphatic win over AnEsonGib during his first professional bout. 

Paul is still only 24 and insists that the sky’s the limit. He believes he could reach the elite level of boxing if he continues to train hard.  

Paul answered a question about the long-term vision of the sport at his post-fight press conference. He said that it was scary to put limits on the possibilities. 

“It really depends on me, my team, and how hard we want to work. I’m hungry and motivated and I love this s***. This has been two years of professional experience and the results are amazing. 

I’d like to keep putting on historical events, selling huge pay-per views and fighting higher-ranking opposition. 

“Maybe I’ll take the World Championship belt when I have the chance, WBA, WBO, I do not know. Imagine being world champion. 

‘As soon as I win the world championship, I’d take the belt and I would throw it on the f****** ground and stomp on it, because you’re a champion in here (pointing to his head) and in your heart… You are a champion.

Woodley was checked over after suffering a brutal knockout in the sixth round of the bout

After suffering a devastating knockout in round 6, Woodley had to be checked by a doctor.

Paul believes no other fighter in history has achieved what he has in the same timeframe

Paul is certain that no fighter has ever achieved the same feats in such a short time as Paul.

Paul repeatedly claimed that his opponent’s level is greater than most fighters at their earliest stages. 

Woodley was supposed to face Tommy Fury in Florida. However, Woodley was forced to withdraw after sustaining a broken rib. In Fury’s fifth outing, he defeated Scott Williams, whose record was 0-9 at the time, now 0-21.   

Paul believes that no fighter else can achieve what he has achieved so far in his brief career.  

‘No one in the history of boxing has done what I’ve done at this age,” he added.

‘Massive pay-per-views, knocked out every single person that I’ve fought. The only person that’s as active as me and doing as big pay-per-views is Canelo.

‘I’ve turned everyone I’ve fought into memes, going viral all over the internet. I’m ready to fight whoever – it doesn’t matter if they’re a professional boxer or a five-time UFC champion. I’m built for this.’