A Jamaican cult leader who led two victims in a ‘human sacrifice’ ritual was killed by his followers. The victim was taken to court and later died in a police car accident. 

Kevin Smith, 39 years old, was killed with a fellow officer when the vehicle that took him from Montego Bay and Kingston collided on Monday. 

Smith was arrested last Wednesday over an alleged ritual of human sacrifice that left two people dead, and three others injured. He was still awaiting formal charges.  

According to reports, the cult leader oversaw congregants who slit the throat of a woman and then killed another person. The ritual was performed at Pathways International Kingdom Restoration Ministries on Oct 17. 

Although it was not immediately obvious what caused the crash, photographs showed Smith being carried away from the scene.  

Two police officers were injured in the crash, while Smith and a third officer were killed. 

Jamaican cult leader Kevin Smith, 39, whose followers killed two people in a 'human sacrifice' ritual has died in a police car crash while being taken to court to be charged

Kevin Smith, a 39-year-old Jamaican cult leader, was killed by his followers in a ‘human sacrifice’ ritual. He was taken to court to face charges after he was involved in a car accident.

Smith was on his route to Kingston, where he was to be formally indicted over the deaths three people suffered during an alleged ritual of human sacrifice during a three day convention on October 17. 

The preacher had spoken to the congregation about a ‘great Flood’ and asked his followers for their cooperation. 

Witnesses told local media that the church’s attendees were instructed to participate in a bloodletting ritual, which included people being’stabbed’ or’slashed’. 

“I was outside waiting for my turn… when I saw the lady’s throat being slashed,” a woman told the Jamaica Observer.

It was intense. I was so shocked to see blood on the young lady’s face that I said, “This is it for you,” and I walked off. I couldn’t stay there, I couldn’t. 

Witnesses stated that it was “normal” for the cult leader tell congregants not to use their phones, but at least one follower managed sneak their device into church and used it as a phone to call for help.

Police responded to the call and stormed the building. One person was killed in a gunfire incident and 41 others were taken into custody. 

Three more people were also injured during the ritual, and they were taken to hospital. 

Smith died in a car crash (pictured after the crash) while on his way to court in Kingston where he was set to be formally charged over the deaths of three people during an alleged human sacrifice ritual during a three-day convention on October 17

Smith was on his way to Kingston to face a formal charge over the deaths of three people in an alleged ritual of human sacrifice.

Although Tanecka Gardner was the local name for the victim who had her throat cut, it was not confirmed by police. 

According to a source close to the investigation, The Sun was told by a source: “Then he was ordered to strip naked and die in the same manner to remove the ‘impure blood’ from his body.

“The ritual was said that Smith and an off-duty officer were responsible for it. Smith was also a follower. 

Officers claimed that there were more victims, including naked people and animals, who were waiting for the ritual to begin when they arrived.            

At least 14 minors found at the scene were taken into custody. Police said that there were later allegations of abuse against them.   

The source said that there was a lot of concern that influential people, including other local police officials, were involved in the incident. It is possible that this has happened before but it was not reported.

“The entire congregation was called to the church, and about 50 arrived in white when the killing began. Numerous people could have perished.

After two days of fasting on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, the ritual began with people lining up for “the Ark” to board after Smith warned that a great flood was on the horizon.

“Three people are still in hospital, one in life-threatening condition and more were stabbed,”

Smith was arrested last week and was being taken to court to be formally charged over an alleged human sacrifice ritual at his church (pictured) which left two people dead

Smith was taken to court last week to face formal charges over an alleged ritual of human sacrifice at his church that left two people dead (pictured).

Smith posted on Facebook that Smith had posted before the ritual started on Sunday: ‘The Ark loading now! Take off immediately in white.

‘I am His Excellency Dr Kevin O Smith D.Min Crown Bishop and End-Time Nabi. . . Conqueror Lion and Tribe of Judah King and Lord of Lord Yesus Christos. 

He also stated to his followers that he was leading them on a “Noah’s Ark” journey to salvation and that there would not be any survivors from the “Roman Catholic sacrifice”.  

Local media reported Smith swindled his congregation out of up to £7,000 a week which he then used to fund his lavish lifestyle – including designer clothes and jewellery, a £5000,000 hillside mansion with a private swimming bool, and a new BMW X6. 

And his followers raised more than £22,000 to cover his legal fees after his arrest last week.