How would your perfect Christmas gravy look? Jamie Oliver has a chart that shows the different shades of Christmas gravy. He suggests you prepare it now and then defrost for Christmas Day.

  • Jamie Oliver TV Chef is encouraging viewers to make gravy this weekend 
  • Star posted an Instagram snap showing the various gravy colors that fans may prefer  
  • An A1 gravy is a light milky brown with a D3, a very dark brown, at the other end of the spectrum – many said mid-range B3 was their perfect gravy hue 
  • Oliver shared the hashtag #GetAheadGravyDay urging people to make the perfect gravy and then freeze it to ease stress on December 25th

You can make Christmas dinner wrong if you don’t have the right gravy. Jamie Oliver, a celebrity chef says so. 

Television cook and 46-year-old chef, shared an interesting chart that shows how traditional British sauces made with meat juices or stock can differ. 

This chart was shared by his Instagram followers of 8.7 million. It shows 12 gravy vessels, each with its own code. A1 is the lightest, perhaps more like a cup of tea, and D2 is the darkest.  

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The merest hint of brown, or a mahogany liquor? B3 was deemed the most popular in the comments after Jamie Oliver shared this photo of the different shades gravy might come in

Do you prefer a brown liquor or the simplest hint of mahogany? After Jamie Oliver posted this picture of gravy in different colors, B3 was the most liked in comments

The TV chef is urging people to prep their perfect gravy this weekend, saying home cooks can save time on the big day if they freeze a fortnight in advance

Television chef urges people to prepare perfect gravy by this Saturday. He says that home chefs can save time and cut down on preparation time by freezing their gravy at least a week in advance.

Gravy-lovers were split on the color of best gravy. However, many chose a mid-brown, middle-of the road B3 hue.

A TV chef suggested that the weekend is the most ideal to prepare a delicious gravy. He said home-cooks could save time, and reduce stress for the big day.

He shared the #GetAheadGravyDay hashtag and wrote, “Which gravy?” Participate in Saturday, 11 December this weekend!! 

“We will all be cooking the best gravy you can find, and then we’ll just put it in the freezer for later Christmas.

Oliver’s “get ahead gravy” recipe is easy to prepare and takes about two hours. It contains 10 chicken wings free of charge, 60ml port or sherry and two pieces of bacon smoked streaky.  

Just the right hue? Many responded saying B3 - a mid brown - was their perfect-looking gravy

Perfect color! A lot of people responded that B3 was the perfect looking gravy. It is a medium brown.

The television chef says making your gravy well in advance - but still adding it to the turkey tray on December 25th - ensures buckets of flavour

According to TV chef, gravy can be made well ahead but should still be added to the Thanksgiving tray by December 25th. This will ensure that it has tons of flavour.

The chef states that amateur chefs should not underestimate the importance of gravy in a Christmas meal. 

“Good gravy can transform or save a meal,” he says. You can try something new this year: Make your gravy ahead of time and then reheat it on Thanksgiving. Stress, saved.’

Oliver recommends that you defrost a gravy you have actually made properly. This will make it taste better and also give you a boost of flavour on Christmas Day if you add the juices from your turkey.