It doesn’t really matter to Boris Johnson that Lorraine Kelly is not known by him – think about Gillian Duffy the Straight-Talking Rochdale Pensioner, who brought down a prime minister back in 2010.

Gillian went out to get a loaf and then ran into Gordon Brown to try to win another term.

Gillian, who was launching into a list of Labour’s successes including better schools and more police officers, improved health care, remained unimpressed.

“I don’t believe it’s happening here in Rochdale,” she replied, and added, “I’m ashamed to admit that I’m Labour.”

Afterwards, Gordon fled, complaining to aides (not realising his microphone was still on) ‘That was a disaster… she was just a sort of bigoted woman’. After an uproar when his remarks were broadcasted, Gordon was forced to apologize.

It was too late. Brown was portrayed in the interview as someone who didn’t understand working-class voters’ issues – Labour supporters.

Gordon Brown is confronted by local resident Gillian Duffy during a visit to Rochdale in 2010

Gillian Duffy, a local resident confronts Gordon Brown during a 2010 visit to Rochdale

Labour lost 29% in the General Election, which followed. Brown then resigned.

Gillian Duffy’s disaster shows that politicians, especially Prime Ministers who are facing scandals over partygate that won’t die down, must keep in mind that the only way for them to remain at power is to show that they can relate to ordinary voters and understand their concerns.

It is not a good idea to forget the price of a loaf of bread or a pint milk. This is especially true for a Prime Minister, whose home is covered with swanky wallpaper at hundreds of pounds per piece.

Every politician who wants to be elected must show off their “normal” credentials. They should boast their music taste, their love of sports, and their favourite TV shows.

Men and women with university degrees who only watch Newsnight or Question Time to view themselves will say they don’t miss Strictly or Bake Off. As if…

What do “normal” British citizens watch on television?

Daytime TV is watched by millions of people every day. It’s where popular programs like Good Morning, Loose Women, Lorraine and Loose Women are a vital link to the outside world. This place allows viewers to share their experiences and address their worries. Everybody, regardless of age, gender, and shift worker, is welcome to watch. Daytime television should not be kept in an envelope marked “lightweight fluff”. 

Susanna Reid interviews Boris Johnson for ITV's Good Morning Britain yesterday

Susanna Reid interviewed Boris Johnson yesterday for Good Morning Britain on ITV.

People tell their stories on daytime television. Talk about your worries. Offer support and ask for assistance. Politicans who don’t pay attention to daytime television could be branded out-of-touch.

Boris Johnson tried to make a joke of his live interview with Susanna Reid of Good Morning Britain, but it was not for the three final words he uttered at the end of their conversation. Johnson asked “Who is Lorraine?” after Reid stated that she had to end their conversation to give it over to Lorraine Kelly.’.

Boris showed us, like Gordon Brown and others, that he had landed on another planet. Planet Politics and his Downing Street friends, who are prosecco-swilling, over-educated.

They are also too busy salvaging dogs in Kabul to care about elderly people who cannot afford heat and who sit in blankets watching TV. They don’t feed their families so that they can eat.

Older people who are unable to afford a cell phone or even a vacation abroad. Lorraine is their only source of entertainment, as well as their most beloved link to the outside world.

Money is a major concern at a time where food prices have increased at an alarming rate, when fuel prices have gone up 50%, and car filling costs are as high as tickets to Spain. 

Elsie, an elderly pensioner of 77 years had just shared with viewers of Good Morning Britain that she ate only one meal each day and took buses to keep her warm throughout the day. It is impossible to overstate the difference in society between haves and have-nots.

Susanna Reid raised the plight of Elsie who rides on buses to keep warm during the day

Susanna Reid raised the plight of Elsie who rides on buses to keep warm during the day

Boris was unable to limit damage by denying the introduction of Freedom Passes for Pensioners. This was especially true after Elsie’s tale. It was also a lie that they launched Freedom Passes before he became Mayor. These Freedom Passes were paid for not by parliament but local councils.

Boris Johnson won’t get 50 percent of votes from the Ukrainian population, the old and female…the people Lorraine Kelly loves to watch. He will not fly to Ukraine to strengthen his Winston Churchill role mark 2.

Lorraine Kelly is a highly paid professional, who has hosted her show since 2010

Lorraine Kelly hosts the show as a host since 2010. She is highly-paid and a professional.

While politicians might believe that asking questions about milk costs is a trivial matter for journalists looking to make headlines, it’s the actual cost of living that matters most to the majority of people. This includes heating and cooking your house, as well as transporting your children to work.

A doctor’s visit, treatment of cancer and renewing your HRT prescription.

Instead, we get wealthy ministers such as George Eustice the fruit farmer telling us that we should remember to shop for our brands in supermarkets to reduce costs. That tip is very useful.

Lorraine, a well-paid professional who hosts her program since 2010, is highly respected. While she might have millions of dollars, she is still a professional and understands the concerns of her viewers. She does not lie, she doesn’t patronise. While it’s tempting to mock daytime TV, politicians are doing so at their own peril.

The viewing numbers have skyrocketed since the lockdown. Lorraine does a better job of interpreting the daytime television market. Loose Women is my favorite program. I have been a Loose Women presenter for over 10 years. This shows how intimate the relationships between presenters, viewers, and myself.

These people are family. My first daytime television, particularly Loose Woman’s, was continually being ridiculed by the Press.

It continues to gain respect and popularity after launching numerous campaigns about women’s health, equality at work and body awareness. Since partygate, public attitudes towards MPs and politics have changed dramatically.

Boris Johnson wouldn’t have to struggle to explain why it’s normal for Downing Street employees to transport suitcases of booze if they had 1 percent of Lorraine Kelly’s straightforward-talking abilities. It is hard to understand why staff could drink alcohol at their desks while millions were locked in their houses, and their loved ones died in the care homes.

Boris, his wealthy pal Rishi and Elsie might not be able to afford Elsie some more food so Elsie can cook another meal per day. However, I am unable to understand why.

We wouldn’t have this mess if Lorraine Kelly were in charge at Downing Street.