There is nothing more stupid than refusing to get vaccines. It’s a stupid decision to not get vaccinated. I support freedom of choice and people believing whatever God they wish. But, shunning a vaccine that protects you against serious illness or death, AND most importantly, everyone around you – is arrogance.

It’s difficult to comprehend why many healthcare workers, the people who are supposed to help us, refuse to be vaccinated, given the terrible toll Covid’s actions have taken on our mental and physical health.

Nearly one-tenth of NHS workers is still unprotected against the disease they work so hard to combat. One in seven London doctors are off sick.

This group of people is intelligent, hardworking, and well-informed. So why do they take this position?

Tony Blair is sometimes irritating. But, on this occasion, he was right. The unjabbed were referred to as “idiots” by Blair.

Many people, particularly those who are being told they cannot visit their senior relatives at home this Christmas, would prefer stronger language.

We need to end the polite British tradition of asking people for jabs ‘whenever they feel ready.’ Covid, more accurately the new aggressive Omicron-like strain, is poised to take down the NHS by closing down its wards.

Nearly one in ten NHS workers are still not fully protected against the very disease they are struggling to contain and combat

Nearly one-tenth of NHS workers is not completely protected from the disease they’re trying to combat.

People queue outside the Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC) for the NHS Scotland vaccination centre

For the NHS Scotland vaccination center, people queue up outside of the Edinburgh International Conference Centre.

Boris Johnson speaks with people during a visit to an NHS Covid-19 vaccination centre on December 16, 2021 near Ramsgate

Boris Johnson meets people on a December 16th, 2021 visit at an NHS Covid-19 immunization centre in Ramsgate

The virus is destroying the London life, which I love, by closing down theatres and restaurants, and reducing the enjoyment that football fans get from the Christmas season. Over half of the best matches have been canceled because of the virus.

Anti-vaxxers, the unjabbed ‘can’t be bothered’ and the can’t afford’ are ruining Christmas. Not Boris or his weak Cabinet.

Although the latest covid variant may be less serious than the Delta, we are still waiting to hear from SAGE’s doom merchants. However, everyone agrees that Omicron is more infectious.

Even though there have been endless government campaigns to make vaccination more accessible, many refuseniks remain steadfastly against it. They are not just the placard-waving lunatics like Piers Corbyn, who demonstrates in central London. But, they include over 130,000 nurses and doctors, as well as care workers, who work in NHS hospitals across the country. They are those who ought to be aware.

Unjabbed is a condition in which a person who tests positive for the virus must be absent from work for a minimum period of one week. All others must also test negative and must self-isolate if they do. Even though they have received two jabs so far, only 23% of staff have not yet gotten a booster.

This is why the NHS has been on the verge of collapse since the Omicron wave hit in just a few weeks. Prior to covid arriving in the UK, in 2020, there was an already severe shortage of NHS staff. Agency nurses were common, as was Locum physicians. It is now much more dire.

You might be wondering why?

What are their religious beliefs? Do they lack time? Are they worried about side effects or lack of time? Are they secretly’special people’?

In a drastic move, the government demanded that all caregivers be administered a jab by 11/11. However, the ‘no jabs, no jobs’ rule doesn’t apply until April 2022 to NHS workers at frontline positions.

Over 100,000 patients are admitted to hospital every day. This is a time for us all to reconsider. Staff in the NHS must learn to get up and be jabbed or move out. Do they want to endanger their patients’ lives and the health of themselves by refusing to take precautions against Covid?

According to the NHS, a third of hospital staff may become sick from Covid infection within weeks if there are a lot of Covid patients.

It’s not just that the general public didn’t follow basic rules for mask wearing, mixing and social distancing. Partially, it’s due to the vaccine rejectniks both within and outside of NHS.

London has a third of all people not vaccinated. It is home to the nation’s highest infection rate. Sadiq Khan must be reprimanded for failing to give Londoner jabs.

Bomdardier Ian Bloomfield of the 5th Regiment Royal Artillery administers a vaccine to Sheila Riberio at the Covid vaccination centre in Rates Hall Manchester as the coronavirus booster programme continues across the UK

Bomdardier Ian Bloomfield from the 5th Regiment Royal Artillery gives Sheila Riberio an injection at Rates Hall Manchester. This is part of the ongoing coronavirus booster programmes in the UK.

These people are intelligent, hardworking and knowledgeable, so why are they taking this stand? asks JANET STREET-PORTER

They are smart, knowledgeable and hardworking. So why is this happening? asks JANET STREET-PORTER

Three times more people in Newham have not had any jabs than in other cities in the United States. There are 14 places in England that have low vaccination rates. These include all of London’s boroughs. Only 54% in Newham were double jabbed; 57.5% for Haringey; 56.3% in Brent; 53.7% in Westminster.

These are figures Mr Khan should be embarrassed by. Instead of talking on radio about the exciting prospect of “rewilding” London’s parks with animals and god knows what, Khan should instead be walking the streets of Tower Hamlets door to door with his Mayoral jabbing crew.

London’s low vaccine intake can be attributed to many factors. London is diverse and has high levels of poverty. There’s also a transient population that doesn’t have GP access and thus, there are many reasons for it. The mayor needs to see that the low rates of vaccination will decimate the city that he claims to love.

Overpaid footballers are disgusting. They continue to earn huge wages, but refuse to be vaccinated because of ‘personal reasons. It puts teammates at risk. Covid was responsible for six of the ten Premier League game cancellations last weekend. One of these games was called off less than two hours prior to kickoff.

Although the Premier League claims that 84% are on the vaccination path, this doesn’t take into account the fact that there are often a few unvaccinated members in teams that pose a serious risk to the health of other team players.

Jurgen Klopp is a Liverpool manager and insists on vaccinations for all his players. The player vaccination rate in Liverpool is lower than other Premier leagues across Europe. The rate in Germany is 94%; Italy 98%, Spain 93%, France 95% and France 95%.

What number of games were cancelled by these leagues in the last week? Precisely zero.

England Football league has even more problems. According to reports, 25% of football players have refused the vaccine and 59% have been vaccinated. While managers may wistfully ponder about “personal choice”, should any manager pay a player to risk the health and safety of his teammates? These young men should be role models for their peers.

No jab, no play, no pay.