The Royal aide “DID tell Finding Freedom writers about her tiara dispute”: Palace press chief Jason Knauf, Court of Appeal told, ‘got the Duchess’s version of marriage disagreement across to book authors’

  • The Palace Press Chief claimed that Meghan gave him a ‘detail on his tiara.
  • The Times article about the Queen’s ‘disagreement’ was also mentioned in this story. 
  • According to legend, the Queen said that Prince Harry received a tiara from her.

The royal aide’s meeting with the Finding Freedom authors was used by Meghan to get across her version of the ‘tiara incident’ with the Queen, it has been claimed.

Jason Knauf from Palace Press said she had provided details about how her wedding tiara was selected, and it had been misrepresented to the media.

It followed an article in The Times about a ‘disagreement’ with the Queen, who reportedly chose a diamond tiara for her – worn by her grandmother Queen Mary in 1932. 

The Times claimed that Meghan chose an emerald-colored one. A royal source said the Queen had told Prince Harry: “She gets what tiara her given by me.”

Palace press chief Jason Knauf said she provided him with 'detail on how the tiara for her wedding had been selected and that it had been misrepresented by media'

Jason Knauf, Palace Press Chief said that she gave him details on the selection of her tiara and how it was misrepresented in media.

Yesterday’s Court of Appeal display included an email Meghan sent to Mr Knauf. M. Knauf stated that the Duchess was keen for him to give the information to Finding Freedom’s authors.

Under one of the headings suggested by the authors – ‘Tabloid stories that need correcting/batting down: tiara, etc’ – Meghan wrote about herself in the third person: ‘Meghan shared the very special story about choosing the tiara in their wedding exhibition now ongoing at Windsor.

Yesterday an email written by Meghan to Mr Knauf was exhibited at the Court of Appeal. Mr Knauf said the Duchess of Sussex had wanted him to share the details with the authors of Finding Freedom. Pictured, Meghan with the Queen in June 2018

Yesterday’s Court of Appeal display included an email Meghan sent to Mr Knauf. According to Mr Knauf, the Duchess had asked him to send the email details to the Finding Freedom authors. Pictured: Meghan and the Queen June 2018, 2018.

‘The Queen, Harry and Meghan were all present – she tried on five tiaras and the Queen asked her which she preferred. Meghan asked the Queen which she preferred.

“The Queen stated that they were all suitable for her, and Meghan selected the diamond one. The Queen was also happy with Meghan’s choice.

It is shameful to witness such sweet moments distorted in the media. No one was talking about which tiara they preferred.

“Meghan loved that one and it is a special memory.”